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  1. Hi Ladies, I just wanted to share with you the greatest fitness and "diet" tracker ever! It's called myfitnesspal.com and it totally rocks. It is so easy (and fun) to track your food and exercise and it gives you realistic goals. In fact, I find it hard to meet my calorie goals everyday! Also, if you workout, it adjusts your calorie goals so that you should be eating more to compensate and lose weight effectively and safely. There is also a forum where you can ask questions, make friends and join fitness challenges. It's sort of like Facebook for people trying to lose weight. I
  2. Oh my gosh! This is great! My ceremony is at 5pm so I am going to use yours as a general guide. Thanks so much.
  3. Wow! This Map is so perfect! Every image I have found online has been really low resolution and small. This is perfect for printing! Thanks!
  4. I have to say that I am soooooo excited to be over the 150 Level. I fully started searching when I will turn over to Jr Member! I am soo excited for the downloads too! Thanks to all you lovely ladies, I can always find the answer I need here.
  5. Love this! We found LED shot glasses!!! Which I am thinking would be fun. Also for our guest book we are doing the whiteboard for people to write a message on to hold up for a camera on a tripod. We are also going to have a few silly props for people to use to make it a little fun! That way people can do multiple messages with different people.
  6. Love this! One of my best girlfriends is singing as I walk down the aisle. I have been listening to her recorded version of First Time Ever I Saw Your Face to desensitize myself to the song. It makes me tear up every time I hear it...lol I won't be able to see Jay as I make my way down the aisle.
  7. I have been to a few Destination Weddings and have never been given an OOT bag. Many people think I am nutz for putting time, energy and financial resources into them. It's totally your preference. Maybe you could just order mugs or shot glasses, something a little smaller as a thank you. People are there to celebrate you and your hubby not to receive gifts! Choice is yours
  8. Hey - I know I have written you before to tell you how great you pics are. I have a quick question. Did you have a choice of the upstairs or downstairs of the Plantation? Thanks and once again, you look beautiful!
  9. You ladies are so helpful. I am totally following half of you now! Us ROR Brides have to stick together! Thanks for the info about the Bon Fire's only bad thing with our trip is that we are Sunday to Sunday so we only have out last night to enjoy it... although that could be a terrific farewell
  10. Hi Frizzy64, congrats on your wedding! Was the beach party your reception as well? If not where did you have it? I am looking for any info you may have about the Plantation Restaurant. That is where we are booked into for our dinner. Also, LOVE YOUR dress! The beach party looks like so much fun!
  11. I found a new item!!! LED Light customized shot glasses! $1.27 each. I haven't ordered them yet but I really want to. http://glowproducts.com/barglowproducts/shortflashingshotglass/
  12. Hey Ladies, I have the Plantation Restaurant Booked for our wedding reception but I am having a really hard time finding pics. The ones I have found are really confusing to me. Can anyone who has been there or is going there in the near future please tell me what the layout is actually like? Is it just a balcony? Is it upstairs or downstairs? Is there an option? I really wanted to have the Ocean backdrop but I can't even tell if that is what you face from where the Plantation is. Here is what I found... my apologies for the photo hijack w/o permission or credit.
  13. Thanks Ladies, I really appreciate your feedback. She was very upset. She actually stormed out of my house saying "clearly 24 years of friendship means nothing to you." I think she just needs a breather before I talk with her too. I think she was too emotional to think straight and hopefully she will realize that this doesn't have to be a friendship breaker. I love her so much. I don't envy me either... Argh!
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