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  1. Love these! So simple and very earthy!!! This looks great! I used the $2 vases as well and they worked great! We packed them in 2 small rolling carry on suitcases and then for the $2 they cost we just left them behind when we came home (couldn't be bothered) It is definitely the way to go!
  2. These are really quite small. I saw them in person last year. They are like purse size. Would be nice and full of OOT stuff but couldn't be used as beach bags for sure! Hope this helps
  3. Ceremony Our ceremony is on the beach at 3PM. We have chair sashes and Sheppard’s hooks with shell pomanders that well line the aisle. A Picture of the beach set up the resort sent me Pomanders on the sheppard hooks in my parents yard (we ended up spraying them white) -- we picked up the sheppard hooks for $1.25 a piece from Dollarama! It was a huge find! The Resort rents them for $20 a piece! Chair Sashes from http://stores.ebay.ca/vlovelife?clk_rvr_id=317181935137 AMAZING service!! $0.59 a piece and FREE shipping!!! Reserved Seating Signs f
  4. GM Outfits We decided that FI would wear a suit and the boys would do pants and shirts only (no jackets) so the hunt for linen pants was on. One day while we were out we saw navy dress shirts and FI thought that it would be neat for him to wear his white shirt and the guys wear navy so when I was at Winners one day I found navy Mexx linen “tuxedo style†dress shirts for $25 I picked them up. I wasn’t sold on them but figured we’d hold onto the until we found something else. I ordered their pants from Old Navy on a sale and I think they ended up costing me about $15 each and
  5. Shoes Those that know me know I have a slightly unhealthy relationship with shoes. The first time my mother in law saw my “shoe closet†I thought she was going to pass out. Though my “collection†could probably put our firstborn child through college, shoes are near and dear to my heart and therefore were VERY important when selecting THE shoes for my wedding day. I searched high and low for navy shoes, fell in love with d’ orsay CLs and couldn’t find them anywhere. Then I realized I was getting married on the beach and would likely not even wear my shoes, but
  6. DIY Boarding Pass Invites This was the first project I took on, even before we booked the resort and travel. I spent hours searching BDW for inspiration and ideas, downloaded the Ayleebits (ayleebits.com) template and used it as a reference tool. I moved it into powerpoint to start my design work. After about 25 different invite designs I FINALLY settled on one that I loved! Not realizing I had messed around with the template when moving it to PP (distorted size) I had to basically redo everything I did. Once I got that all figured out I had my invite design and finished the rest of the
  7. The Resort We decided on a destination wedding at an all inclusive before we were even engaged, but when it came time to choosing the resort we were at a complete loss. I was dead set on not having the wedding at the “Big 3†as I called them; Cuba, Mexico, Dominican Republic. I have been to all three countries and thought it would be great to travel to a new place where I hadn’t been before. We decided on Jamaica as a great possibility as we wanted a reasonable price for our guests but with 5 start amenities and service. Once we started looking I feel in love with the Iberostar Rose
  8. Well like many many many other BDW brides, I have absolutely LOVED planning threads and so I have dedicated a great deal of time putting mine together! I started this planning thread not long after discovering and contributing to BDW so different parts were written at different times. Those brides that know me know that I am a little (too) detail oriented and have been known to make a lengthy post or two, so for those of you looking for a short winded planning thread you are in the WRONG place! That being said if you know I am long winded, you also know I LOVE LOVE LOVE pictures in posts so
  9. We dont have our professional pictures yet but here is one of our groomsmen and our entire wedding party so you can see the grooms outfit. Groomsmen -shirts mexx -pants old navy -flip flops Panama Jack (TJ Maxx) Groom -suit international clothiers -shoes perry ellis -shirt michael kors
  10. I had many many centrepiece ideas and went through a million different concepts. We ended up going with something VERY basic and I am happy with how they turned out! I probably wouldn't even bother with centrpieces if I were doing it over but they were still nice to have
  11. Here are a few pictures of the front and back of our bridesmaid dresses! We had a terrible time finding navy dresses I liked and ended up finding these at Macy's off the rack! I wasn't sold on them right away but my sister (MOH) insisted they were right so for around $50 each we just went with it. I am really happy with how they turned out in pictures and all the girls were really comfortable in them!
  12. We kept it basic with our cake - sorry the picture is sideways!
  13. Post pics of your Wedding Cake!
  14. We did the same thing and I laughed and giggled through the whole thing!!! We were adamant that that was not our "wedding" but I must admit it was nice to have a sort of "run through" before the REAL big day!!!!! So glad you have arrived after a little flight drama! I do not think I would have been able to start my vacay/wedding week that way!! Do not worry about a thing, your wedding will be perfect, the wedding coordinators at the majestic are phenomenal and I cannot say enough good things! Who is your wedding coordinator? PM me any questions or anything as the PMs come t
  15. Just wanted to post an update now that our wedding has come and gone. Our OOT bags were a HUGE hit! I am so pleased that our guests loved them as much as I loved putting them together. I heard throughout the week from different people what they were using. -- Bubba mugs were awesome, we had other resort guests coming up to us asking where we got our mugs! They kept drinks nice and cold and were great for minimizing trips back and fourth to the bar! I think the 18oz were the best size as you really have to be committed to the 34oz drink choice! -- I was nervous of my selection
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