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    Hello, I have never had about lopezspratt photography, but I can definitely recommend you Alex Newman Photography Photoalexnewman.com, https://www.instagram.com/photographerindr/, https://www.facebook.com/Alex.Newman.photo He has a lot of experience as a wedding photographer. Good luck! Irina
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    For all of you WW (or wannabe WW) gals out there, I have attached an excel spreadsheet that is both a journal and a points calculator. The journal has room for every meal and it's Points value for 10 weeks. On each sheet there is also the points calc. Just plug in cals, fat, and fiber and Voila! I like using this to keep track of things when I don't want to be paying for the online journal or meetings. It should be ready to print if you would rather do your journaling offline. Also, even if you don't pay for WW, you can register and use their message boards for free. They are a great resource and source of encouragement. WWjournal2006.xls WWjournal2006.xls
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