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  1. Hi ladies, I've been reading quite a bit on this thread...just wanted to know if the Alli users are still on Alli? If so, how's it going as far as weight loss?
  2. nice pictures. your wedding colors are very pretty! love the shot of you guys jumping in the pool!
  3. There are several email addresses you can try to reach a WC at Dreams Punta Cana: weddings1@dreamspuntacana.com.do weddings2@dreamspuntacana.com.do weddings@dreamspuntacana.com.do Sometimes it does take them several days to get back to you so be prepared for that. Happy planning to all you future Dreams brides! Its a beautiful resort!!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Yari It is so sad! This is the second time I have heard of the Kawasaki disease. Brian from the backstreet boys son has it too. thats interesting...I didnt even know there was such a disease until I read about Travolta's son. scary how many diseases are out there!
  5. I have to agree with the post above...all that matters is that you are marrying your wonderful fiance. every bride plans differently...some go above & beyond and others take a more laid-back approach to it...me, I was somewhere in between and maybe a little close to the "laid-back" approach (lol). Neither route is the "perfect" way or the right way...stressing out does not make you the perfect bride...so to answer your question "no, i dont think you are weird at all"...As long as you are happy about your wedding day and you are marrying the right guy, thats all that matters.
  6. your dress is gorgeous, I love it and it looks great on you!!!! i like the BMs dresses also, they did a good job and so did you.
  7. they are sooooo cute!!! great shots!
  8. This is so sad and tragic esp. during the holiday season! Some reports say the boy suffered from seizures also.... ************************************************** Jett Travolta, the 16-year-old son of actor John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston, died Friday while on vacation with his family in the Bahamas. Jett had suffered a seizure at his family's vacation home at the Old Bahama Bay Hotel on Grand Bahama Island, said Michael Ossi, a lawyer for the family, in a statement through Travolta's rep. The teen hit his head in a bathtub Friday morning and was declared dead at Rand Memorial Hospital, police spokeswoman Loretta Mackey told the Associated Press. According to police, a caretaker had found Jett unconscious in the bathroom around 10 a.m. An autopsy is being pursued to determine the exact cause of death. Jett, who is the only son of Travolta, 54, and Preston, 46, had a history of seizures, according to Ossi. The couple also have a daughter, Ella Bleu, 8. The death was first reported by TMZ. In 2003 Preston told Montel Williams that when Jett was 2 he became "very, very ill, but it seemed like flu symptoms" before being diagnosed with Kawasaki disease. The condition, which usually affects children from ages 2 to 5, can cause inflammation of the arteries. Usually treatable, it can lead to lasting heart damage in rare cases. Preston, who also said Jett suffered from asthma, blamed household cleaners, fertilizers and pesticides for sparking the condition and lobbied for more detailed labeling on chemical products. She credited a detoxification program based on the writings of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard with helping to improve Jett's health. In November Jett joined his dad in Paris, where Travolta has been shooting From Paris with Love. In 1994 the actor told PEOPLE how much he loved fatherhood. "I can't imagine what life would be like without Jett," he said. "After he was born and cleaned up, I held him for hours while Kelly slept. When they came to take him away for various tests, I said, 'No, you can't see him today. You'll have to do it another day.' I went a little nutsy." John Travolta's 16-Year-Old Son Dies - Jett Travolta, John Travolta, Kelly Preston : People.com
  9. everything looks great!!! cant wait to see your pro-pics! have fun!
  10. I think the makeup and hair looks fantastic!
  11. I am so sorry to hear about your loss...I know its tough on you right now but I agree with everyone else in that your friend would want you to be happy as you plan your special day. keep your head up.
  12. Congratulations! That was a great review, glad everything turned out well. I would love to visit another Dreams resort in another country and Tulum sounds like the one for us.
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