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  1. That's great you were able to get the 3 choices after all! What's your wedding date? June is the start of rainy season - we were only there the first 3 days of June last year and saw 2 bonfires & a wedding rained out. They moved the wedding to the Seaside Grill & it still looked beautiful though. You might just plan on having the bonfire but if it rains, just move everyone to the lobby bar.
  2. Gerbera daisies are my favorite so I had them make bouquets with those as the main flowers & they added orchids & roses. I just told Rebecca I wanted tropical colors. They also made boutonnieres with mini gerbera daisies.
  3. hi girls. we had a bonfire the night before the wedding & didn't have any music. we didn't miss it either. it's pretty loud on the beach w/ the waves & it was really hard to be heard just from that when we made a 'thanks for coming' speech. if i were to do it again, i still wouldn't have music; imo you just don't need it.
  4. We had the ultimate package last May & used the white linens & covered chairs. I love the tifanny chairs, but, like Kerri, couldn't justify paying extra for something no one else would notice. We did pay for floral centerpieces, but only needed 3 (I think) b/c we reused the one from the ceremony table (I think they included a 2nd one for something - maybe the cake table?) We brought votive holders from home, 24 total - 4 for each table (we had 5) & 4 on the cake table, and bought votive candles at Walmart when we got down there. Didn't have an issue with wind - they all burned dow
  5. What about one of these? http://www.zappos.com/pour-la-victoire-bridal-and-evening-baylie-ivory-satin http://www.zappos.com/pour-la-victoire-bridal-and-evening-laela-ivory-satin http://www.zappos.com/pour-la-victoire-bridal-and-evening-carla-ivory-satin?zlfid=111 http://www.zappos.com/pour-la-victoire-bridal-and-evening-sonya-ivory-satin http://www.6pm.com/pour-la-victoire-bridal-and-evening-stella-ivory-satin
  6. Oh, wow, Sarah. I'm so sorry! That is awful & I never understand how they just cancel flights when people are already paid for. You would think they'd at least put people on another flight. So unfair. Something will work out though, and hopefully soon!
  7. congrats! Have you checked out the dreams pv thread? so much info there. It's a little overwhelming, but really helpful. Let me know if you have any questions. http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/thread/29192/dreams-puerto-vallarta-thread/1520
  8. That's what we had & it was very good. Came with mixed veggies (carrots, green beans) & mashed potatoes. for the cocktail hour we had: Guacamole and salsa with totopos Tostadas of beef salpicon Acapulco shrimp ceviche on tartlets Mini tamales we also picked chicken tenders for the kids to eat.
  9. Congrats on deciding on Le Kliff! It's absolutely gorgeous there & you're going to have a beautiful wedding! It's unfortunate you were kind of getting the run-around from Dreams, but I agree things happen for a reason & maybe this is what you're supposed to be doing. Also, the bonfire is so much fun - you definitely won't regret doing that. I'm from Chicago too (we're actually moving back this summer) & talked to my mom & sis-in-law Tues night & Wed. My sis-in-law emailed me pics of my niece/nephew in the snow- it was craziness!! A total white-out w/ people skii
  10. Thanks guys! We're super happy with how it turned out. And I really recommend black river imaging - they have lots of album styles to choose from & are really reasonable.
  11. thanks everyone! ooh, I just saw this post -- sorry! I sent them out with luggage tags to everyone a little over a month before the wedding (maybe 5 weeks?).
  12. I wore these: Commando low rise girl short in true nude (bought on Amazon) & they were great. http://tinyurl.com/6beym3n
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