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  1. Hey girls so I need some serious help on the wording for my invitations. I am making 2 different invitations--the first is for my destination wedding and the second is for my at home reception. In the first invitation, I needing to include the obvious-date time location. The part I'm having trouble with is 1) we're having a small beach reception right afterwards in the same location--it's just including finger foods, cake, and punch. 2) we're having an at home reception and I also want to include this on the first invitation. I can't figure out how to word these 2 things into the invitation. The second invitation, like I said is for the at home reception. I don't know hwo to word it at all. Any help would be appreciated!
  2. Wow the cousin apparently doesn't know what the word "etiquette" is. That's ridiciulous. I wouldn't send them a gift at all. If I sent anything, it would be a letter saying that they should have sent you an invite!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by BlissfulMsMiranda I got iron-on decals from Etsy for a great price and DIYed my MOH and FG tanks - and my MOH bought be the BRIDE tank from Victoria's Secret. The DIY route is great though - and there are so many affordable options on Etsy! And if you're not comfortable creating your own with rhinestones you can always ask for custom-made designs from the sellers on Etsy (best website EVER by the way). Hey do you remember who the sellers were that you bought this stuff from on Etsy?
  4. Omg those are so beautiful. Definitely hard to pick which ones to get large for your house...I think it depends where you're planning on putting them. #1 would be good for a bedroom. #4 & 5 are beautiful with all the things in the background. Ugh..they really are all so good, good luck picking!
  5. Wow you put in a lot of hardwork and it definitely paid off. Everything looked amazing I can't wait to use some of these ideas.
  6. Wow we might just have to call you Martha Stewart lol! That is awesome you've been able to do this. I can't wait to see pictures!
  7. Wow those look great. Guests will definitely love receiving them.
  8. I also love this website. I love using the budget tool to keep track of everything & to stay organized. I found some great vendors on this site too--my photographer, videographer, & makeup/hair person!
  9. So excited!!! I had to work all day & I finally got to watch the trailer. It is such a teaser.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by carolina24 oh my god i love the contrast b/t MOB and MOG!!! that's horrible, put on a jacket lady!! Haha I know, isn't it inappropriate? I heard from so many people that went to the wedding that they though the MOG looked so nice and well the MOB did NOT. Ugh she's gross.
  11. Ok I thought of something to share....this was my stepsister's wedding in December, which I did not attend. Let's just say I do not get along with my stepfamily at all, so I love being able to share this with everyone. My stepmom is close to 60 years old, but thinks she is 20 and dresses like it. This wedding, like I said, took place in December...in Indiana, so it was quite cold. Here is the MOB...in her dress lighting the candles in front of the ENTIRE church & everyone attending. (She is on the left) How inappropriate and trashy is that? If that was my mom, I would slap some sense into her & make her put on a jacket! Nothing against tattoos, I have one, but I know when it should be covered up.
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