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  1. that is an awesome idea especially since he has specifically said that he likes that look. I think the boudoir photo thing is great if it empowers you, your man will love it no matter what. I will say that I was super nervous before my shoot but made sure to wear things that I felt good in- not an idea of what I felt it "should" be. He will love a gift on your wedding day no matter what it is i think. It's just such a special day.
  2. Hi Kellie I got the sandals from partyflops dot com. They were a hit. I was very satisfied with that vendor. Quote: Originally Posted by Kelie11 hey yamille! Congrats on the wedding. It looked beautiful! I am curious to know where you ordered the sandals from? Thanks so much!
  3. Hey paradisus ladies, I am just peeking in on my paradisus girls. I have to tell you that I have people constantly telling me that it was the best wedding they went to. You will be so happy if you choose this resort - but also in general the destinaiton wedding experience is by far the best!My tip- make it your own- whatever that means to you. EGSARAH your looked amazing on your wedding day. Congrats! I will be back at paradisus for a getaway with my hubby in 28 days- can't wait! happy planning to all you ladies in the process!
  4. Hey Paradisus Brides, Brooke I did as others said and paid by credit card. We only had put down a small deposit prior to our arrival. Besides, you may decide to add or take away when you meet with Perla to go through eveything once you arrive. Ugh the anticipation is killer I remember the feeling well but try and hang in there. You will be a priority once you are on the property. Steve & Julia- We did not do a honeymoon registry but I have a friend who is currently using one called thebigday and i purchased her gift. It's cute I gifted the couple with a romantic dinner in their bungalow overlooking the water. There were several cool gifts like snorkeling, meals, a hotel night, all sorts of things. As a guest it was really easy to do. Terry and I just booked our return trip to Paradisus for the last week in January- I can't wait! I am already counting down the days. Have fun planning everyone!
  5. Yep that was me Jessica- Good memory! Congrats on getting a job in this economy.. I am working in a hospital inpatient psychiatric unit w/ adults 18+ Every now and then I cover the adolescent unit- which I know is a handful! I waorked with them for one of my internships.
  6. Hey guys! I am just popping in to say hello because I miss you. I have been totally MIA because after the wedding I was pretty much just going full steam ahead with completion of my thesis and finding a job- which I did. I love it but it is certainly challenging and it has taken me some time to get in the swing of married life which I love, but also juggling the new job, social life, and everything else life serves up. I usually get home, squeeze in a workout and barely spend any time online. I am having major "sadness that the wedding is over" feeling. Even though it was may 23rd. I think it took this long for everything to sink in. I think destination weddings are the way to go and I always rave about them to people. So future brides get excited because it will be awesome! Ok enough babbling. Miss you and I hope to pop in more often and keep up with everyone. Happy planning!
  7. Heather! Your stuff looks amazing. I haven't been on BDW in ages and I am so happy that I decided to look today and caught your thread. I am super excited for you. Your wedding will be beautiful. diva!
  8. Desiree you look like a princess! I am so happy everything was lovely. Congratulations!!
  9. stunning!! Not a bad pic in the bunch- congratulations!
  10. You looked amazing and so happy! There are so many great shots. I esoecially love the ones by that "ruined" structure. May 23 2009 was definately a magical day! Congrats once again!
  11. ok. Of course I am outraged that Evan is still there. Janine or Brandon need to win. End of story.
  12. I will second everything that Kristy has said. I couldn't believe it- I wanted to leave but thought well I rented the car and made the 2hr+ drive out here may as well go through with it. Save your dollars girls and go to another photog who won't be a blow to your self esteem! I think what happened on the knot was maybe it was a different Jewel photo. I find it incredibly hard to believe. I know Casey and I were horrified the entire car ride home. Then I went to Kamila and had a totally new experience.
  13. um i know it's already been said but - WTF with Evan!!! is the absolute final decision left up to the people or the judges?
  14. I hated waitiong for polish to dry too! especially after sitting through the nail process.
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