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  1. I just got married in Mexico a month ago and our entrance was "Now That We Found Love" by Heavy D and the Boyz. It was so much fun!
  2. Sposa - Yes, we are very lucky to have had our wedding in such an amazing place and I'm excited for everyone on here waiting for their turn. Sposa & Linzi - So sorry to hear about your fathers. That is very sad but nice to hear that you have an amazing family that is so supportive and loving and want to be with you on one of the best days of your life. Saucyfriend - I bought the starfish necklaces at a kiosk at the mall for $20. They were so pretty I bought one for myself too. My BM's loved them and we wore them all week. Julie2011 & Crystalz - I bought my fabric at
  3. SPOSA....you looked gorgeous! My family actually saw you before you walked up the aisle. At dinner that night, they were all talking about this beautiful bride they saw getting married at the gazebo with "pink flowers on her dress". They LOVED your dress and how unique it was. Wish I would have seen you. CONGRATS!!!
  4. I just want to say that I didn't know the first thing about planning a destination wedding and this forum was the best find EVER!! A HUGE thank you to all the girls on here who share their ideas, reviews, pics, and excitement. I can't believe I'm now the one writing a review on here. I did a quick review but I thought I would add some more specific information to answer some questions you might have (especially for those brides in the early stages of planning) RESORT - First of all, you will not be sorry you chose this resort. It is gorgeous and there is so much to do!! My hubby and I we
  5. Hey girls, I just got back on Sunday from my dream wedding and honeymoon!! The resort is wonderful, the staff is great, and you can totally relax because the wedding coordinators are pros. There was literally at least 2 weddings every day at each hotel on the resort, so they know what they're doing probably better than we do. I actually ran into Nikki from here after our pictures on our way to our poolside dinner. haha I don't think I can post any pictures because I don't have enough posts but I will be putting my wedding pics into a Shutterfly account this weekend so I can share t
  6. Hey, We are getting legally married here before we go and having a symbolic ceremony on the beach as well. You still sign some papers during the ceremony so your guests would never know the difference. We already have our marriage license and we're actually going today to finish the process of getting legally married. We found an awesome lady to work with who knows that to us our wedding day is April 6th in Mexico. Originally, I didn't really want to do this because I was afraid it would take away from our wedding in Mexico but I can honestly it doesn't at all. It will only take us
  7. Nikki - I just asked Eugenia the same question. We have 67 people including us, so she said she would have 7 tables with 10 ppl per table. I can't believe how close it is!! I just sent out my pretravel brochures and luggage tags this am. I LOVE vistaprint! haha Are you doing a ceremony program? I feel like I'm running out of time so I'm going to keep it as simple as possible. haha I'm picking up my wedding dress on Friday. I'm getting excited! Only 26 days and I'll be on my way to Mexico and in only 29 days I'll be Mrs. Jones! Can't wait!!
  8. I also agree. It was definitely less time consuming and easier to navigate before. Eveything else is GREAT, just miss the way it used to be for the wedding reviews. It's not a complaint. It's an individual preference and opinion.
  9. Hi, we've been looking all over for these. We need about 70. Where did you get them ??
  10. I never thought about the glare! I already recruited some of my friends to take pictures during the cocktail hour of our wedding. We bought a sheet of white board from Home Depot and framed it. Maybe I'll get our photographer to take pics for us during the reception. I want to have a digital copy of the pictures so I can send the link to shutterfly photo book for our famiy and friends that couldn't go. What is everyone else using?? I LOVE this idea and don't want to change it. I just have to figure out how it will work. I might have to go outside during the day and night and try i
  11. baileybride2be - your shoes are gorgeous!! I bought blingy flip flops for the wedding and I'm just going to wear them all night. They are really comfortable and I will be dancing all night! haha I still feel like I need some heels with my dress but it will be better to NOT wipe out on the beach. haha Yes, I'm getting married at 4pm and I'm bringing fabric down too. My colors are aqua and lime. I was going to bring fabric in both colors to add a splash of color. I was going to go with colored chair sashes as well but I actually like the white and I will get some flower petals. Thanks Tri
  12. My FI ordered his suit from Studio Suits. It far exceeded my expectations. We both LOVE it! He kept looking at himself in the mirror and thought he looked good. It was too funny! He looks great in it. It is a heavier linen fabric so I don't think it would wrinkle much at all. It looks great and he's going to order pants for his GM as well.
  13. Wow...I've missed so much in only a few days! haha Waybuloo...I wouldn't stress too much. You are supposed to get married at the hotel you are staying at but I'm staying at Tulum and getting married at the Akumal hammock location because we couldn't book an all-inclusive pkg with the Akumal hotel and it wasn't even included in the hotel brochure at the travel agency. They understood that it was out of my control and approved the change, so it will work out. :-) Baileybride2b - I was thinking about doing a sand ceremony. I think the concept is a really nice idea but I'm clueless wit
  14. So, are most people doing the lean program? Is anyone on here doing the classic program? I started doing the lean program for like 2 weeks and I liked it but my FI wanted to do the classic program. We always exercise together so I decided to do that one with him. I have a hard time losing weight because of my thyroid and well getting older (haha) but I lost 5 lbs, 3% body fat, and 2 inches off my waist in 2 weeks doing the classic program. I'm definitely seeing definition in my legs and arms and I believe that you will be able to see some resemblance of abs by the end of it I hope. haha
  15. Yes, I ran 8K and planning on doing Kenpo X tomorrow. I'm running and doing P90X. :-) So far, I'm feeling pretty good.
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