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  1. All guests booked under membership get mani, pedi and massage. My 8 year old nephew loved his mani/pedi. When we got married, we also got a bonus massage for the bride and groom, so we went twice during out 11 night stay. We didn't find this out until we met with our on site WC. Members also get 20% off the wedding packages, but you can't use credits to pay for it then.
  2. We had guests book 6 nights instead of 7 and that's what happened. They got the resort credit, but not all the member perks.
  3. Congratulations! You are definitely one of the lucky ones to get pregnant right away... On the other hand, it can also take months, years or not ever happen. I would hate to find out that we waited too long. So it's best to just start trying as soon as you're ready. I hope you have a great pregnancy and just think, next year you'll have a little one running around.
  4. I'd love to be interviewed and featured. Without BDW I would have lost my mind in our planning process. This would be a great way to pay it forward to all of the other great brides.
  5. If you book through a membership, everyone staying 7 nights gets a manicure, pedicure and 25 min. back massage, and 2 tours.
  6. Here's a couple of our TTD photos... The bottom of my dress was trashed the day before since it was damp and got dragged across the mud/clay ground during pictures. This is our "Notebook" photo
  7. I added fuchsia netting to a regular crinoline so that I could have extra volume and both colors.
  8. I stopped taking bcp right after our wedding and we still haven't had any luck conceiving. It could happen right away or you encounter difficulties. Either way you still have almost another year before baby arrives to join your family. I would have gladly given up some of our recent experiences if it meant a baby was on the way. Its an amazing thing that shouldn't be put on hold because you never know when it might happen.
  9. Call me fussy, but unless you are going to include dish soap, I wouldn't want to use the same cup all day, let alone all week. We just sat at the swim up bar and kept the bartenders busy. If you're drinking that much, you'll be done them before they have a chance to melt. For the room keys, we provided everyone with a waterproof card holder that had enough space for a little bit of tip money. I'm not sure if everyone used what was in their OOT bags, but I like to think that they were useful. It was definitely beneficial to use a cotton bag that could be reused throughout the trip a
  10. We did the civil ceremony and got our marriage certificate in Spanish. I had to have it translated to assume my husband's last name here in Canada. I did not do a legal name change, because that would involve changing my birth certificate. We brought certified copies of our birth certificates which they photo copied before returning to us. They were in English.
  11. I also take a daily thyroid stimulant, synthroid. It can be an issue if you thyroid isn't stimulating the right hormones. Thankfully, in Canada, they do test TSH so we should be fine. We are going on 6 months of TTC without a success, but I'm hoping this will be it.
  12. I found rhinestone transfers at Michaels for $1 each. They had Bride to be, Bridesmaid, Mother of the Bride, Ring Bearer and Flower Girl. Or you can purchase the hot fixx gun and rhinestones to make your own designs.
  13. I was just on the Palace Resorts FB page and it looks like they have made some big changes. They are converting some more of the resorts to Hard Rock Facilities, they are converting Cancun Palace, Aventura Palace and Puerto Vallarta. They also closed Xpu-Ha and the tour to Tulum now includes lunch at Aventura. I wish we had gone to Aventura last spring, Xpu-Ha was not like it used to be. I guess with the $1500 promo they've changed a lot of tours.
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