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  1. Love everything! Your dress is beautiful and BM exactly what I am looking for.
  2. Did day 5 of my p90x today. I've been so motivated so far. Need to keep it going!
  3. Love the first dress! Its amazing. And I think it actually looks beachy.
  4. MAC's eyeshadows hold up great in water. As for lipstick I would suggest using a lipstain rather than lipstick then you won't have to worry about it.
  5. This has been a sore spot for my FI and I. I have always wanted to hyphenate my name but he thinks I should just take his name. Its important to me to keep my family name. I don't have a middle name so we've made the compromise that my last name will become my middle name and I will take his last name.
  6. your dress is gorgeous! I'm so jealous you got to go to Kleinfelds!
  7. We had been dating 6 years when we got engaged, will be 8 years by the time we get married.
  8. love the new mugs! Better than the first so it worked out well. I ilke the two different monograms on the mugs too.
  9. I LOVE these invitations! Thanks for the explanation. My colors are gray and yellow and I plan on "borrowing" some of your ideas for sure. Thanks so much for posting
  10. Don't even buy a template get it for free off this website! Once you see the template they're not that difficult. You just have to get to 150 posts before you will be able to download a template
  11. I love the Jenna dress. I haven't tried it on. But a friend of mine had it as her weding dress so it out for me unfortunately.
  12. Its tough choosing which dress is better for you without seeing a picture on you. But just looking at the dresses I like Claire better.
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