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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by EDRBride2009 We will also be arriving on the 22nd at EDR. Thanks for the offer, that's so nice! Our colors are chocolate brown and turquoise. Definately we'll keep in touch! Oh no! I've changed my mind on our honeymoon week...we're looking at El Dorado Maroma now...it's smaller than the Royale, and I think after a crazy first week with 50 friends/family we'll want something totally relaxing where we won't have to move much! The Royale is gorgeous...what room type are you booking?
  2. We are doing the iPod thing too. Right now I am going with a few songs while people are arriving, then the BM's song, my song, Signing of the certificate song (Signed, Sealed, Delivered!), and then the recessional. I'm going to do a site inspection next week so I am going to time the walk to see if I need a song for the BMs and one for me or just one for all of us.
  3. Anyone looking for mugs that aren't worried about baggage weight or have a small group, there are those freezer ones (the kind with the coloured liquid inside) at Zellers for I think it was $1.69 each. They were in turquoise, pink or green. I would have loved to get them but I'm already overboard in weight and with 50 guests....LOL.
  4. I waas at Costco earlier and got 20 large fake-Shamwow's...one for each guest for drying off after getting out of the pool or sea...I think 20 was $16.99 CAD.
  5. Excellent ideas...I will mix & match. My bags are going to be so heavy no I'm already a lost cause!
  6. Good ideas to check on what the resort offers...I'll do that before ordering anything. There are 3 kids so I think I'll get the duckies for them...great ideas! THANKS!
  7. In every room of the hotel our group is staying in there is a jacuzzi tub, and some outdoor suites have an outdoor jacuzzi tub too...so I was thinking it might be nice to include something for the tub in our OOT bags. What do you think would be most used / cutest option? Or do you have another suggestion? Thanks!
  8. Sure, I'm game! I'll check his colours and email him this afternoon to see what he has to say!
  9. I think you can pick your colour of tee and colour of font...I think you can upload to him what you want written if you want a specific font too. I thought the price was pretty good for 1000. That's what I thought too...welcome dinners are usually at the beginning of the trip so golfers will have them for during their stay to use. I was thinking I might get mini ziplock baggies then print up goofy labels...something to get a good laugh.
  10. I think I might bite the bullet and order from ebay...you can never have too many tees!
  11. I think I might bite the bullet and order from ebay...you can never have too many tees!
  12. Cori...shoot! I didn't think about that, and yes, I will probably end up wanting to fill it too! I did order the largest size, the size one smaller was sold out, but dont ask me why I'm in a hurry, my wedding isn't until November!!! I'll post about them when I get them in. Just glad to have made a decision to cross off the list!
  13. I found a guy on eBay that will do lots of 1000 for around $120 plus shipping. I can't decide how to present them...in a little baggie with a customized label for in the OOT bags, or put them loose in jars on each of the tables at the welcome dinner for anyone who wants them to grab...? What were you thinking Erika J??
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