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  1. I've been so busy with working extra shifts and moving in between them that I haven't had a lot of Y&R time lately. When I do get a chance, it isn't even for a full episode. Hopefully I can get a full one in today. It starts in 15 mins and Justin is sleeping!!!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by sararae92 The wedding was beautiful! Congratulations! I've been thinking about this resort for a few weeks now and I think that this is where we're going to have our May 22,2010 wedding, granted they aren't booked already. Not too many brides have posted reviews but the ones that are posted are great and thank your for all the detailed info. I was wondering what you paid for the photo package (with video, too) through Photo Souvenir? If you don't feel like sharing I totally understand... thank you!! I totally recommend this resort. It is soooo beautifu
  3. Hehehehe! It looks like we are getting more people coming over to our side Susan! They finally see the light! LOL
  4. Great review! Glad you enjoyed the resort as much as we did. I noticed that you were able to choose things from the different menus. We were told we could choose things from one menu only! Another difference is with the bouquets. I was able to upgrade ours and they didn't have lilies. Here is a pic of our bouquets we were offered
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