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  1. So happy to hear that your wedding was amazing!!! Congrats on being a Mrs.!!!!!
  2. Not bugging me at all. :-) We had a Waves of Love wedding, the centerpiece (vases w/seashells and floating candles) is included for the head table only. You have to pay extra for the other tables. If you choose to go with their centerpiece, it is enough. Simple, yet beautiful. Our programs were fans and they set them out for us. No issues.
  3. Champagne toast was included. We had a 4p ceremony w/reception at 6p, so all our guests went to the Infinity Bar before the reception. No complaints on time.
  4. A LOT of guest engagement!! I even participated! Not sure about the ability to have it inside, definitely ask the WC. But we definitely thought it was worth the money! No regrets!
  5. It's as easy as saying, "I want the Zurielamaka show" lol. Just let your WC know! When to have it is completely up to you, but I didn't feel like the show interrupted dinner at all.
  6. My parents were the first to arrive and requested everyone in our group to be in the same villa. We had about 30 rooms booked, 70% of guests were in the same building, the rest were right next door. Hopefully it works for you!
  7. Kate- I'm SOOOOOOOOOOO happy that your wedding was perfect!!!! Yea!!!! Can't wait to read your full review! BTW, you were never a pester! LOL So glad to help!
  8. I'm definitely FOR a DJ/MC. I told our WC that I wanted dinner to be served during the Zurielmaka show, scheduled at 7p. The entertainment was an hour long and dinner was served during the show. We only booked the DJ for 4 hours, so we danced from 8-10p and then continued the party upstairs at the Infinity Bar. Having the DJ and MC made our reception feel like a "true" wedding reception back home. I will say, if you get the DJ then definitely get the MC otherwise, why not just hook up an I-Pod? The MC made the experience! Hope this helps!
  9. Thank you so much for sharing your review!! I'm so happy that your day went as you planned! Congrats!
  10. Congrats and Welcome! We live right now the road from you, Commerce Twp here. I didn't really bring that much down with me. For centerpieces, I did the 3 vase set-up that was $50/table, I believe, which included color napkins and seashell as well. The scenery was enough decoration itself, so I kept things simple and it was amazing. I was going to bring my own down, but with the OOT bags... we were bringing enough down in regards to baggage. I had program fans for the ceremony, brought down my own sand ceremony vases w/sand, bridesmaids flower stems/boutinerres/corsages, and wedding
  11. I never skyped before, but my brother did it while he was there with his kids back home. Not sure how it will work at the wedding though and I'm unsure of the wifi at the beach. I know a lot of our guest went to the lobby for good connections.
  12. Yes, we did. If you search the spa on the internet, they have an email for wedding appointments. I worked through that person, very easy and great to work with. I use PayPal all the time, highly recommend, especially when dealing with other countries. You can dispute with them and get your money back.
  13. I'm so happy that your wedding was absolutely perfect!!!!!! I can't wait for more pictures!!!
  14. I originally booked Renova and they did require a 50% deposit to secure the appointments.
  15. OMG! I can't believe your day already came and went!!! How did it go?? Where are the pics?? LOL
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