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  1. Ok I'm *bumping* this thread because this resort doesn't get enough credit!!! I was always unsure of the resort because there wasn't a lot of information, but I had my wedding there and it was beautiful!! We didn't hire any outside vendors, it was all done through the resort and was INCREDIBLE. The spa did my hair and make-up and it was fantastic...and I am pretty picky about both, but took a chance and am glad I did!!! The wedding coordinator was perfect and a true pro, the food was excellent and the photographer was great....the final pics were amazing!! They really treat their brides like queens If we were to do it all over, we would still pick this resort! Please do not hesitate when considering Dream Villamagna!
  2. Oh my gosh Sarah I'm so sorry to hear that. I am also a Canadian bride travelling to PV in March and it was hard enough to get flights that month! Did your travel agent offer any advice? Ugh I can't believe that happened...so sorry.
  3. Ya she must have had a "blitz" of email responses bc I got mine too!!Random question....is there 3 prong outlets at the resort?
  4. I'm having the same problem...my travel agent hasn't been able to get the wedding department to pick up the phone! I just red flagged her with my 4th email yesterday...trying to remain calm (!)
  5. Oh excellent! So glad you posted!! Its taking Estephania forever to get back to me lately!! I'm just concerned that I only have 1 day before the wedding to meet with her to finalize details etc...I just hope its enough time. Are you posting pictures!!? How was the food?
  6. Hi girls, just wanted to let you know I heard back from the spa and the brand of make-up they use is www.mudshop.com, from what I've researched its very comparable to MAC
  7. Hi Cristina...the wc was normally super quick to respond to me, but her last msg took weeks (my TA) had to call. Hopefully she picks up speed again bc she used to be great!
  8. I just ordered 2 gift boxes for my bridesmaids jewelry and the seller is amazing to work with (mine are a variation of the 2 below) the seller is: ShannaMicheleDesigns:
  9. Ladies! I was so excited for this bubba keg sale! I was also going to use discount mugs.com but the bubba kegs were cheaper AND they had them in aqua blue. I drove all over the city to canadian tire to make sure I got 35!
  10. Omg sandals emerald bay looks amazing!
  11. OMG when you put it in "weeks" I get nervous...lol...planning is good, I just finished some DIY stuff (placecards, matchbook covers) and am still back and forth with my wedding coordinator on food etc...one thing we're stuck on is we can't decide whether to bring my ipod docking station for the music or pay the ridiculous $300 to use the speakers there...arg.
  12. Hi!! I'm a March 2011 bride also, at Dreams Villamagna. My group is at about 30 and I can't believe its only 5 months away!@!
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