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  1. My wedding at Grand Palladium was in 2009, but I took and posted pictures of those restaurants on the board. You can visit this thread to see them: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/thread/28568/i-m-back-and-now-a-palladium-bride-to-be-pics
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by IrishgirlinNY That dress is beautiful! My dress is ivory and I bought the brown sash from Davids Bridal. It looks so nice...I am so happy with it. We are atually doing the opposite of you. The bridesmaids are wearing brown and the guys are wearing ocean blue. Good luck with your decision. Thanks-- I actually ended up going out dress shopping by myself a few months before the wedding and went with something completely different-- I was SO much happier with the choice I made without the pressure of shopping with the family/friends entourage!
  3. Thanks! I made mine with the help of my mom's friend but I saw tons of beautiful ones online for inspiration too-- hope that you found the perfect one! Thank you! Thank you-- we recently celebrated our 2-year anniversary and I loved looking at the photos to reminisce! Thank you so much! Two years down, already. Thank you! And no, my flowers were fake-- my godmother's friend made the bouquet for me! Thank you! The review was posted shortly after the wedding, 2 years ago-- hopefully all the photos and everything are still live so you can check it out! Thanks!
  4. Just peeking back in BDW after a long break and so happy to see that this thread is still up & running-- I LOVE these shots!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Mrs.B Everything looks great. I am sure you had a beautiful day. Quote: Originally Posted by DWbridetobe Wow... it all looks so amazing! Quote: Originally Posted by nbills511 everthing looks beautiful...thanks for sharing! Quote: Originally Posted by dawnkyeknod I just got back from a vacation at the Grand Palladium in Jamaica... wow! It is beautiful- it almost madeus switch from the Mayan. Congrats on a beautiful wedding. You looked gorgeous- love the ocean shots. Quote: Originally Posted by ames Thanks for sharing. Everything looks amazing!! Thank you! It's almost our 1 year anniversary and I decided to stop back and check in on the board. Quote: Originally Posted by christina39 Petals, I have a question as far as the wedding program. How did you know what to put on it without having met with the wedding coordinator? I still don't know exactly what is going on as far as the reception goes...Do you think it was worth it to have a semi private reception? I'm not sure if our budget will permit us to do so. Phylica has told me that we have to have it private if there are more than 20 guests. Thank you, Christina I didn't know what to put on the wedding program. I guessed and kept it REALLY general- it said things like "Processional" "Exchange of Vows" "Unity Sand Ceremony" and "Recessional". I don't remember if it was at all correct, but I don't think anybody was paying any attention to it at all. lol I only remember a couple people blowing bubbles as we walked back up the aisle too! People were cheering and clapping and then dancing to the steel drum band. As for the reception-- from the first time I visited, I really wanted to have it at the Blue Lagoon, so I stuck with it. Saved money by not having the DJ, but just connected my iPod to their speaker, and renting their microphone. The other locations are also nice but I guess it just depends on what you're looking for. Good luck & happy planning!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Mellyrox I just have to say how helpful Petals review was for me. I actually ended up going with the same resort, and Petals input/review was definitely a factor for me! Thank you Petals!! glad it was helpful- this board was such a huge help for me during my planning! Quote: Originally Posted by cb280182 lovely pics, your hotel looks gorgeous! Quote: Originally Posted by donutdjn beautiful pictures - thank you for sharing x Quote: Originally Posted by ames wow...your pictures are absolutely stunning. congrats! Quote: Originally Posted by kate&devon Everything looked gorgeous! Thank you ladies for the nice comments! I'm coming up on my 1 year anniversary and decided to pop back in on the board.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by peterpanpixiedust This looked like a very fun time! Thanks, it was awesome! Quote: Originally Posted by chicagobeachbunny You were a beautiful bride and your wedding pics look amazing Thanks! I can't believe it's coming up on 10 months- I still love looking at the pictures. lol Quote: Originally Posted by sorord1 Your wedding pics and engagement photos both look beautiful!!!! I just booked your photographer to do our engagement photos! Aww, thank you! And you'll love Monica and Chris-- they do a fantastic job. Tell them we said hi.
  8. We used the steel drum band and they were awesome! They played for the ceremony and cocktail hour and was well worth the money. More details and pictures in my wedding review.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by luv2sun Hey ladies. We still have to choose where we are eating our reception dinner and do not want to pay for a private, any suggestions to what is the best choice for location/scenery? Would like to be outside or open air at least. Was thinking of Bubba's (nice and classy name haha) or Poseidon because those menus were the most appealing for us. I've seen a pic of Poseidon but none of Bubba's. So far we have 34 people so any insight would be really helpful. Thanks so much!! Bubba's isn't open-air, but Blue Lagoon and Posiedon are. Poseidon looks out over Sunset Cove beach.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by elyse918 Has anyone booked Poseidon for the Reception at GP? Blue Lagoon is booked for my wedding date and I am trying to get more infor about the restaurant/set up. There are some pics in this thread too: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...de-pics-28568/
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by angie8119 great review!!!! your dress, ceremony, flowers everything- gorgeous! How was the seletion of music with the steel drum band? Did you review with them ahead of time or they just went with the flow? Thanks! The steel drum band was great- the only song I selected in advance was the wedding march for when I came down the aisle!
  12. I've stayed at both and got married at the Palladium. Both are lovely resorts, but Riu is smaller, newer and closer to the airport. You can check my siggy for links to photos & a review. Cost for our guests was very important for us and GPJ had great deals (esp. through cheapcaribbean & bookit). Happy planning!
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