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  4. Tia Maria

    Best Hotels for Destination Weddings in the Bahamas

    You forgot to mention BahaMar, very popular at the moment!! There is also some top resorts in the outer Islands of Exuma, Eleuthera, and Abaco.. Kamalame Cay in Andros is AMAZING!!
  5. Tia Maria

    Make Up & Hair Artist Nassau, Bahamas

    Hi I can help you, when is the wedding for?
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  7. Awesome! Were you able to avoid the outside vendor fee using them? My resort charges $800 for any outside vendors, so I know if you meet off-site and pick it up you can avoid that cost.
  8. MarieSamSanchezPhoto

    Riviera Maya Wedding Decor Rentals

    For decor and rentals, I would suggest contacting Archive Rentals based in Playa del Carmen. They have incredible pieces, decor and items for rent! http://archiverentals.com/category/?type=riviera
  9. MarieSamSanchezPhoto

    Wedding Decor

    contact Archive Rentals, they are based in Playa del Carmen and have amazing pieces and decor for rental!!!
  10. I ran across the same problem! Did you ever find anyone?
  11. Hey there! I am getting married in Riviera Maya, Mexico at Generations Resort on May 24, 2020. The resort offers tons of decor options, but are very pricey. I ran across one bride who rented lanterns, flowers, plates, and other decors from a local girl and met her off-site to avoid the vendor fees, but she is moving before my wedding. I was wondering if anyone knew of anyone in the Riviera Maya/Cancun area that I could get lights, flowers, vases, etc. from to save a little money? Any advice would be appreciated, I am overwhelmed! (Picture of my Fiance and I for attention (:)
  12. I think it depends on how long your gap will be between the ceremony and breakfast? Sorry if I missed it? If it's an hour or so I'm not sure you need anything additional. People expect to spend some time chatting etc, I for one am always glad to have a drink and something light to eat, but wouldn't be bothered about entertainment as I'd be chatting to my friends and family. We went to a wedding last year where the gap was 2 and a half hours, they served pimms but no canapés. It was a bit too long really, it was quite chilly, we were hanging around outside and we were all fairly hungry. I think you need to judge it based on your situation.
  13. nateboussad

    Music Of Cocktail Hour?

    Virtually all the old standards work, but depending on the audience, you might want to add some more current popular tunes. It's essentially background music, correct? Sounds like fun.
  14. nateboussad

    Who Is The Best Dj In Uk?

    Calvin Harris of course !! No other British DJ has ever reached the level of global success and celebrity that Calvin Harris has achieved. He was the first electronic music producer and DJ to win the Ivor Novello Songwriter of the Year Award and the first British solo artist to reach more than a billion streams on Spotify. He’s topped the highest paid DJs list on numerous occasions, held residencies in Las Vegas and even been the face of Emporio Armani. A decade on from his arrival on the scene, there are few bigger figures in electronic music from anywhere in the world.
  15. nateboussad

    Snapchat Filter For The Wedding Guests?

    It depends on how many hours you want the filter on for and also how large of an area you want. It varies by those two factors but mine was roughly $15-$20 for around 5 hours.
  16. Hello! these are so beautiful! is there anyway you could email it to me the template?
  17. MarieSamSanchezPhoto

    Engaged Over the Holidays?

    The holiday season is not only a time to celebrate with family, friends and good food. It is also prime time when it comes to engagements -- after all, who doesn't want to seal it with a kiss over mistletoe or New Year's Eve fireworks? Did you and your sweetheart get engaged over this past holiday season? If so, Congratulations on your engagement! We'd love it if you shared your engagement story with us and let us know if you've already started the wedding planning process. For free information or guidance on booking a group, wedding or honeymoon at any destination location, contact Wright Travel Agency at: www.wrighttravelagency.com or you can contact them HERE! Wright Travel Agency is the official travel agency for the Best Destination Wedding Forum.
  18. MarieSamSanchezPhoto

    Wedding at Sunscape Splash Resort in Montego Bay JA

    Welcome to the BDW forum!!! If you want to get some ideas of pricing and insight about this resort, you might want to try one of the BDW Travel Agents. They specialize in destination weddings and have worked with brides at this resort as well as several others you may be considering. You can contact them HERE! Best of luck!!!
  19. MarieSamSanchezPhoto

    Best location for a New Years wedding?

    Welcome to BDW!! First of all, Congrats on your engagement and plans for a New Year's wedding! I would suggest contacting the BDW Travel Agents for this forum as they have a lot of insight and expertise on choosing the best resort/venue to fit your needs and budget. These agents also specialize in destination weddings. You can contact them HERE! Best of luck!!! 😊
  20. Wow! They are both absolutely stunning😍...However, I think the second one would look more good. The first is a boit too relieving. But if you are confident that you can pull that off, then you go girl! After all its your big day. You gonna look amazing in both!!!!!!!
  21. Hi all- looking for a destination for a New Years wedding for the upcoming New Years 2019. I’m open to Mexico, Caribbean, Belize, Costa Rica...it just has to be affordable and not too expensive. Any suggestions? Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. I’m considering this resort as well. If you don’t mind me asking how much did your guests end up paying per person for this vacation/wedding?
  23. Wedding tip: Always check Craigslist/Facebook marketplace while your wedding planning. I found a $12,000 dress for $1200.
  24. Melimel237

    Cigar Roller in Jamaica

    It’s been years... and I’m now searching for the same in Montego Bay or Negril. Did anyone ever have any luck finding?
  25. Please tell me, the best wedding venue in Saskatoon, SK.
  26. Hey everyone! Like the others here, I'm interested in wedding reception, venue and all related steps & stuff. Starting with my first and the most important note is that we're international couple and we need to think of bilingual wedding. So the first thing we need to think of is whether it will be interpretation or 2 different venue coordinators, sermons and stuff? What is your experience, what could be the best and affordable solution? From googling the issue I've found this Interactio app team ( describing possible solution here http://blog.interactio.io/case-study-weddings )Basically they offer to hold the venue in the main language, additionally providing simultaneous interpretation online to other quest's mobile phones. Looks like really easy and creative idea. What about the others? How did you solve this kind of obstacle? Any additional advises would be very welcomed here
  27. TandAGetHitched

    For Sale - Wally Bag 66"

  28. TandAGetHitched

    Serious Venue Issue!

    we'll be celebrating our 1 year anniversary the day you tie the knot! are you sure the room rate is $313/per night for 2 people vs. $313/per person, per night? sounds like your room rate is still cheaper than the resort directly. do you have a contact at the resort? I'd reach out to your contact and ask for clarity on the pricing and make sure the web price is $313/per person per night and your rate of $230/per person per night is a way better deal! our travel agent told our guests that if they booked via a third party (discount travel site) they'd be at risk if the hotel sells out. if the hotel sells out, the first group of guests to get 'walked' are those that booked via the third party site because the hotel makes less money on the discount travelers. So if you know the resort sells out, this is a huge risk - resorts oversell rooms all the time, just like airlines, and then 'walk' the least profitable guests (those booked via third-party). Our resort sold out a few weeks before our wedding and we heard a couple get 'walked' while we were checking in - that couple got moved to a different resort, pretty far away and lower star.
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