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  1. Just wanted to drop in and say congrats to all the new mommies and mommies to be Boy how time flies! Everyone's baby is sooooo adorable. I'm excited to say I am officially a mommy-to-be as well. Congrats again ladies!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Lindsay521 Hi NH Brides, I am getting married at the Palma Real however a bunch of my guests are staying at the NH as are my finance and I a few days before the wedding so that we can spend time at the same hotel as our guests. We are actually going to have our welcome cocktail reception at the NH but since I am not having my wedding there I don't know any of the locations to have it. Does anyone have a good suggestion for where we can hold this? Thanks!! I would recommend the Tanthra bar. It's an upstairs open-air lounge with beautiful decor. We actually had our cocktail hour there before our dinner reception, and everyone thought it was perfect!
  3. I had my wedding and reception on the beach. Both perfect for us, as I didnt want to plan a DW just to have a reception inside a restaurant (I could have did that in the US). The weather was wonderful and not too windy for the reception. It was very intimate and made all of our guests feel special. One thing, if you are planning on doing lots of dancing, your resort may have to setup a dance floor/stage on the beach as it tends to be hard to dance in sand Most resorts offer beach receptions (or will bend if you ask), but of course, will attach a 'nominal fee' to it. I think mostly due to the extra lighting and setup they would have to do. I lucked out and had my reception on the night my resort had its beach party, so lighting was already set up and since we had less than 25 people, we were able to be moved far away from the beach party but still close enough to take part in it (if that makes any sense,lol) + we had our own security guards (which were standing in the distance). I also used some paper luminaries I bought from home that the coordinator used as decorations to line the walkway to our table. After the reception dinner, we just joined in the beach party festivities and pretty much partied all night long! The only thing, I don't have many pics of the reception setup, b/c we only booked our photographer for so long + it was really dark. So keep that in mind as well. Happy planning
  4. Aw Shelley, your big day is finally here! This is one of the weddings us 'oldies' have been long waiting for. Congrats. Can't wait to see your pics and hear how everything turned out
  5. I'm a little late chiming in -- but congrats and good luck on the new business. What a cute idea! I always love receiving personalized gifts :~) Quick question --Are the pics printed on the actual book itself?
  6. Congrats. He is a cutie pie, with such a cute name :~).
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by IMPPEARL Does anyone have a photo of the Gazebo? I have been looking online but can't find one... If I'm not mistaken, I don't think the gazebo is built yet. Maybe it will be done by your wedding
  8. to the forum! Defitenly check out the Dominican Republic section of the forum. There is lots of info on resorts and other tidbits that should help get you started. I got married in PC this past August and was pleased with my destination choice. There's nothing like a Dominican Sunrise Yaay, another PC bride Happy planning
  9. I have 2 male boxers. One started lifting his leg around 1 or so I believe and the other who is now almost 4, it depends on what he's peeing on if he lifts his leg or not,lol. A tree, he'll lift -- the grass, he'll squat. And at home he usually never 'covers his tracks' when he's going, but out in public, he'll do it in a heartbeat - he's such a show off,lol.
  10. I will look this week to see if I still have some files that I used for my DW (hopefully I didnt delete them when I was making space on my laptop!) If so, I have no prob sharing:)
  11. Hi ~ I'm super late chiming in, but I live in GA as well I like Tami was married last year in DR, so if you girls have any ?s, just let me know. Some of us actually did meet for lunch last summer and had a pretty good time -- anyhoo its so good to see more 'down south' brides-to-be come aboard. Happy planning
  12. Even if you find a cheaper rate by booking yourself, more than likely, a good TA will be able to match and sometimes beat that price. And it helps to have a TA when coordinating a large group of people on the same flight! IMO
  13. I am so sorry to hear about your hubby. I know EXACTLY how he must be feeling, as I was working with software as well and got laid off 2 months b4 my wedding in DR!!! Times are hard, but we told ourselves, we could be much worse off. Tell your hubby to hang in there and keep his head up (I know, easier said than done). Here's a dannce for u and him to hoping he finds a better opportunity soon
  14. I'm a little late chiming in, but your pics turned out so beautiful! And your daughter is the cutest thing ever. I liked your dress btw. Congrats chica
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