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    Hello, Our wedding is near. We have decided to get married on a beach. I was discussing with my fiance about buying the wedding bands. I like to get the thin bands with small tiny diamonds. A friend recommended me a fine diamond jeweler. (http://www.pheradiamonds.com/shop/delicate-diamond-band/) Looks like we found one we were looking for. But, now I'm rethinking, will it look like a string on my big hand? Should I go for a wider band?
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    This coming November, I will be marrying the woman I don't truly deserve but I was so blessed that God gave me her. Half of my life, I have been a douchebag. I have played with different women’s hearts. I thought I would never be able to meet someone who will love me wholeheartedly, until this woman came. I don’t deserve to be cared and loved by such an angel. No matter how bastard I was, she still accepted me for who I am. Loving me sincerely is what she has done since the first day. Because of that, I know deep within that she deserves someone better, but she chose to stay and love me. And I was beyond grateful for that.
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    Decided to have a destination wedding and escape the stress! I absolutely love the beach, but wasn't a huge fan of the typical "beachy theme" wedding. I found a company that had a set-up with flowers, and was classic and elegant and I fell in LOVE! I loved my beach wedding ceremony surrounded by friends and family and HIGHLY recommend doing it to anybody who is on the fence. What a relaxing time we had. I have attached a photo I received of my setup...sooooo in love! Check out https://floridabeachweddings.com if you want a truly amazing experience. I'd love to see some of your beach wedding photos!
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    Hello lovely brides! I wanted to post some info that I thought might help future brides. I recently returned from my wedding at Azul Fives this month. The thing my husband and I keep thinking about is how happy we are with where we put our money into. We were a couple on a budget but of course wanted a beautiful wedding. For those just starting out in their planning process, I know how daunting it feels hunting for the perfect resort. The number crunching is stressful and it starts to feel like it is all adding up way too quickly. This is just my experience and how we went about it and I'm sure there are a lot of other brides who have other tips and tricks we didn't think of. Hopefully this thread starts a dialogue and we can help the future upcoming brides save some money! Karisma properties are gorgeous but with an a la carte type of wedding the bill can really add without you realizing it. As my TA warned me "just be careful they will woo you but if you keep an eye on what your adding to your wedding you can still have a beautiful wedding on a budget". She was totally right! General Tips *prioritize what areas you want to focus on -Choose free locations (I love the sky deck but it just didn't fit in our budget based on where we were putting our money for other areas of the wedding) --Choose a set menu (it was cheaper than family style. they were good portions, no one was hungry, they will still accommodate dietary restrictions) -Make your own playlist (consider apps like DJ app or QLAB) -Consider skipping the wedding cake or maybe just getting one tier to do a ceremonial cutting of the cake -want to broadcast your wedding for those that can't make it? Looking into apps like Zoom that allow you to have multiple people on one link and all you need is wifi (keep in mind prices are in USD as that is how your Karisma bill will appear and this only includes resort costs. I wish my entire wedding cost this much! haha!) The Numbers Total Resort Bill $3375.00 Karisma Bill (paid in advance) $2990.00 Onsite Set up fee (paid in cash) $250.00 Spa (paid onsite cash or credit) $135.00 # of Guests 50 adults & 9 kids (including bride and groom) Cost Breakdown Always and Forever Package (everyone has to start off with this basic package) $950.00 Spa GIVC Perk (free hair & make up with trials for both, mani/pedi PLUS mani/pedi for a friend. You do have to pay for the tax and tip) $135.00 Pre-Ceremony Semi-Private Dinner (included in the A&F package. Up to 40 people, set menu at Flavours. Kids not counted in numbers if they are ordering from the children's menu) FREE -Menu- smoked salmon, nut crusted chicken breast, apple crisp Rehearsal Ceremony (time and date TBD onsite - we did this the day before the wedding at 1pm) FREE Ceremony Location - Zky Terrace - FREE (one level below the Sky Deck, smaller but still private. It fit our size of group very comfortably) Flowers - HC08 (floral vase, tall vase) x2 $80 (each) - BC14 (table floral arrangement) $70 (*seeing the size I probably would have not added this or maybe would have added another HC08 for the price) Aisle Runner $40 Cocktail Hour FREE Location - Zky Terrace/Bar (came with hor d'oeuvres, sparkling wine post ceremony and a signature drink. We had "Tequila Party". Cocktail tables with ribbon in our wedding colour) **We got lucky on this one...not sure how but we qualified for a free cocktail hour. If we didn't we would have just done an informal cocktail hour in the Zky Bar** Reception Location - Garden - FREE Decor - we brought our own and then asked for all of the flowers from the HC08 arrangements to be divided among the tables to add to the centrepieces Set Up Fee - $250 (this included candles, books, vases, signs, favours and string lights) Menu - Set Menu 2 (Beef Carpaccio, Pork Rib Eye, Creme Brulee - No wedding cake) Originally $20/pp ...somehow we qualified for a discount and paid $14.40/pp (x50) Kids FREE (if ordering from children's menu) Sound Equipment - Amplifier and microphone $250 (for 4 hours. We brought our own playlist and plugged it in - no DJ) Misc Outside Vendor Fee - $800 (photographers) 2 for 1 massages (A&F package) - transferred to our honeymoon at El Dorado Casitas Royale (they gave us 2 for FREE) Honeymoon Breakfast in Bed (A&F package) FREE Candlelight Dinner on the beach - transferred to El Dorado as well FREE It really is possible to do it on a budget and we have absolutely no regrets or feel like we missed out on something. Let me know if there are any questions!! Happy planning!
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    He popped the question under a starry sky, the place where we went for our first date. It was truly romantic and I don't think I can explain it with words. He presented me with this most beautiful ring in the world. Let's share the pictures of our engagement rings.He got this from a wholesale diamond jewellery store customised for me . In 19 platinum it has a 1.5 carat central stone and pave set round brilliant diamonds to enhance the beauty.
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    Hi @@MrsRoss2be Congratulations on your engagement! If your fiancée prefers a casual outfit we recommend going with something fun like wearing color suspenders without a jacket or for him to wear a vest at the most. On our beach weddings the attire can be a little less traditional and we’ve had different kinds of looks: from suspenders, vests to a white or color shirt with shorts and from formal shoes to vans or sandals and even barefoot (I mean guys will be around the sand for a moment so the surrounding invites people to be a little more loose with protocol). Here are a few outfits we’ve seen for the groom and his groomsmen: Good luck choosing the one for your H2B! We are a venue that offers beach weddings on a private and unique natural surroundings, for more information feel free to check our available packages at: http://www.adventureweddingsvallarta.com/
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    My FI is planning on a simple pair of khakis with a casual short sleeve shirt with a subtle design down the front (think Charlie Harper from Two and a Half Men!). One of the other B2B on this site suggested cubavera.com's linen line which is just what I had envisioned for us. Good luck and congrats!
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