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    Hi ladies! I was going to wait to post this until they were all done but I know there are quite a few of us getting married this fall, so I thought I would share it now and we can all update each other as we finish it Thanks to quite a few ladies on this board.. Rach220, Deniden, Ayita, & a few others...thank you so much for sharing all of your information with all of ladies, it really helps us out! I took bits and pieces, added my own and now we have what you see here in our welcome book Obviously you will have to change the information but it's a start! The plan is to take the stuff to the printers and get it printed out (as I have 25-30 to print out) and then print out the cover on card stock in our wedding colors (mint or navy). I won't be putting them together till October 3rd when my small army of ladies come down to help me with things but I will make sure I update - I look forward to seeing everyone elses! Anyway.. enjoy! PS - I created it so you print it out front and back on one sheet of paper, so the corresponding numbers (which you can cut out) show what page it is. That way when it's cut out, you have the pages in order.. if that makes sense. Ultimately laying the pages on top of one another so the pages go 1-20. Also, I saw some really good advice on another thread on here about removing the lines when you go to print as the template doesn't match up completely (I tried playing with margins.. no go) So just make sure you remove the page lines before you print and you should be golden! L & R Welcome Book Template for BDW.ppt
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