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  1. I have a brand new never used Trash the dress- $100 + shipping It is white chiffon with a corset back, flower detail under the bust Satin lining slight sweetheart Size 10 never altered
  2. Hey Danir11 It took me a while to get my video as well, I had emailed my WC a month later asking her if she knew anything about it and she had told me I should of had it by now, that it only takes about 2 weeks to get, so she then put me in contact with someone who could help, who were you in contact with before you got to the island? Thats who I would email first.
  3. Jessi We had the chicken and it was delicious!!! As far as Mahi-Mahi goes its not normally a fishy fish
  4. Your so welcome Wendy!!! LOL I didnt take it the wrong way lol I knew what you meant Yeah we did the same thing Lizz, and I had no problems at all getting a SS card and DL no questions asked, it was much easier than I thought it was going to be, but I do know you absolutely have to have the original to change your passport. And Welcome all new Brides!!! And congrats to all the new Mrs!!!
  5. Jess yes we did a private reception and it felt that way, they do a really good job at keeping the guests away from the area, to me it was def worth the extra costs but you have to do what your budget will allow you to do we didn't do the cocktail hour to save some extra money we just did the 2 hour reception and after that we changed and went dancing
  6. Size Medium Color is Coral Sparkly Chiffon Fabric
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