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  1. Here is my ring! It is Ritani and absolutely beautiful! I love love love my ring! My hubby did a great job picking it out!
  2. Thanks ladies! It was incredible! Shanlovesalexi- you will LOVE her! She was so great! I'm sure yours will turn out beautiful!
  3. Aww thanks Matt! You are so sweet! Well if thats the case, I'll take the EXTRA hotness any day! Haha!
  4. Thanks Matt! There are just too many amazing pictures to choose from! You guys definitely did such an incredible job. Not only are our pictures incredible, you ALL were so so so sweet and encouraging! You, Sol, Juan, and Melissa are some of my favorite people. I SWEAR I am going to practice holding my breath and looking more graceful underwater so next time I get to to an underwater shoot I will be looking WAY more photogenic! I don't know how you got the pictures you did though...I must have been one of your toughest clients! Hahaha! Thank you! I love Del Sol too!
  5. Yes I bought day passes for both of them. I'm torn about Abilene... at the time when I wrote the review my little sister had brought up how she hated her hair the first time around and that really stuck in my head. After my friend touched up my hair I ended up liking mine a lot, but at the same time was exactly what I wanted. My mom was THRILLED!! She loved her hair and was SUPER excited that she had all the volume in her hair. She seriously has the finest hair ever (and hardly any of it), so she was skeptical, but she ended up LOVING hers. My other little sister had a picture and she really l
  6. Aww thanks! I think you should definitely hire Del Sol...I'm of course a little biased! Haha! But hey, the proof is in the puddin~ they rock it every single time!
  7. Aww thanks Matt! At this point in time I think I was starting to stress because we were late for the ceremony and no one could figure out how to lace up my dress! Somehow Juan was able to get pictures of me NOT freaking out. Now THATS talent! Haha!
  8. I ALSO wore barefoot jewelry at the reception as well as during our TTD made by Redi-i by Chelsea! I also had a some made for my 3 sisters and mom. They LOVED them and not only wore them after the ceremony, but wore them ALL week! They were absolutely gorgeous and we all got several compliments all week by passersby!
  9. I was IN LOVE with my shoes! Pink is my favorite color and it was the main color in our "theme", so it fit in perfectly. I LOVED how it also had some bling in it...I do love to sparkle! I ended up getting these last minute at Nordstrom for around $130 about 3 weeks before we left and they ended up being perfect! They are Steve Madden Partyy-R in Fuschia!
  10. Here is my dress! I posted a crappy cell phone pic of me trying it on in the store earlier in the thread, but now that I got my wedding pictures back from Del Sol I have WAY better pictures to show off my pretty dress! Unfortunately (or fortunately in most cases) I somehow lost quite a bit of weight the last 2 weeks before the wedding because all of a sudden my dress was laced as tight as it could go and I felt like I was swimming in it! Fortunately I am pretty busty, so it fit my chest well enough to hold the dress up, but because there was so much extra room in the tummy, the boning in the c
  11. Hey ladies! We just got our TTD pictures back from Del Sol and I am in LOVE!!! Matt and Sol took us too a great secluded spot in Playa del Carmen where we did a bunch of pictures in the trees, beach, and cenote! I had a BLAST! Honestly, even though a TTD is not cheap, I HIGHLY recommend doing one. I can't tell you how much I look at mine and am just amazed at how great we look. When else in your life can you wear your dress again and have a little fun while a super talented photographer is making you look HOT HOT HOT!!! Here are a few of my favorites!!
  12. Thank you so much! It has been an incredible amount of work, but SOOO worth being out of a big company with shadey practices. I definitely do A LOT of brides! I hope the review helps! I'm glad I could be of some help! I HIGHLY recommend hiring either Del Sol or their sister company La Luna. All of our pictures were absolutely incredible and worth every single penny! I can't tell you how often I look at my pictures...I am starting to feel a little narcissistic, but I can't help but feel so proud of our pictures and how good they made me look! LOL! As far as I saw on our bill we w
  13. Your welcome ladies! And thank you! I know how it is when you're trying to plan your wedding...these reviews can make ALL the difference!! I hope it was helpful, and if I left anything out (which I feel like I probably did) don't hesitate to ask me any questions you might have! Good luck with all your planning, and take deep breaths...everything will turn out better than you would have thought it could considering the lack of communication.
  14. Hi Ladies!!! I'm Baaaaaaack! I know. Long time, no see...or post....but I am back in action! I figure I should give a little update on my life to somewhat explain my absence from the forum, so here it goes: As everyone I'm sure is aware of or will be, the last couple of months before you leave is hectic to say the least! Once down there it was a total whirl wind of meetings, family, friends, dinners, drinks, and last minute details. As soon as I got back from the wedding I started working on opening a new lash/wax lounge, "Lashed with Love" with my friend and colleague as wel
  15. I LOVE this picture Matt! Juan did such an incredible job! I loved how he was like "oh man, I just thought of something" and dashed out of the room and came back SO excited about the cool picture he just took that he couldn't wait to show me! He was so funny and sweet! I think this was one my favorite pictures: My dad who NEVER dances! Juan got a GREAT picture of this rare and hardly ever seen moment. I love getting to see pictures like this one~ the joy and happiness people had that made them want to just get up and dance!
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