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  3. As of late 2019, the Gatekeepers Museum no longer hosts wedding events.
  4. This has been very helpful, but i was wondering if you could tell me the price you paid for the international bar. I have a wedding planned here and more details could really help. Thank you , sbounmany@hotmail.com
  5. So thanks to coronavirus, my husband and I have had to make alterations to our wedding. I don’t think I have to put this in, but this isn’t a joke and need we thoughts on this. We’re planning on having our full, entire wedding inside this bubble (I’m inside it for scale). This is to get complete isolation from the virus and to prevent it from spreading to either of us, or if we have the virus somehow, spreading it to others. Both of will get inside it for the whole day (or at least that’s the plan). We are ok with making small to moderate changes from a typical wedding if it means isolating inside a bubble, but any big changes would mean we probably won’t use the bubble then. Are there any parts in the wedding that would be difficult or downright impossible to do inside this bubble? What are your thoughts on this idea, and what would need to be changed from a traditional wedding?
  6. Sadly no .. its been a year and a half since our wedding and till this day we cannot get a hold of him. We had a few people reach out to us and the same thing happened to them about a month or 2 after us.
  7. Hey Everyone! I am getting married at EDR on December 5! Can anyone give me some good tips/pointers? Or anyone else with a wedding coming up? Thanks! :)
  8. Stay Away! Stay Away!! Wedding postponed due to covid-19.DestinationWeddings.com WOULD NOT REFUND MONEY. Every other travel vendor I’ve dealt with has refunded insurance or not. They are heartless and very unresponsive. Once they get your money, you never hear back from them. Bandits!!
  9. I feel so confused. My fiancé and I are getting married in Aruba, a destination wedding, because it has so many meanings for me. I lost my father unexpectedly and my last memory with him was on vacation in Aruba. My fiancé’s father and step mother have now made the wedding about them because it is not convenient for them and their family because it’s the start of youth football season. It’s already hard not knowing where things will be because of Covid19 and not having their support is hard. Everyone we invited all said how excited they are for us due to the meaning behind it all and how great it is. We want everyone to be there we understand some can’t be. If we held a reception about a year after the destination wedding would the people be mad that traveled to Aruba understand the reasoning behind it?
  10. Just wondering if any of you ladies, got married without a dad's name on the birth cert. My fiance's dad isn't on it
  11. Thanks for taking the time to post. I'm having my wedding there in May and haven't been able to find real life bride experiences. So I really appreciate your post.
  12. Hi Kiara, Everything that MarieSam said! There are some really great options but there are other factors that would decide whether or not it would be a fit for your group. Wright Travel can definitely help you and they don't charge an upfront fee!
  13. Hi Kiara, There are a lot of great venue options for large wedding groups in Cabo, it really depends on what you're looking for in terms of budget and location in the San Jose del Cabo/Cabo San Lucas area. A great route in booking a big wedding would be to choose a resort that can both serve as lodging for you and your guests as well as provide the venue space for your celebration -- when you go this route, many venues will actually offer free events, complimentary rooms and free upgrades. So you not only get a wonderful spot to vacation at, but it will also serve as the location for your wedding festivities. Feel free to shoot an email to info@wrighttravelagency.com -- Wright Travel Agency is the agency that owns and operates this website. Their team of agents have helped thousands of couples plan their dream destination weddings over the past decade and they have worked with with most of the resorts in the Cabo area, so they have great relationships with the resorts' events teams and are familiar with the different properties to ensure that you find the perfect location for your celebration. Hope that helps!
  14. With the help of Wright Travel Agency, couples who book their wedding and group block at The Fives Beach Hotel & Residences in Playa del Carmen, Mexico before the end of this month,‎ will receive up to $1,800 in complimentary wedding perks. This AAA 4-Diamond resort is just 10 minutes from the hustle and bustle of 5th Avenue and offers chic modern architecture, spacious rooms, excellent food and access to a stunning beach, making it a popular location for destination weddings, honeymoons and family vacations. Although The Fives is no longer a Karisma property, you can expect the same level of service from years past. For the month of February 2020, if you book your wedding date and a group block at The Fives Beach Hotel, Wright Travel Agency will give you a free Beachfront or Sky Wedding Gazebo (up to $1,800 value) so you can spend that money elsewhere to make your wedding over-the-top unforgettable! To find out more information about this offer, contact us by clicking here or emailing us at info@wrighttravelagency.com. The Wright Travel team looks forward to assisting you with booking your dream destination wedding!
  15. Hey everyone!!! Hoping to get some input from other brides with an above average sized destination wedding. I'm looking to find the perfect venue in Cabo for around 100 people. Preferably have the ceremony and reception in a private grassed area at the resort but open to anything at this point. Let me know if you have any tips or just any resort you've been to that would accommodate this size of crowd! Thank you!
  16. Hi so I am a Canadian marrying a Dominican citizen. We are not marrying on a resort. I know the documents I need translated. But I am unsure of what the next step is. How do we get a marriage license? Etc. I have tried google but came up with no definate answer. I have tried speaking with the embassy’s here and there
  17. hello contract annabella trader re cigar roller in Jamaica, via email raine001@gmail.com
  18. Yes, this happens all the time. One thing to consider is maybe to have the wedding at an off-site location where all your guests can go. There are several in Puerto Vallarta and Cancun Mexico. Most hotels offer a free wedding, but if a majority of guests are not staying there you'll be paying for not only the day pass, but for the food and beverage for each outside guest. Thanks - Sadie
  19. Hi All, I have just gotten in touch with a TA and we are in the process of getting quotes for our wedding in either DR or Mexico. Now she said something that I wasn't aware of and I wonder how others handled this as I just can't believe that we are the only one in this situation. We feel we are asking our guests already a for a lot to come a long way to our wedding (our guests come from Canada and Germany) and there are a few that wouldn't want to miss it (like my partner's brother) but they just don't have a lot of money. Our budget doesn't allow us to chip in for flights and accommodation so we are basically asking everyone to save up money for our big event. Now we are planning the wedding at a resort that I know some of our guests can't (or don't want to) pay for. We were hoping to find a place where guests have the option to book themselves a cheaper hotel or an AirBnB nearby and only come to our wedding. Our TA told us that the resort might not allow that or only for a limited percentage of our guests. That is terrible news for us! I think that a good 50% of our guests will also stay at the resort for one, two or even three weeks but how can we 'force' other people to stay at the hotel of OUR choice? I get that the resort would charge a fee for day guests and obviously we expect to pay for food and drinks but I didn't know that we would have to agree to a certain percentage of the guests staying at the resort. I don't feel we have control over that. How do others handle that?
  20. Getting married in 10/2020, anyone had a recent wedding here? Asking for some help
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