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  1. I just wanted to say that I did my BD shoot with Leah and she is amazing! I felt like it was just silly girl time because Leah made me feel so comfortable and I completely forgot that I was half-naked! It was a blast and I highly recommend her... plus her photos turned out to be so beautiful!
  2. Thanks Jennybell, I've been dragging my feet on getting my paperwork to my WC for this very reason-- I didn't want to deal with a 20 page fax for my divorce decree. What a relief! Thanks for sharing this information.
  3. Thanks Susan! Sorry about all the hiccups you ran into.
  4. I love all your pics! Especially the last one when the sky is super dark. Looks like it was a fantastic party!
  5. You all are sooo sweet! I really appreciate it more than you can know. I was completely freaking out last Wednesday when I went and picked up my wrong dress. I'm still trying to figure it out between #2 & #3 & a new dress. I feel like #2 looks the best for showing off my shape but I'm worried I'm going to roast on the beach in that dress. Kind-of thinking that I should get it for our AHR. I really love the #3 dress b/c it's charmuse (sp?) and it seems glamourous & sexy to me & I think I'll feel cooler (just worried about sweating through it-- yes, I know gross but it could be a reality in the heat). I wish it was a v-neck dress b/c I think that's my best look so I'm still hoping I can find something like that. It's tough to figure this out!!! Thank you all so much for everything. I'll keep you posted!
  6. Hi BDWers, Thank you all for your thoughts and opinions on my wedding dress (Maggie Sottero Reese). While I do love the dress I just think that it may be too much for my tiny 5'1" height. I decided to go out and look at some new options and since my wedding is just two months away I need to go with something I can walk away with from the store (& the best part is that some of these dresses are already shortened to close to my size). Here are my favorites from the shopping trip that I can have immediately. Please let me know what you think and if one is the winner. Also, I hate the weird faces I was making- I always feel funny when they are taking photos at the shops- please ignore! Thanks! Dress #1 Dress #2-- Not as comfortable as dress 1 but better chest Dress #3-- This dress was way too big so the draping doesn't look like it would once it is altered. Also, b/c of the clamping on the back I'll attach a pic of how it looks when the size is right. Dress #4-- This dress is from a private seller so she didn't have clips to make the dress smaller for it to look like it fits in the picture. I'm also not wearing shoes so it is too long. What do you think?
  7. Love those David's bridal flip flops-- I had no idea that they sold them. Very cute!
  8. You all are the BEST! I sincerely appreciate all of your honesty and thoughtful comments. I'm out to look for some new dresses today so we'll see what happens. I'll keep you all posted. I really want something that is fitted and sexy-- like a sheath or mermaid. If I can take pics I'll show you what I come up with so I don't make the same mistake again. Thanks once again everyone!!!
  9. Hi BDWers, I need some honest opinions and I know that you all will give me your true feelings in a constructive way. Please know I appreciate it in advance. Anyways, I went to pick up my dress today. It made me feel sick to my stomach. I've been worrying for months that I picked the wrong dress & I didn't know if it was b/c its so much fun to look at all of your dresses or if something is really wrong with my choice. When I tried on the dress today I wasn't in love. Don't get me wrong-- I do love the dress but I just am thinking that its not the dress to make me look fantastic. Please take a look at the pics and let me know what you think about it's style and me. Keep in mind that I'm short (5'1")-- does the dress make me look cut off? Thanks so much for all of your honesty and opinions in advance! Love ya-- H
  10. If I just deciding on the front of the dress then dress #3 for sure. But taking into account the front and the back I have to say dress #2 is the winner!
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