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  1. Almost forgot about my favorite thread on the forum! Finally have our pro pics, so yay- it's my turn! I obviously couldn't pick just one... smiles after our first kiss sneaking a glance and smiling about what just happened while our siblings sign as our witnesses My mom and I right after the ceremony, trying to tell her not to cry! Trying to escape the waves rushing through the boards while taking pics at sunset haha! Loved these adorable kids that came rushing up to us at a local fishing village while we were taking pics
  2. Congrats Dragonage, yours pics are wonderful and I'm so happy to hear your day was so perfect! You look so happy in all of your pictures!! Tekeya- yay! your big day is so soon!!! I hope it's everything you've been dreaming of! Can't wait to hear about it when you return.
  3. No, all our guests had chicken and hubs had beef bc he has a nut allergy, I had veg option bc I'm a vegetarian most of the time lol (couldn't resist that jerk chicken at the beach snack hut though!) My sis also had the beef bc she is preggers and didn't eat chicken right now.they were pretty flexible.
  4. We had the squash and thyme soup, caprese salad, chicken, and tirimisu. It was all really good and our guests enjoyed it a lot. The only disapointing part was prob the caprese salad, when I think of a mozzarella and tomato salad I think of fresh mozz...this was alternating slices of tomatoe and mozz (like sandwich cheese...not fresh) on top of really thinly sliced lettuce, like the kind you would again put on a sandwich. It all tasted really good, it just looked kind've...cheap I guess compared to how nicely everything else was presented. Guests told me they wanted to eat that soup every day and they were really impressed with the chicken. My husband had the beef and it was amazing, it came on top of essentially a tater tot lol..it was like a breaded mashed potato thing...omg it was so tasty. And I had the vegetarian Mousaka which was amazing, I wanted to take my leftovers home with me in a to-go box! The tirimisu was soo creamy and good and the way it was presented was so pretty. Hope that helps!
  5. I forgot, your back up plan I think is to get married in the lobby or on the terrace but not positive about that.
  6. Yes The resort is definitely big enough for a huge group, but your only reception option Would be to rent out a restaurant which is $2500 plus additional for bar setup (I think $22 per person)
  7. I'm surprised your cake went missing! They brought us ours along with a bottle if champagne and left it in our room after the wedding.. They didn't give us our cake topper but as we were leaving chandlyn returned it to us, so you just have to ask to make sure you get everything back. If you are really concerned about losing things, I wouldn't take things with you that you will be upset over not trying back bc it's just not with the stress, not to mention everything is so beautiful there, you won't even notice that you didn't bring a certain decoration...just a thought! Dont start over stressing now ladies, just go prepared (Ibrought drawings of the table set up and had everything labeled when I gave it to her, maybe that helped it go smoothly?) bc you will just spend the next x amount of days worrying yourself to death! You are all going to have amazing weddings!! plus hiccups asking the way just make for memories later on...did I ever mention that bc of the humidity and rain, my fiance ripped his pants minutes before our first dance? I'm taking knee to xx along the inseam but nothing we could do about it so we just laughed and kept on having a great time!
  8. Espejo2be , I'm so sorry to hear that your wedding day didn't go as smoothly as expected But at least you will have beautiful pictures and you married the man of your dreams!!! Can't wait to see your pictures!!!
  9. Thanks everyone! I am so thrilled with them..can't wait to see the rest Quote: Originally Posted by JayKay I noticed that during your ceremony you stood on the closer level rather then going into the middle of the gazebo. Did you choose to do that? yes, I Think we had the option to stand wherever, either on the step, below the step, or possibly I think in the middle of the gazebo. We figured this would be better bc everyone would be able to see and hear everything and we were worried that we would be too far away and ppl wouldn't be able to hear us. Thanks! That's one of my favorites too. I honestly don't know where exactly it was, it was just this little row of pretty much shacks alongside the road right on the ocean and my photographer had noticed when she drove by the day before that they had boats on the ocean so it was like a little fishing village. They sold conch shells out front and we just walked around to the ocean. We had a cab driver named Michael at the resort, if you can get him he might be able to take you there. It was maybe 10 mins west of the resort. When we were getting pics near the boat all of sudden all of those kids came running up the coast in the ocean towards us, and then we asked them to come get a pic with us. It was so cute!!
  10. I couldn't wait to share this with you girls! It's a preview from our photographer, I love it!!! I keep looking at them over and over lol http://www.laurietennentstudio.com/shows/trevorandmegan
  11. I had gotten both of those quotes before as well, but when I got to the resort, armed with allllllll of my emails, Chandlyn had all the prices correct and there had been no need to fret But like GreatBritain said, never hurts to double check!
  12. Everything held up really well except for the lillies. I wasn't surprised though, I didn't really understand why they would put them I'm a bouquet when it's 90 degrees out! But everything was beautiful, and they delivered on time. My bouquet wasn't really like the pic I had sent them that I wanted but it was still pretty and very tropical which I liked.
  13. My flowers from Jans were $400 and included my bouquet, 2 bridesmaids bouquets, grooms bout and 4 additional bouts plus flowers for my hair and both bridesmaids hair, 2 wrist corsages for the moms, flowers for my cake and loose flowers for one table. the bouquets and wrist corsages were roses, orchids and lilies and the bouts and other flowers were all orchids.
  14. hi girls, here is some info that might help some of you with the time issues etc... -I know some ppl are planning on having their reception at the disco at 11... It is a lot of fun, but just a little warning, it is VERY Loud and pretty dark and it's not super huge. I know my friends and I had a lot of fun there but none of my parents or any older guests went to the disco, I don't really think they would have enjoyed it. But it depends who the crowd is that you will be taking there. - for the 'semi private' dinner...I know that the wedding coordinators tell you they don't allow music etc... but if you have your own ipod dock or whatever to play music, I don't see any reason why you couldn't have your first dance there. I wish we would've had a dinner playlist prepared bc it was silent when we got there (and there weren't any other ppl dining yet) so we asked them to play music. However their speakers have a mind of their own and it would go to silent to very quiet italian music to super loud ridiculous opera music blaring..it was really silly. But if you don't have anywhere else to do your first dance I def think you could get away with, plus the wedding coordinators only stopped in briefly to let us know the gazebo was set up, otherwise they weren't there. I wouldn't be able to get along with lots of dancing in there but one or two slow dance songs would prob be fine. -for renting the gazebo, as far as I understand if you do not pay for the dj, you must bring your own stereo to play music. There are plugs down there but I would recommend bringing something that can run off of batteries, as they do turn the lights off at 10:45, so if you want to stay down there any longer, you need to have something battery powered. -someone had asked what size paper lanterns I used and I used 8" lanterns and I got them from Luna Bazaar. - Also- for first dances, I think you would be able to have them right after the ceremony if you didn't have another place to do them. - If the gazebo is rented on your wedding night, you can either rent a restaurant, the disco, or you could easily get everyone together at the terrace/lobby bar. If you can have a few friends head up there a little bit in advance to get some tables together it would at least give everyone a place to hang out. THere is live music up there every night and the terrace bar opens at 6-11. When my group was there there were a few nights when 25 or more of us would meet there before or after dinner and just get tables together and hang out. It was always a good time and you can request songs for the band to play, another option for your first dance. -for the long times between ceremony and dinner...seriously, don't stress about that! We had our ceremony at 2:30, stayed at the gazebo until 4 drinking champagne, eating cake and getting pics taken. Then we headed out into the town for pictures and no one complained that there was time in between. Our dinner didn't start until 6:30 and it really wasn't a big deal at all. It's a huge place so ppl can def entertain themselves. If you want a place for ppl to meet, they can all head up to the lobby bar and hang out and get drinks. Or just let everyone go cool off in the AC of their rooms (a lot of ppl did that bc it was so hot during the ceremony), also if they are hungry the main buffet restaurant is open until 3:30 or the beach buffet is open til 5 or so. -THe disco is called Ska Disco, for those who were wondering. JayKay- for my pink and orange I brought with me just a few extra chair sashes and table runners, but I'm pretty sure they used their own decorations for the gazebo bc I don't think I would've had enough orange to put up there but who knows...they never charged me for anything. I would just bring a few extras and I'm sure they will handle the rest. I bought my fuchsia satin chair sashes (which I used for table runners on top of the wider orange organza runners) from www.save-on-crafts.com and my fuchsia and orange organza sashes and runners from efavormart.com. -AirJamaica- my aunt and uncle flew from Philly and they loved their flight, no problems with anything and they had an awesome flight that got them there at 8:30am! (everyone else arrived at noon) -for the birth certs, I ordered copies from the state for my husband and I and brought them along, they were pretty much just like originals since they were from the state so we didin't need to worry about notorizing them. I don't know how much it costs to notorize them but the copies from the state were only $10/copy. Just a thought! Chandlyn really didn't look at them, I pulled them out and she said 'oh you have originals! you're fine' and also didn't even look at our passports, she just told us that she trusted us. -ok I hope I covered everything! Good luck everyone, I'm sure your weddings will be so perfect! Ps- here is one of our 5 free pictures from the resort photog...def the best one (he doesn't know how to deal with the sunshine, they were all super overexposed, so we realized how great it was that we brought our own photographer)
  15. hi girls, I bought a bunch of lanterns of all sizes but after I read on here that they might not put them up, I only brought with me a few small lanterns and asked them to put them on the light posts along the walk way. But, when we showed up they had put them in the gazebo. It actually wasn't what I wanted, I originally bought the lanterns for them to put in the gazebo during our evening reception, not the ceremony. But, it looked pretty and I was so happy they put them up for the reception as well. At the end of the night we just ripped them down and tossed them bc they were a little moist from the rain that night. One tip- I brought the lanterns as well as fishing line to string them up with, I never got that back (not a big deal) but I'm thinking that may have helped a bit with them putting them up. I bought the lanterns and paper luminaries from lunabazaar.com and the electronic tea lights for the lumiaries from ebay. The gazebo rental without DJ or Bar was $250. With DJ, it would've been $500, and bar is $22 per person or something like that. With the free package you are supposed to get the bride and grooms flowers, but since we bought our flowers from Jan's, they instead gave us a centerpiece which was used during the ceremony and the dinner. It was really surprised how pretty it was! Hope this helps!
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