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  1. Hey!!!! please help!!!! , I saw that you had your wedding at the grand palladium in jamaica, i just booked my wedding there for next april and am super nervous! The coordinator is bothering me to make a choice between the blue lagoon and the poseidon for my reception, yet i cant find any pictrues about either place... any suggestions??? I saw you had it at the blue lagoon... im not picky, i also was wondering what was included for the set up of the tables? and is it included in the 45 you paid per person? please help! Teresa
  2. Hey Im new to this forum and I love your Dress!!!! great pic!!!!
  3. Hey Kasabre, The new wedding coordinator that i am currently dealing with is Omeshia, and she hasn`t been the most helpful so i really really really hope you can help! do you have any pictures of the two wedding sites either the blue lagoon or the poseidon?? if soo i would totally appreciate it! Thanks soo much! Terenia
  4. Hey I just booked at the end of April at teh Grand palladium in Jamaica ... did you end up booking?
  5. Hey Apolloniacreed, I just booked my wedding for April 2012 at the Grand Palladium and am ssuuuppeer nervous.. Omeshia (one of the wedding coordinators) has asked me to pick between the blue lagoon and the posiedon for my reception and the pictures she sent me of both places were right of the website.. do you happen to have any suggestions??Im looking for a nice place that will truly be private and through the pictures i cant tell anything about either of them! Please help, terenia
  6. Hey Everyone! Please help! Im brand new on this site and I just booked the Grand Palladium for my wedding next April... and I am in contact with Omeshia who is asking me to choose a spot for my private reception which will hold betweek 40-60 ppl and the pictures i recieved are dark and noooo good if anyone has any suggestions to which reception location is nicer or if you have any pictures PLEASE HELP!!!!! Im desperate... Thanks
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