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  3. How does biorevitalization work? Hyaluronic acid, injected into the skin, attracts and retains moisture, improving skin texture, increasing firmness, and promoting cell regeneration биоревитализация глаз отзывы [url=http://biorevitalizaciyaa.ru/]http://biorevitalizaciyaa.ru/[/url] .
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  7. Hi everyone! I have been doing lots of research on various wedding venues all around Mexico, my fiance wants a destination wedding and I am happy to have a wedding wherever so long as the vibe is right and guests are happy! I have been seriously looking at Cabo Azul and was trying to find potential costs for them, but only found a page about their wedding costs from 2010. Does anyone have any updated information on costs / reviews they would like to share of this venue? Or advice in general, anything helps. Thanks so much, happy wedding planning to all!
  8. Hello everyone, I am dreaming of a wedding in Costa Rica and was wondering if I could get any help with venues and wedding planners. I am thinking Tamarindo because a close friend of mine lives there and I've been in town more than a couple of times, she's being helpful but is at a loss when it comes to this subject really so I was wondering if anyone here had recommendations. I am not closed to other town suggestions either, if I happen to find a good place and staff somewhere else. These are the places I have so far, has anyone had any experience with any of them? Stay In Tamarindo Luxury Villas in Costa Rica Luxury Villas Pinilla Tropical Homes of Costa Rica The Point Luxury Villa Thank you so much for your help!
  9. Have you ever considered having a wedding inside a bubble? With the current global situation, many couples are looking for unique and creative ways to celebrate their special day while keeping their guests safe. A wedding inside a bubble could provide a whimsical and intimate setting for your ceremony and reception. Imagine saying your vows surrounded by a beautiful bubble filled with twinkling lights and flowers, creating a magical atmosphere for you and your loved ones to enjoy.
  10. Adult only resort or not? Let's discuss the pros and cons of choosing an adult-only resort for your honeymoon. While some couples may appreciate the peace and quiet that comes with an adults-only environment, others may prefer a more family-friendly atmosphere. What are your thoughts on this? Have you had any experiences at adult-only resorts that you'd like to share? Let's hear your opinions and recommendations!
  11. When it comes to planning a wedding, one of the most exciting parts is choosing the perfect wedding favours for your guests. These small tokens of appreciation are a great way to thank your loved ones for being a part of your special day and to make them feel appreciated.
  12. Does anyone know of a rabbi in the Caribbean or nearby that would travel to St. Kitts to officiate a June wedding this year?
  13. Portuguese here living in the UK marrying a lovely Mexican woman in Mexico. A family member just told my fiancee that we have to have to wait 6 months in any Mexico church due to the fact that I'm not mexican. This is a big roadblock because we'll go there in 7 weeks and will be there for only 1.5 months. I already started working with the priest in the UK and I'm confident he'll be taking care of things quickly on his end but wondering if this 6 month period in Mexico is a real thing at all? We really need this process to be done much quicker than 6 months. Any help and tips high appreciated. Thanks!
  14. Thank you. As of today I still don't have my refund, but we are doing everything we can to get it back.
  15. Hello to all brides and friends, I want to share my heart-wrenching experience with Palladium Resorts in Puerto Vallarta to make sure none of you have to go through what I am facing. What was supposed to be the dream destination for my wedding turned into a complete nightmare. From the start, Palladium Resorts promised us the moon and stars, but all we've received is stress, disappointments, and lies. After investing a significant amount, the lack of professionalism and failure to fulfill promises began to surface. A faulty discount code for our guests' rooms was just the beginning. Despite signing a contract guaranteeing an extension for inconveniences, Palladium Resorts did not keep their word. The representative assigned to resolve our issues, Alicia, stopped responding, and later we found out she no longer worked there. Cancelling the wedding within the refund period was not straightforward, and Palladium Resorts tried to manipulate the cancellation timeline and withhold payment for the reserved rooms. The prolonged stress and financial strain are affecting my well-being and personal relationships. Now, I am struggling to get my money back and plan another wedding. I urge all of you to be cautious and consider other options before booking your wedding at Palladium Resorts. If any of you know a lawyer who can help me in this situation, please let me know. No one deserves to go through what I am experiencing, and I hope my warning serves to protect other brides from such a devastating experience. With affection and solidarity, Lu 💔🚫 #WeddingAtPalladiumResorts #DestinationWeddingWarning #NightmareExperience
  16. Hello there, I get why you might be a bit nervous about how your fam will react to the news. But don't sweat it too much! Your mom and sister are all on board with the idea, which is awesome. As for the rest of the fam, some might totally dig the idea of a cruise wedding, but you might have a few relatives giving you the side-eye like, "Wait, we gotta pay to come to your wedding?" Just remember, people have different views and budgets, so it's normal to get various reactions. Here's how you can handle it: Talk to your family early on, so they have time to think about it and plan if they want to come. Be understanding if some folks can't make it for financial or other reasons. No hard feelings, life happens! Keep your wedding registry flexible, with different price points, so everyone can pitch in what they're comfortable with. If some family members can't make it on the cruise, think about throwing a party later on so they can still celebrate with you. At the end of the day, it's your special day. Do what makes you and your partner happy.
  17. So, using Wright Travel Agency for your destination wedding can be super awesome! These guys know their stuff, and they've got a ton of experience in planning weddings in different cool locations. You know how wedding planning can be super stressful? Well, with these travel experts by your side, you can chill out and let them handle all the nitty-gritty details. Flights, hotels, transportation - they got it all covered, so you can focus on having a blast on your big day. And guess what? They're like wedding wizards - they'll get to know you and your dreams for the perfect wedding. Then, they'll suggest amazing destinations and venues that match your vibe. It's all about making your special day totally YOU. Plus, they've got connections in all these places, so they can hook you up with the best deals, fantastic venues, and awesome local vendors. No need to break the bank - they'll work their magic on your budget. And let's not forget your guests! These guys will take care of their travel arrangements too, making it a breeze for everyone to join the party. When the big day comes, they'll be there to make sure everything goes smoothly. If anything pops up, they'll handle it like pros.
  18. I need some opinions on a couple of my favorable wedding dresses. Sorry these images seem really big and I can't shrink them but I'll provide the link to each. Option 1: https://www.bettygetshitched.com/pages/wedding-dresses Option 2: https://www.hoopsadaisy.co.uk/wedding-dresses/milla-nova-blisse/
  19. Hi guys, my fiancé and I are both Singaporean and we want to have a legal marriage in Bali. We know that we have to be of the same religion and get a celebrant to conduct the official ceremony (Protestant). I have also gotten in contact with the Singapore Embassy in Jakarta but have only gotten as far as how to obtain the CNI which is required to be submitted to the Catatan Sipil (civil registry). I was able to get some information on what other documents/information the Catatan Sipil will require us to submit from googled posts but none of them were able to confirm the procedure I need to follow. Google does not have much information on this in general! I have also tried contacting the Catatan Sipil but haven't received any response for quite a long time. Unfortunately, our wedding planner does not know the procedure either when we checked with him and even told us that even if we obtain the CNI, it's not guaranteed that the wedding will be recognized by Indonesia's civil registry office. Additionally, I have read several blog posts saying it's harder for Singaporeans to have a legal marriage in Bali (which I'm not sure why) without any details so I'm now left with mixed responses and am unsure of whether it is even possible! Wondering if any Singaporeans have done this before or if anyone can share how I can do this? thanks!
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