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  1. A stunning wedding dress SIZE 6. IVORY embellished with thousands of swarovski crystals, beautiful train, side sweep waist line, corset back, straps that go into a V shape at the back, absolutely beautiful on. Paid over $2000 at Nicholas and Elizabeth **** This dress also comes with custom pieces such as, a swarovski crystal head flower with ostrich feathers worth $150 and a custom flower piece that can clip to dress worth $200. I am asking $600 for everything. PLEASE ONLY SERIOUS INQUIRIES! sorry for the personal pics, didnt have any without my face lol
  2. tammy, we would def do it ...just got married on april 14 2012 at the GPLH in montego bay Jamaica...let me know as i have tons of pics and would love to help
  3. this is our wedding ceremony getting ready, as you can see the view is amazing...plus its a walkway so i could wear heels lol
  4. if you do your searching around you can find some really great vendors, who are off the resort....photographer...makeup...dj we hired all of these ppl off the resort and my photographer and makup artist came together only costing me 300.00 for the vendor fee, then our W/C waived the dj vendor fee for us as well, if you want to see our wedding photos or if i can help in anyway let me know....i had the best time there as did our guests, and would have done it all again in the same place. i hope this helps you
  5. we stayed at the GPLH side of the resort....i like the side we were on, only because it had that resort feel to it...wouldnt have changed a thing! the beaches are really close to both, walking distance for sure. as for our wedding ceremony, we did it at the garden gazebo at the GPLH side, im glad i didnt do the beach thing..as ppl were watching and staring at other weddings i saw, the gazebo was very private and i only saw one couple watching our wedding..but they kept their distance lmao as for our dinner, we did it at the blue lagoon...private dinner, and we went with BUBBAS menu
  6. thank you... i was really happy that i went with our own decor and not theirs lol i think it turned out so nice.
  7. hi, and congrats on the wedding.... in my opinion i didnt really like the GPJ side, i found it to be more tourist,,,,, they had all the little shops on that side where the LH side didnt have any!!! WHICH I LIKED as far as the price went, i dont know the difference. BUT i would recommend upgrading to the imperial package, this will give you and your guests both resorts and free mini bar lol lol (good stuff) lol lol While we were there i did see a couple of beach weddings, but we got married at the garden gazebo which i liked better! MORE PRIVATE, the beach had ppl watching (me included)
  8. Kevan Stewart AMAZING DJ LOVED HIM!!!!!!! Jamaica Wedding DJ 876-842-1908 http://jamaicaweddingdj.com Carian Ottey was our wedding coordinator i also had an outside hair and makeup artist, if your looking for one...let me know
  9. congrats hun..... cant wait to see your review. How do you start one anyhow lmao i cant remember now hehehehehe
  10. all my vendors, were from outside the resort..... but amazing service and prices. as for our menu, i would highly do it again, we had the cowboy steak (AMAZING) steak salad ( so good) french onion soup...just make sure you ask for cheese on it, not typical for jamaica and we had the chocolate desert, and wedding cake which was vanilla and so yummy Carian Ottey was our wedding coordinator ...if you can request one, i would recommend her any fay of the week, if you need anything else let me know....i can also show you some of our photos if your still looking for a photograp
  11. i just copied all our wedding pics, and thought id share the pic of our reception location and decorations for all the GPLH brides.
  12. WOW so i finally copied all 735 wedding photos, and couldnt wait to post and share with all my BDB, hope you enjoy!!! my shoes and flowers me and my new husband...still sounds strange lol off the resort, doing the TTD (what a trip)
  13. hi all,,,,, so we just got back from our wedding at the GPLH...and to make all you brides well aware that this location was the best, the food was great, service amazing, wedding location was off the charts, hair and make up was beautiful, and our DJ made me dance all night long...and our wedding coordinator was amazing too...we loved her so much she stayed to party with us after the wedding!!!!!!!! best wedding ever if i can help anyone please ask.
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