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  2. Hey Ladies, I’m planning my wedding for October 2020 and we have narrowed it down to the Now Jade or Royalton Riviera Maya. We are expecting about 50-60 people and want a private reception. We are coming from BC, Canada. Reading through the forums on here has been super helpful so far! Something that’s been a bit hard in planning is figuring out all the hidden fees that add up on top of your basic wedding package. Any tips or advice? Thanks!
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  4. Visit Jamaica and check out Montego Bay Photographer for your family vacation or Destination Wedding photography!!! https://www.montegobayphotographer.com
  5. Hi, thank you for sharing your event experience at Las Caletas. Your pictures are amazing and you make a beautiful couple. I also got married at Las Caletas in June 2019. . It has been more than 90 days since our wedding and We have not received our finished short video nor the full video. Your wedding was just a few days after ours and I was wondering if you have received your video and photos? Should I be worried? I appreciate any feedback. Thank you
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  8. It is hard to believe that your long awaited wedding day is over and now you are looking forward to rewarding yourself with the perfect honeymoon. It was not easy to make the millions of choices about every detail of your wedding (cake, decorations, music, garments etc.) and you deserve a treat. Every couple is unique and you want your honeymoon to match your personalities. Are you wine appreciators, adventurous souls or beach lovers? Your head is spinning with all the options available. We have selected some interesting honeymoon destinations and hope that one of them will click with you. Punta Cana, The Dominican Republic It may be a classic option, but who says that classic is any less romantic! It is a top honeymoon destination for a reason. White sandy beaches with crystal clear waters, lush tropical flora and all inclusive resorts will help you relax and enjoy exclusive time together. If you would like to include some activities in your laid back vacation there are plenty of places for hiking, horse riding, zip lining and snorkeling in Punta Cana. Bonus: Many resorts offer special honeymoon prices. Chile Thanks to its unique geographical position Chile is a winemaker`s paradise. Famous Chilean vineyards scattered across the spectacular landscape would be the best honeymoon destination for wine lovers. Combine your wine indulging tour with a trip to colorful, chaotic Valparaiso with its art deco architecture and gourmet restaurants. Explore the driest place on earth, Atacama Desert, and the lush green Elqui Valley. Both are known for their crystal clear skies which make them a remarkable star gazing experience. Cappadocia Cappadocia`s captivating scenery and rich history promise to make your honeymoon unique. The result of natural phenomena and human influence in shaping the landscape over thousands of years is magical. There is no place even vaguely similar to it. Admire the range of shapes of the “fairy chimneys” tall rock formations, visit underground cities and splendid rock-cut churches and experience real cave living in one of Cappadocia`s cave hotels. Quebec Canada Want to add some French flair to your honeymoon without going to France? Choose budget friendly Quebec. Wander through its charming streets full of history and beautiful architecture, enjoy shopping, fine dining and nightlife. The city is famous for its many fortified walls, a river port with marine mammals, festivals and friendly people. Breathtaking Montmorency falls are another not to miss Quebec City attraction.
  9. I think I fhttp://www.cigarjamaica.com/ound what you're looking for:
  10. My parents divorced quite recently, just few years ago after being rather unhappily married for 26 years. My mom caught him cheating. I got engaged a few months ago and a month later with little notice my father married the woman who he was with when my mom caught him. I live in a different country so only met her and her family a few times, they were very nice to me, my father is very happy. I am polite / neutral with her. On the contrary my mom is not doing great at all, she is still in a complete breakdown and a month after engagement she made a scene that she does not want my father at my wedding and hang up on me. When she found out i speak to his new partner she refused to talk to me ever again. It’s been a couple of month now, i tried to reach out but she blocked me. My mom is not really a very reasonable type, i try to take care of her and cheer her up but I cant just sit and talk to her peacefully, it is always a drama when it comes to my father. My grandparents are on her side. I mentioned to my father that i will not be inviting his wife as i don’t feel comfortable making the whole situation much worse and also because i really dont know her well to which he said that he may not be coming then. What do I do about it? It looks like it maybe the case that neither of my parents will come or if my father comes with his wife i may never be able to fix the relationship with my mother....
  11. I'm so excited to finally, after 9 years, getting married again! He's so amazing and we want to have an amazing wedding in Jamaica next year. Allow me to introduce myself: I am Katherine, his grandchildren will call me KitKat! who is marrying a minister that truly leaves me speechless at times the way he loves and cares for me. Professionally, I am a destination wedding planner/travel agent/award-winning floral designer, so this wedding will be my ENCORE. Last night, we started out with 50 guests, relatively the larger size of most destination weddings. Then our guest list grew to 100. Right! My team right now, does have a contact in Jamaica, that I'm already working with. We are working on the budget, constantly. The plan is to have all of the details together before Thanksgiving holiday, so that family and friends can prepare to start booking.
  12. Wow.... it looks like I need to add some things to my bags ..#goals Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. May be a long shot here.... trying to resurrect this post. Would anyone be willing to send me the files while I work on my points? Karencarreiro@me.com
  14. Good morning! I ran across your lovely website, getting ready for my upcoming destination wedding in Jamaica next year on Christmas Day 2020. Spoke with my fiance over the phone last night, our guest list went from 50 people to 100, which is rather large for a destination wedding. Yes, I'm a destination wedding planner and an older bride at the same time. Yet, we're both hands on and I love it. He has already taken over creating a hashtag for our wedding, doing so all by himself. For some strange reason, he doesn't want to do Welcome bags, just give a wave and hug! Our guests are getting welcome bags! If I have to minus shoes and makeup! 😄😄
  15. Hello, I noticed know one has written on here about this venue in years. I am interested in this venue and thought the price was really good for where your getting married but does anyone know the prices of the wedding coordinator since we “have” to have one? What did you guys decide on and what package?
  16. Hello Ladies, So I think we have decided on Azul Beach Resort Riviera Cancun, we are visiting this weekend to do food tasting, and check out color/theme schemes and things like that. Does anyone have any advice on what I need to ask, what I should do, things I should check on? I went to a wedding there back in 2012 and loved it which is why I think we are going to lock that down when we go just want to make sure I cover everything while I am in Mexico and the resort? Thanks 🐵
  17. Hi there, congrats on your wedding! I'm getting married near dominical in February 2020 and also curious if you have any advice. I think I have a photographer picked out but I need some help finding music (I want a small acoustic band or soloist such as guitarist/cellist, etc.) as well as a caterer, florist and possibly a cake baker. Also I was curious if you used a wedding planner and how that went. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  18. Hi! I saw that you had a lot of suggestions re Todos Santos weddings.  I would love to chat and ask advice Qs if you are willing.

  19. Hello, MANY years later, I am planning a wedding in Todos Santos, and was hoping for some help from some of you who paved the way before us I don't actually see any answers on this thread - any help would be appreciated.
  20. what kind of headpiece did you wear? or are planning to wear?
  21. Hi there! I visited Now Amber PV in February for a wedding event for travel industry professionals. I stayed there for 4 days and they hosted us for several events and two dinners and everything was amazing. Their wedding department staff/team is incredible and the designs/decor were all crafted so beautifully!! There are several wonderful options to host events and I was so impressed by how they utilized and transformed each of the spaces. We had events in the lobby, which has the most beautiful view. On the beach, in the middle area terrace of the resort, and on the pool deck. The service was top notch and entertainment was fantastic. As a resort, it was a great place to spend a getaway. The resort staff is great, the food/drinks were all delicious and the overall vibe of the place is just perfect. Your daughter has picked a wonderful resort to host her wedding! If you have any more specific questions about Now Amber, feel free to ask here! Or shoot an email to info@wrighttravelagency.com -- this is the official travel agency of this forum and several members on our team have stayed at Now Amber and had couples book their wedding there 😊
  22. Hello I am planning to get married at Jade Mountain in 2020 any new updates on weddings there or other St Lucia hotels and vendors appreciated
  23. Thanks for your good list. I also love Marry Me and I'm Yours.
  24. I haven’t seen any recent info on wedding at the Now Amber PV. Has anyone had their wedding there recently? Any feedback etc. My daughter booked her wedding for 5/15/20 so any info would be greatly appreciated.
  25. Good list! I bet it got folks moving!
  26. Hey fellow wedding planners. When me and my wife planned our wedding I started making playlists both for the reception and for the dance floor. I wanted it to be more towards indie and alternative music and since I started sharing the playlists on Facebook and other social media I got so much appreciation I wanted to make them available to others planning their wedding. For the reception Will you marry me? Let's play this at our wedding - INDIE / FOLK / ALTERNATIVE For the dance floor I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor - Indie Party Anthems I also have a few other playlists that might be of interest for playing at a wedding It's all about JAZZ Fabulous Fingerpicking Folk (Bob Dylan, Simon & Garfunkle, Bright Eyes, Iron & Wine, Beatles etc) 88 Keys Of Magic - Contemporary Piano - Jazz / Neo Classical and More Fingers, Wood, Nylon and Steel - Contemporary Acoustic Guitar Instrumental Chill Out Gems Hope it can be of help or maybe just inspiration for your own wedding playlist! Let me know what you think! Flag Quote Agree Like
  27. DJ Ricardo Patino

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  28. So beautiful place..... Best wishes for both of you.
  29. Oh.... dear if you are trying to find the most suitable wedding dresses, Here is my article for you. All the dresses recommended are under 100 dollars. I hope it will be helpful to you.
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