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  1. Thanks ladies! However I was thinking more like pricing and details on the wedding package (ceremony, decoration, reception, food, etc) for each hotel. I know some hotels provide this data on their sites, but not all. But if there was one place that had this info for many or all Punta Cana hotels, that would be sweet!
  2. Hi acw, I am in the US, but I would be interested in looking at the Canadian pricing to convert the pricing and get a general idea. Thanks!!
  3. Hi everyone! I got married in Punta Cana in 2011 and used this site on a daily basis to get tons of helpful info. Now I am researching info for my girlfriend who is having a destination wedding next year, and am wondering if this exists? I am looking for a site that gives me wedding package pricing for a big chunk of the DR resorts. All in one place, instead of going from one hotel website to another which is more time consuming. I know in the past I did my comparison by going to all the different hotel sites, but if there is a site that lists the package pricing info for several resorts and a
  4. Hi kris2012, I got married at the GP in July and got my hair done there along with my mom, mother-in-law and 2 bridesmaids. First tip I can give you is to check and see how many stylists they have now and whether or not the A/C is working. Unfortunately I had the awful luck that the A/C was not working on the morning/early afternoon of my appointment!! AND there is only ONE stylist. yes, just one. I would e-mail Carolina now or closer to your wedding to see what the situation is with stylists because if it wasn't for me getting to the salon at 12 noon for my 5pm wedding ceremony, who kno
  5. Hi torilynnsmith, Yes I was also sorry to have this bad experience after having such high hopes for his ceremonies, but was very disappointed. He definitely books more than 1 wedding per day at least in my experience! Have fun in your planning and congrats on your engagement
  6. hi LP, Before my wedding I visited the Iberostar in Punta Cana while staying at the Grand Palladium. The taxi ride was about 15-20 long, I feel that most of the resorts are all about 10-20 min from each other in Punta Cana. I can e-mail you this google map I created while planning my wedding that pinpointed ALOT of resorts in Punta Cana, PM me and I can send it!
  7. FREE ITEMS! Need to clear out space. Just pay shipping for all items: Large tote bag from Cheaptotes.com - about 14 bags -FREE -Plastic key card holders with black strings- about 9 holders - FREE -Loops of string for attaching cards to tote bags - FREE -Clam shell jewelry holders- 2 of them- $5 for both (ask me for picture)- **SOLD** -Large Aloe vera gel bottles- 3 of them- $1.50 each
  8. The clam shell holders are SOLD***.
  9. HI ladies, congrats on your wedding planning!! I had Pastor York do our ceremony on July 22 at the Grand Palladium in Punta Cana and overall my husband and I as well as my guests were NOT pleased with the service he provided. First, we had booked him for a 4pm ceremony and a week or two before the wedding, he asks if he can change our time to 5pm. Fine, we were okay with moving it to one hour later and were flexible to accomodate him. The ceremony which was supposed to be at least 30 min. long was cut short to about 10-15 min! The pastor was late according to my husband and the gue
  10. Everyone seemed to like the lanyards but to be honest I got little feedback about them, more feedback about the actual holders! The lanyards for me were convenient because you can just wear them around your neck.
  11. -Here are pics of the clam shell jewelry holders from my first classified post. 2 of them for $5. -I am also selling a NEW guest book that I ended up not using since it was a bit too small for me. Measurements are about 8" wide by 6" high. $15 plus shipping costs.
  12. I have a few leftover items to clear out! The items are: -Large tote bag from Cheaptotes.com - about 14 bags - $1.00 each -Plastic key card holders with black strings- about 9 holders - $5 (strings included) -Loops of string for attaching cards to tote bags - FREE -Clam shell jewelry holders- 2 of them- $5 for both (ask me for picture) -Large Aloe vera gel bottles- 3 of them- $1.50 each All prices do not include shipping, I will calculate shipping costs.
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