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  1. Congrats! I actually have some news too...I got my first BFP on Sunday! We have been trying for almost a year, and thanks to charting I was able to time BD this cycle despite it taking until CD86! I got my BFP on CD99! So hopefully it was a quality egg and this is our sticky baby. We're due Feb 20, two days before my birthday! GL to all the TTC'ers that your BFP is around the corner when you least expect it.
  2. Hi ladies, I'm still here. I have been trying for 11 months without success. I was diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) which basically means my hormones are all out of whack and I barely ovulate. I am currently on cycle day 90 of my 4th cycle since starting to try. I am seeing a naturopath who will be performing acupuncture and has prescribed homeopathics to help regulate my cycle naturally. If I am still not pregnant by my next physical in October (15 months of TTC), I will be getting a referral to a reproductive endocrinolgist for further intervention. GL to those of you how have been trying a while and those who are just starting out. Simster - Good luck with the transfer! Fingers crossed this is it. Calia - I'm sorry to hear you've hit that milestonr, I can't imagine what you're going through...
  3. Congrats Cindy. I'm glad to hear that you were able to conceive quickly. I think for most people it happens within 3-6 months. I just want to add that on the other hand it can take longer than anticipated. We've been trying for 8 months and I don't expect that we will be lucky enough for it to happen anytime soon considering my body's behaviour thus far post-pill. I also want to add that I am a healthy 28 year old with no known reproductive concerns. I exercise regularly, I eat a healthy, well balanced diet, I don't smoke and I only drink a glass of wine only on occasion....so its impossible to predict who will conceive immediately and who will have more trouble.
  4. I'd like to echo what ErinB said about temping, reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility and signing up for free to fertilityfriend.com DH and I have been married just over two years, and have been TTC for 7 months. I went off the pill at the beginning of August (after 11 years), and have only ovulated 3 times (thanks to tracking my fertile signs as learned by reading TCOYF). I've been had blood work and a pelvic ultrasound done to rule out hypothyroidism and polycysitic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) which can both cause irregularly long cycles. My first cycle off the pill was 60days long, the second was 79days long, and I'm currently on my third and on cycle day 54 and waiting to find out if this cycle will result in a BFP or AF. When I got married, I started taking prenatals for the folic acid, and continued living a healthy lifestyle (no smoking, drugs, only casual drinking, and continued to exercise). Then last summer at 1.5years into marriage (11 years in to our relationship, and 4 years into living together) we decided after months of discussions that I would stop the pill because we were as ready as we were ever going to be. I booked an appointment with my GP who did a pre-TTC consult and we discussed going off the pill, what my options would be once I was pregnant interms of prenatal care, and nutrition etc. As far as going off the pill, my doctor told me that it used to be common for physicians to recommend waiting three months after going off the pill before TTC, but that was when the hormone dosages in the pill was much higher. She recommend we avoid getting pregnant the first month off because it makes it harder to date the pregnancy but that with ultrasounds its not the end of the world, they just have to wait till the baby is visible on an ultrasound to date the pregnancy. With all that said, it can take some people 1 month to get pregnant, and other longer. The standard percentage is that 80% of healthy couples will get pregnant within the first year. Good luck to you all on your upcoming weddings and TTC journeys.
  5. Oh Carly...I'm so sorry to hear this is happening to you. My T & P are with you and Matt. Take the time you need to recover emotionally and physically, and good luck.
  6. I had a low centered do, and I didn't have any problems with them slipping, with headaches, or with them being seen. I love mine and use them for special occasions still to this day. I've used them about 5 times since my wedding for updo's, or just when I wanted more volume with my hair down. If you have short hair, you might be better off with the real extensions though...my hair is as long/longer than my extensions, so I use them for volume only.
  7. I haven't been checking in lately, but I did spin yesterday, and I've been really focusing on weight training over the last few weeks. Keep up the training all you winter brides! You'll be glad you did.
  8. Hi Kate! I know, I don't spend much time on here since the wedding. I mostly just check in on the TTC, exercise and this thread. Congrats on being 13 weeks! Thats so exciting....May baby? How are you feeling? I'm doing well. Nothing to report...we've been ttc since August, but we're still waiting for our BFP. Send some of your baby dust my way!
  9. Hi Lea - I don;t know about the vitamins that don't contain gluten or are easy to take because I don't have either of those problems, so I just buy the Costco generic that were approved by my doctor. Their cheap and contain the same IU's for the important vitamins and minerals. I do know that it is mostly the Folic acid you need to be concerned about before and during pregnancy, so maybe you may find it easier to take a folic acid supplement alone plus a gluten free multivitamin seperately if you can tolerate it? Other people say taking your multi at night helps too... I was similar to you before going on the pill, severe cramps and bleeding. I was on the pill for 11 years before going off in August. I'm going into my 4th month off, and I've only had one natural period (60 days after cycle day one of my pill withdrawl 'period') and it only lasted 2 days. I personally don't think the hormones from the pill are out my system yet, and some people take more or less time to regulate, but I thought I would share with you my experience. Good luck with your wedding, and future TTC!
  10. Squats and lunges are the best for your butt, but depending on whether you work out a the gym or at home, there are a few other good options. If you go to the gym, the leg press machine is great for your butt, and the stair climber, elliptical and treadmill on an incline are great for toning. If you don't have that equipment, you can do bridges (lie on your back, clench your butt and lift your hips but keep your shoulders and feet planted firmly on the ground), or donkey kicks (on all fours, kick one foot towards the ceiling). YouTube butt exercises and you'll see lots of options to vary your routine when you're bored with squats and lunges.
  11. 20 minutes on the stationary bike plus upper body weights last night
  12. Yesterday - 20 min on the elliptical and 1hour of Body Flow Today - 30 Day shred
  13. Did a half hour walk/jog with the dog outside on this beautiful October day this evening, followed by the 30 Day Shred. I am planning on completing the 30 day shred challenge in the month of November. Every day in November for 30 days I'll be doing the Shred, plus I'll be adding some extra cardio in a few times a week. I am most motivated when I have a specific goal in mind. Anyone else with me? Tone up just in time for x-mas and all those parties?
  14. Congratulations Katrina! That is so exciting! Another pair of BDW twins on the way! Do they run in your family? Are you going to find out the sex of the babies in advance? Hoping the twin baby dust rubs off on me! How are all the other mommies and mommies-to-be doing?
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