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  1. Great review! I really need to get on mine now that my AHR is over.... Sorry to see you had issues with Sun Wing as well. We flew from Vancouver with them and I'd never fly with them again. Our rep there was horrible and actually called all my guests and threatened them that if they didn't book something with them they wouldn't have a shuttle back to the airport. We booked all our excursions with Lomas because of the Sun Wing rep and his attitude. I went there and told him if he didn't stop harassing my guests I'd file a complaint but of course he says he never called any of my guests and of course we had a shuttle back to the airport. Turned out one of my guests wasn't on their list on the day we left so we had to pay $25 so they'd let her onto the shuttle and it wasn't even full. For the flight home we got on the plane and someone from the previous flight had gotten sick. They didn't even clean it up and someone from another wedding party put his hand in it and they gave him attitude before finally cleaning it up. Meanwhile we were stuck on a puke smelling plane for almost an hour while another crew slowly made their way off the plane. I'm sure if they didn't chat so much or have to switch street clothes with our cabin staff they would have been off much sooner. Horrible company and horrible staff! Guess I better save something for my review...LOL
  2. We used Caribe for our wedding and I was more than happy with them. We got the extra hour of time and we were still under $1000. I guess it depends on how important the pictures are to you and what you had in mind. I mainly wanted group shots and a few good shots of me with the husband and we got those plus some. But if you want fancy pictures that are photoshopped and played with for hours then they might not be for you. I just couldn't justify spending thousands of dollars on pictures. The best part though was because they are on site all the time I got my photos before we left. They printed a bunch of them and put them into an album for me and gave me a bunch more plus a disc with all the shots taken that day (701 shots). Not having to worry about my pictures being shipped was a huge relief. If you'd like to PM your email address I can send you a few shots so you can see some of their work.
  3. I think every single one of our guests complained about the showers and how they got everything wet. Didn't matter where they were either. The few guests also staying in the Casitas(but without the open concept bathroom) just showered in the outdoor shower just to keep the floors dry. Definitely a design problem there and you'd think they would do something about it so the water didn't cause any damage to the rooms. Also for those wondering about the open concept bathroom I'll try to attach a picture so you can see what I mean. I believe this style of bathroom is only in the Casitas that have their own pool and not the ones with the lazy river. Yes your toilet has it's own room(we called it the toilet closet) but it is with shutter doors and it's open from the top. Let's just say I could see myself in the mirror through the shutters. AND that is the only place you can have "privacy" because there is no door to the bathroom hence the open concept. So your shower, sinks and stuff are all out in the open. My advice to you is if you are going to order room service don't have a shower until it comes otherwise they'll see you in your full glory as my husband found out the hard way
  4. Congrats on your wedding. Glad you were happy with your wedding. We stayed in building 31 (3116) too. Wasn't a fan of the open concept bathrooms but the rooms were amazing and the service can't be beat. Where else will they bring you lunch and fruit kabobs on the beach? Looking forward to your review
  5. Congrats on your new wedding date. We got married at 3pm(but in November) and it was perfect. Not too early and not too late. We also got married at Gazebo 55 and it was by far the best location in my opinion. On my way to Gazebo 55 I went past a few other weddings, (there were 4 the day we got married and I only found that out because Lauren(vuitton) pointed out the weekly newsletter in the bathroom where it lists all the weddings for the week), and I was very happy with our choice after seeing the other locations all set up. They were all beautiful but just not as private as 55. I worked with Valeria as well and she was fantastic to work with. Very helpful and accomodating. I was just sorry I never got to meet her since she was who I spent most of my time planning with. However Jorge and Odette at the resort were also very helpful. We had an issue in the beginning because we never got the letter stating what time we were supposed to meet with the resort wedding coordinator. I think Lauren might have had the same issue? Anyway because of that I didn't get my full meeting with them but everything still was perfect. We only had 20 guests and maybe that was why it was so easy. We brought our own sand ceremony stuff, centerpieces for the cocktail party tables, fans and bubbles for guest chairs and I brought my own bouquet and bouts for the guys. They charged us $5 to put out the fans/bubbles and also $5 to set up the cocktail party stuff. It wasn't much and it helped me not to have to worry about it but if you can have one of your guests put stuff out it would save you some money. From them we paid for the Mexican cocktail party(with donkey) and added mahi-mahi tacos, bows for guest chairs(plus extra chairs) and 4 cocktail party tables, gazebo decorations(sheers, 2 hanging flower arraingments), the wooden walkway with black runner and flower petals, my hair/make up, hair for my mom and sister and our photography package and it came to just over $2700us. We just used their photographer and we were more than happy with how our pictures turned out and we didn't have to pay too much. I've been meaning to do my review but haven't had time since I'm still planning our AHR which is in a week and a half. So if you have any questions/concerns or would like to see some pics please feel free to PM me. Good luck with your planning.
  6. PMed you about the garter and heart shaped glasses
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Laur13 Ladies I leave in 3 days for EDR!!!! I can't believe how fast it went! I just finished packing and I fit all of the wedding stuff we are bringing down into 2 suitcases! A lot cheaper than shipping it down ahead of time...only $50 dollars What is everyone putting in their welcome bags? I have some things already but it looks like they need a bit more in them...so I guess I'll grab some stuff down there Let me know what you are doing!!! OMG I'm sooooo excited for you! I actually started packing up my OOT bag suitcase on the weekend just to see if I had enough room. We've done all the basics that everyone else put into their bags. Just need to get some gum, snacks and the Advils and we are done. And it all fit into the 2 suitcases I bought other than the steins but those can go into another bag no problem. I'm sure you'll be able to find some things down there to fill up your bags if you need to. Good luck and have a great trip and a wonderful wedding. Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back!
  8. That looks great! Where do you get those crystals from? Do they have a self-adhesive on them or do you glue them? Thanks for posting this for me
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by laurenvuitton Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that is insane - they have everything there how hard can it really be to set up?? Oh well... no montage for me! Is anyone having the tequila donkey at their wedding/cocktail hour, how much is that? Bummer about the projector. I'm with you, how hard could it be to set up? What an insane price! We are having the cocktail party after our ceremony with the donkey. The donkey is why FH agreed to the cocktail party. We are paying $20 per person for the party and the donkey is included in the cocktail party package. We added a mahi mahi taco to make it the $20 so I think the base price is $16 per person and that includes some tacos, international bar for 2 hours and the donkey(he's only there for 1 hour apparently). We are sooo excited for the donkey and we haven't told anyone cuz we wanted it to be a surprise. I mean really who has a donkey at their wedding?
  10. I'll have to keep an eye out for a rerun of the show. Even if it's not much I still love to see the resort. And totally agree I wouldn't be happy with Playboy models at the resort during my wedding. In fact I don't think any of my female guests would be pleased..LOL Not sure about the projector since we don't need one. You'd think they'd have one at the resort though. Hope you girls figure it out and that it doesn't cost you an arm and a leg.(like everything else at the resort...hehe)
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by laurenvuitton Ok have you guys seen Hollys world? Holly Madisons new show?? They shot at our resort! DVR it if you can - too funny! Did they show much of the resort? I don't watch much reality TV so I had no clue this show exsisted. Do you think they'll air it again? Thanks for letting us know
  12. I finally got to see the pictures too and WOW I'm really impressed. Everything looked great and Jenn you were a BEAUTIFUL bride. Even though your long dress was hot you looked hot in it. Loved it! Were all your photos shot close to Gazebo 55? I loved the pic of you two sitting with that flagstone path. Is it close by cuz I want my picture taken there too
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by JanineA Punkie: wow you are on top of everything. I know usually if I have a shoe that is a half size too big I buy those gelly sort of insoles and then if fits me perfect...and my feet are gellin'...lol! Anacj: I was first told when I ordered my dress and then went in to get measure that it would be in by August but recently when I called to check on my bridesmaids dresses they mentioned mine would not be in until September (I purchased it in January). ChicagoPT: Does the PT stand for Physical Therapist (just had to ask cause my FI is one). Lucky girl, with a tough decision. Are you more inclined to one of them more than the other? Are they both attending? Thats a tough one. MysTea: I am wearing silver shoes. I had bought some Badgley Mischka's to wear but then ended up wearing them early to a friend's wedding they were purple with a brooch towards the back. Then last week ideeli had a sale on badgley mischka's and I picked up a silver strappy sandal New question ladies: HAS EVERYONE SENT THEIR INVITATIONS OUT ALREADY? Mine were temporarily lost and I just received them but I wanna do a few DIY's on it before sending them out. I feel like I am sending them late. Thanks Janine! I've been way ahead of myself throughout this whole process. I started my planning way before I should have so I'm finding I have too much time on my hands now which means I keep changing my mind. I will definitely try the gel insoles and see if they work. I was a little pouty the other day about the shoes so I think FH might be willing to let me buy new shoes if I had to. But I just really like the ones I have! As for invites we didn't have to worry about doing them. We only have family and a few out of town friends coming and since they all booked with my TA it made it easy on me. I am doing the invites right now for our AHR so I still have to deal with invite stress. Not only is there no rules for destination wedding invites but there aren't any for AHR and when to RSVP by. We are having our AHR in January but I don't want the invites getting lost in Christmas mail nor do I want my mailbox full while we are in Mexico. So I have to send them out in September, RSVP by end October and hope noone forgets to show up in January
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