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    ok- wedding review is posted!! https://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/reviews/r/5863-wedding-was-a-blast/ Our Photographer sent us a message earlier this week letting use know our wedding photos will be done around July 15th so I'll be sure to post a few photos and a review of our photographer - Moments That Matter! they were a really fun couple to shoot with, just can't wait to see the final results! The biggest piece of advice I can give for planning a wedding at Azul or any Karisma property - PATIENCE! planning a wedding via email and a few phone calls may be stressful, but these folks at Karisma are pros! Don't expect a response same day, most responses were 1-3 days, and if you go into the planning process knowing that, you'll be a little less stressed! Overall, the Karisma teams are experts and will execute your vision wonderfully - trust them!! Happy Planning!
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    Hello, I was looking for a Beaches Negril thread. We are getting married at Beaches resort in Negril, the wedding day is 7/27/19, we will be having a twilight ceremony(5:30) however I'm not sure where the reception will be at the moment,I'm not exactly happy with the locations that the wedding planner has shown us so far, but I know we're in great hands she has glowing reviews from prior brides. Congrats!!
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    We are between both Beaches, Iberostar and Riu Palace Tropical Bay.....so many things to compare lol We just locked down the travel agent so now trying to lock down the venue and options.... About how many people are you thinking will be traveling with you?
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    My dears! I've been looking for my dream wedding for a long time, but I think I succeeded. I was sitting at my computer and knocked wedding dresses, wedding dresses ... and then I typed beautiful wedding dresses sydney once, and I came across this beautiful shop and now I do not know which one to decide. help me
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    Any 2017 or 2018 chic brides?
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    We use Kate’s Travel (katestravel.com) she was AMAZING! Our guests loved working with her and she got us some great rates. Here’s the website she created for us: http://tomandamandagetmarried.com/
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    Yes, I need to get a review written! Overall - AMAZING resort, staff, wedding, experience! We had 1 small small hiccup with airport transfers, otherwise all was AWESOME! I’ll get something written in a few weeks, once we have our photos back! and yes! We did get our resort / wedding credits! We actually got them about 10 days after the wedding - pretty quick! Some of the discounts (wedding package, spa, dinner & cocktail) were applied before we paid the final balance. The airfare and room credits were credited back to my AMEX a few days after we checked out. We ended up getting about $7500 in credits/discounts: $950 discount on always and forever package $500 hair & makeup credit - gift from our TA $550 discount for cocktail hour $1100 discount for dinner $1000 for airfare promotion with our TA $3300 for #of rooms/nights our group of 60 had booked
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    If you're looking for a photographer for your Los Cabos wedding, please highly consider Juan Carlos Tapia. I first heard his name from a makeup artist and while searching for a pre-wedding dinner location, I found that Juan Carlos Tapia took the photos of the restaurant. I contacted him via email and we were able to connect, reserve the date, etc. very easily. He was also gracious in taking the photo shots we requested. We ABSOLUTELY loved our wedding photos! Juan did an amazing job! A wedding is a celebration you cannot get back and you should have quality photos to remind you of that special day! So please check out... www.juancarlostapia.com
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    Beautiful, which beach is this?
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    Hi, The trend of wedding dresses is turned towards rather short dresses. I propose you a blog of a friend who is really very well and who will be able to give you advice as for your final choice between these two dresses: http://anallureevent.com/ I hope it helps you. Lucy
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    Hi ladies, Would anyone be able to share the options they chose or are choosing for their Jellyfish wedding? I wanted to get an idea of how much it cost overall & whether there are any must haves entertainment-wise. If there’s an open bar do you need extra booze on tables? & which flowers etc Thanks, Heather
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    Plunging necklines are definitely a modern approach and I LOVE them!!!
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    Hi Everyone! My finance and i are visiting Mexico in 2 weeks to check out Dreams Riviera and Now Sapphire in Puerto Morelos but quickly realized both beaches are pretty bum (so I've heard). Is anyone getting married there or been married there? Are the beaches that bad? We're also looking into Xcaret but not sure about the prices. Would love any feedback about any of the resorts! Thanks so much! (We're planning to marry in May 2019).
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    Hotel Xcaret! It is amazing and we have negotiated exclusives!! email us at info@wrighttravelagency.com
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    If you think Secrets Playa Mujeres as the ideal spot for your wedding vows, the time to book your celebration is now! Say "I Do" at Secrets Playa Mujeres between now and November 2019 and you'll receive several wonderful perks to enjoy for your wedding celebration. Couples who take advantage of this promotion will receive: a complimentary rehearsal cocktail hour with up to 50 guests, including international open bar and chef's selection appetizers 15% off additional guests on top of 20 guests included in the Love or Ultimate wedding package use of sound system and microphone for the wedding ceremony white tiffany chairs for the ceremony and reception for up to 50 guests white or ivory drapes for the wedding gazebo 20% off on all DJ packages The special promotion must be booked before August 31, 2018, and travel must take place between April 15, 2018 and November 15, 2019. This offer is valid only for new bookings at Secrets Playa Mujeres. There are no substitutions or cash value given in lieu of taking advantage of this offer. The wedding date and room availability must be confirmed with resort prior to purchasing this promotion package, which cannot be combined with any other wedding offer. For more information about booking a group, wedding or honeymoon at Secrets Playa Mujeres or any other destination location, contact Wright Travel Agency at: www.wrighttravelagency.com or you can contact them HERE! This post has been promoted to an article
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    Hi there!!! I have not visited Dreams Riviera, however, I did a site visit at Now Sapphire and I thought the beach looked lovely. I have a gallery of photos I took there, including a ceremony setup on the beach, if you'd like to see them feel free to message me and I'd be happy to share that with you. As far as Hotel Xcaret Mexico -- it's the area's newest luxury all-inclusive resort but also comes with the incredible perk of each guests having unlimited access to all the water parks, excursions and cenote and ruins tours. It's AMAZING!! I am actually headed there in mid May for 5 days and I will be sharing lots of photos, a review and writing a few articles about my experience here on the BDW site. Here's the article I wrote on it a few months ago: Hotel Xcaret Mexico: Taking The All-Inclusive Experience to a Whole New Level If you'd like to get an idea on pricing for Hotel Xcaret as well as additional insight and suggestions for locations in the Riviera Maya area for your destination wedding, I highly encourage you to contact one of the BDW Travel Agents. They Specialize in Destination weddings. You can contact them HERE! Hope that helps and best of luck to you! Feel free to message me if you want to see that gallery from Now Sapphire or if you have any additional questions
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    From the album: Beach wedding dress

    Website: http://www.adventureweddingsvallarta.com/ Video: http://goo.gl/DPeKKS
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    From the album: Beach wedding dress

    · Videos of Weddings at Las Caletas on http://goo.gl/DPeKKS http://www.adventureweddingsvallarta.com/
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    From the album: Beach wedding dress

    Videos of Weddings at Las Caletas on http://goo.gl/DPeKKS http://www.adventureweddingsvallarta.com/
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    We never had to put down a deposit. Our payment is due when we meet and confirm everything with our WC.
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    Ok good to know. I'm assuming it will be there no one has said otherwise. I'll ask the next time I email them.
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    We have to pay everything by June 30th, and the wedding is August 13. I fill out a sheet and it gets charged to my credit card. Then there might be some extra fees depending on my set up etc. once we get there so we're bringing some extra money with us. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    i used to make this in high school and got the recipe from my home ec class...it was yummy... INGREDIENTS: 1 cup brown sugar, packed 1/4 cup white corn syrup 1/2 teaspoon baking soda 1 Stick (4 oz.) margarine or butter 1/2 teaspoon salt 3 to 4 quarts of POPPED corn PREPARATION: Combine all ingredients except soda and popped corn in a 1½ to 2 quart microwave safe bowl. Put in microwave (HIGH) and bring to a boil. Boil for 2 minutes. Remove from microwave and stir in soda. Put the popped corn in a brown grocery bag and pour the syrup over the corn. Close the bag by rolling it down a couple times and SHAKE HARD. Cook in the bag on HIGH microwave for 1½ minutes. Remove and shake vigorously and cook in the microwave another 1½ minutes. Remove and shake again. microwave another 1½ minutes. Shake when you remove it from the microwave and pour it on a large cookie sheet to cool. Store in an airtight container when cool.
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    Cute.. hard to find fancy flower girl dresses, thanks for the info (still useful after so many years!).
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    "Natasha's Salon and Spa", is a new salon and spa that opened in Ixtapa in 2011. Natasha is an American who's licensed in cosmetology and Therapeutic Massage. If you're planning a wedding in the area you need to check this place out! She's incredible and the atmosphere of the salon is relaxed, comfortable, air conditioned and so American! The salon is located between Senor Frog's and the Supermercado near Da Baffone restaurant. I saw a previous post asking for help in finding an English speaking stylist and since I have her card, I'll post her contact info. (044)755.125.2370 natashasinixtapa@hotmail.com