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  1. This is so funny! The one day I log on for the first time in 6 weeks I see the question above!! Unfortunately, I NEVER received my luggage. AA has 10 weeks to supposedly find the bag and if not I will receive a check. It'll be 10 weeks next week..so we shall see. I honestly do not want a check. I want my friggin bag!! I hope you are all doing well. Take care!
  2. Oh my! You look absolutely beautiful! I love it! Congratulations!! (I'm glad you loved the hair)
  3. Hi Ladies, I’ve been married for two weeks, and before I leave the forum I wanted to share what I did to my hair. Honestly, it was nothing major at all. I knew I wanted a messy bun and it was easy to create. In December, I had my my stylist sew in some hair (check out Demure Tresses on FB--she's here in Houston..she has Indian hair and Brazilian hair..I’ve referred a few brides on the forum to her). I planned to do my own hair so getting the hair sewn in December gave me a chance to play with it and learn how to work with it. I had the hair taken down and re-sewn a week before my wed
  4. Instead of me emailing pics to you, check out this FB site. http://www.facebook.com/#!/album.php?id=134062736623921&aid=20512
  5. Hi TimsWife2Be, I actually talked with a lady on tripadvisor sometime last year when I was struggling with the same thing you are. She sent me her professional pics from Beaches. I'll let you be the judge... Send me your email address and I will forward a few to you.
  6. Kimterrance- We took the pictures after our ceremony (we started at 3pm and went until 6pm). MissRodriguez- YES, that was our wedding song! Be ready to tear up..lol! Also ladies, I’m hoping to get a few pics this weekend from my parents, so I can post pictures of us signing our marriage documents along with our two witnesses, our cocktail reception and first dance pics. Once again, I went with the BB package and in my opinion all went well. Here’s a brief run down of how things went: The wedding began at 2pm (I didn’t have a bridal party), we said our vows, listened to the
  7. Hi butterfly, The resort has two gazebos and their both in the Caribbean Village area. The one I chose was right behind the restaurant Schooners. It has slightly more shade because of the trees, plants, etc. I also went with the BB package. I didn't have any upgrades, didn't purchase any of Beaches crappy pics, etc. and everything was great! I hope this helps you somewhat.
  8. Hi Ladies, Our wedding pics have been blogged. I truly loved Ileana...and her work speaks for itself. You MUST hire her for your wedding. http://www.brilliant.tc/2011/03/marrying-friend/comment-page-1/#comment-21319
  9. American Airlines (F) If I could possibly give them a grade lower than a F I would…lol! We were gone for a full week and returned last night and AA still can’t find our luggage. Everything I needed for the wedding was in that luggage- earrings, bracelet, make-up, clothes, undergarments, TTD attire, etc. I will definitely reiterate what I said earlier, girls try to pack all things needed for your ceremony in a carry on bag. Oh yeah, on the flight from Houston to Miami there was another bride in line waiting. I literally saw her and ran to the front to make sure there was room for
  10. Hi Ladies, I've just returned from the resort, and I will begin working on my review shortly (I know you guys love pictures and I am waiting on my guests to send me a few from the ceremony so I can share them with you all). However, I will try to address your concerns- so just put a message on here and I will reply as soon as I can. As far as the rooms in the French Village and the Caribbean Village, in my opinion the biggest difference would be the tv. I stayed in a Honeymoon Suite in the French Village and we had a 46 inch flat screen versus one of our guests stayed in the Caribb
  11. Yay Lizzdee! That's one more thing off of your check list. Ladies, I posted my planning thread. I hope something on there helps someone. Anyway, I probably won't be on here much before we leave Wednesday morning. However, I promise to return and give you guys a detail review (like the other ladies have provided for us). Happy planning to all! Enjoy it...it truly comes fast.
  12. Originally I was not going to do a planning thread. There will only be 7 of us in Turks & Caicos for the wedding, and I just didn’t think that I’d have anything to add- especially since most of my focus is on my formal AHR. However, now I am SUPER excited about everything and I hope that something in this planning thread will help someone else. I’d like to thank a special few for helping me throughout this journey! Brandy- for our daily conversations about our weddings, ideas, etc., all of the Beaches Turks & Caicos brides, Skadow for the boarding pass invite template and R
  13. Hi Krys, I hope all is well with the girls! If you're around I have a question about Digicel. Would you recommend us purchasing a prepaid cell phone plan from them? I'm interested in doing so I can stay in contact with our guest until they arrive a couple of days after us. Anyway, I just wanted your thoughts. I hope all is well.
  14. Hi lv1044, I leave for Turks next Wednesday, and I have plans to do the Froggie ATV Tour and go to the Conch Shack, but these are things that I'm doing on my own. I will just call Froggie's once I get there to see what I need to do. As far as the Conch Shack, I just plan to go there and eat like any restaurant. As far as where I found the information, I've had quite a few people tell me about the Conch Shack..and one of the past brides on the forum (Winnie) mentioned the Froggie ATV Tour in her review--and that's how I heard about it.
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