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  1. Great find today! Dollarama has acrylic tumblers with straws for $2. I bought my local store out of them!
  2. I would consider a website like this. Of course based on costs.
  3. cute! I'm getting winter e-pics taken today. Don't think I'm brave enough to do that though.
  4. I'm so excited! I have been checking her website religiously hoping the new collection would be up.
  5. You might want to look into barefoot sandals. Or you could get nice sandals that aren't flip flops so they are easier to walk in.
  6. I totally agree. My dress isn't beachy at all and I think that will look so great in the water.
  7. What do you mean they might take it from you? LIke take your dress and check it?
  8. hello Ker, I am also bringing my own photographer from calgary, Edward Ross. It was important to me that the same person shoot our engagement and wedding photos and that the person is local so my wedding photos won't disappear. In addition, one of the biggest advantages of bringing your own photographer, at least in our case, is that he is staying with us the whole week and said he would get to know our family and see how everyone interacts and take photos throughout the entire week. That being said many ladies choose local photographers at the destination and end up with beautiful photo
  9. I say go for your dream dress. I'm going to get a totally non-beachy gown too because I don't want to look back and regret not getting what I wanted. You only have one chance in your life to wear a big white ballgown.
  10. There's an entire thread about studiosuits on here with pics from people who have ordered it. Just do a quick search and you'll find it.
  11. I went through this exact same debate. I really liked the look for ME but to have a private reception is ridiculously priced whereas dreams is reasonable. So I ended up going with Dream Palm Beach. Its newer than Dreams Punta Cana so if you are looking for a more modern place it might be a better option for you.
  12. Just got an email with the sneak peak pics of the new line. They only gave 3 pictures which is kind of a bummer but can't wait for them all to go online should be any day now! Not sure if these pictures will work...first time trying to add pics
  13. I'm going for Dreams Palm Beach in Dominican Republic in Mach 2012. Chose Dominican because I didn't want Mexico and Dominican has fantastic beaches and less expensive than places like Jamaica, St. Lucia, etc. I chose Dreams because they are supposed to be reallly good with weddings and the resort is not a huge mega resort which was my #1 criteria.
  14. Doesn't bother me at all. I'd rather know that I'm safe on a plane. And really I think a pat down would be more embarassing. The people working the machine are trained and will be seeing the same thing over and over again, its like going to a gyno, they've seen it all so it really doesn't matter. In terms of radiation I think I might be worried if I was a really frequent flyer but just going for your wedding and going through it once or twice won't be a big deal. X-rays, CT scans, etc aren't good for you but they're necessary in small amounts.
  15. What a gorgeous dress. And while yes its not a destination wedding type dress I actually love the juxtaposition of a formal gown on the beach. I am definitely going for this type of dress. If you love the dress I say keep it! Also what designer is this?
  16. This thread kind of blind sighted me. Is it typical to give your parents gifts? Or is that only if they are paying for your wedding?
  17. I think thats pretty typical. It seems most resorts are like that and even if you were getting married at home most caterers are like that unless you are willing to pay x amount extra per plate for an option.
  18. I know I wouldn't be upset about it because I would understand that DW are usually smaller and more intimate and being invited to the shower allows the person to still be involved in the wedding in some way.
  19. I've been told a year in advance as well because flight schedules aren't yet available.
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