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  1. Love LunaPhoto! Click and scroll down to April 20th... lunaphoto, san diego wedding photographer, orange county wedding photographer, los angeles wedding photographer
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by SoontobeMrsDorsey Hi Kerry- I'm getting married in Cabo mid April of next year and the issue of weather has definately been on my mind. Although your wedding seemed to be awesome, I'm from Chicago and if I want wind, I can have that here! Was this the kind of weather that you experienced the whole time you were there? Would you recommend an April wedding in Cabo? It's still early enough for me to change my date. Whats your advice? April is a windier month in Cabo, but this was highly unexpected by everyone there and us. I lived in Cabo and don't ever remember a day as windy as we had except for the hurricane in September that I dealt with. Big surprise my wedding day was windy as when I lived there the hurricane hit and it was the first to actually hit cabo in over 20 years...I don't have the best luck with things. As I said, the following day it was 85 and not a breeze in palm trees.
  3. My book came in a black silk drawstring bag which had a very sexy feel to it so I decided to wrap it as is.
  4. So before I left, I did a search and read that you ahve to have your paperwork translated and an apostile for your marriage to be legal here. I am now very confused and looking for other brides recently legally married in Mexico. I did my name change at the DMV & SS office (already have my new SS card) and they took the spanish certificate no questions asked. I called the County recorder clerk to ask what I need to do to file here and they don't know. They said I needed a translation to get my name change which I did and they said if I have done that I am finished that there is nothing to file here in the US as I am filed in Mexico. Is this true? Am I missing something? I don't want to find out several years from now I am not legally married here....
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by aqua32marine Congrats! Everything looked beautiful. Where did you have the ceremony? Ceremony was at our property there called Capella Pedregal (on the Pacific side). It is brand new, next to the Finisterra. The hotel should be opening this summer to the public. gorgeous property with outstanding service!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by MarieSam Kerry you look absolutely exquisite!!! I cant wait to see more pics ~ oh and was your dad wearing a barong? hehe I'm Filipino, and I think that's super cool if he was -- fits so well with the setting Thank you! yes, he was. My only complaint on it was he wore a brown belt which you could see underneath too well, and his white tshirt under stood out, but the gauzy organza'ish material matched everything perfectly. I had no idea what he was wearing until the day of as I let him pick.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Erika J Kerry- Did you DIY the sign?? Yes, funny as when I started out I was doing no DIY as I am not crafty. However, along with everything else, DIY mostly. My step dad cut the wood for the signs for me and I did order the lettering from a lettering company as I wanted it clean and not painted. The property was very nice to assemble it for us in Cabo though as it was too big to travel with. We brought it home and are goign to put in the backyard as a joke for hte summer (with last chance facing the gate out.
  8. I carried mine on with American and had no issues. The lady at the check in gave me a hard time as my dress was HUGE! but I told her I would check it if the gate people made me but not going to before that. There were 2 wedding dresses on my plane, mine went in the closet (still has to fold up a bit) and they hung hers on the wall between first class and coach. They were very nice about it.
  9. Well...we are back and I am a MRS! We had a wonderful wedding and there is so much to tell! I am just too exhausted to do my review yet! We got back on the 8th, then went out to NY and NJ for 5 days for work and then back for 3 and then off to LA for his 40th BDay! I have some pics from friends (but most are on shutterfly which I cannont download....arghhh....very frustrating!), but no pro pics yet. I feel very bad for all of the other brides that got married on 4/4 as we had the worst weather! It was super windy and freezing (our dinner table blew over....) and we had to move indoors halfway through dinner. Thank God I had done pashminas as they certainly needed them (even this wasn't enough, the hotel warmed fluffy white towells in the dry and wrapped our gueI hope the rest of you coped and didn't let it ruin your special day. Other than the wind and the cold, we had an amazing day! The property was beautiful all lit up and I was sad we had to move the dancing portion inside, but I think all the guests had a good time and G & I had a wonderful time! So exciting to be married! I already have my new social security card and passport & DMV license is on it's way! I just need to work on the legal filling here to ensure our Mexican wedding is recognized! As I know we are all picture whores....here are the first non pro pics. I will post pro pics with the review when I get them! http://s314.photobucket.com/albums/l...brown/Wedding/ Thanks again for all the ideas (pashmina's saved me!)
  10. So hot! You look wonderful! He is going to be a very happy man!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by dinogomez.com Have a safe trip!! See you tomorrow! Hi Dino! Can't wait...I am so excited! Thought I would be nervous and stressed but I feel calm and over the moon! Thank you ladies for the well wishes...there will be lots of pics! Mommy is in Cabo 1 day early and I got her into the resort early so all goodies are there and she is taking care of everything. I just need to show up, relax and have fun! I couldn't imagine doing a wedding here for 250 people (which is why we chose a DW). I think we all got it right...this is the way to go!
  12. I ordered sparklers and when she quoted me, she gave me the rest of the prices. They are in Lapaz Fireworks: 1 1/2 minutes - U$D 900, 2 1/2 minutes U$D 1,100, 3 1/2 minutes U$D 1,300. Heart shape firework: each one is U$D 100 (there are two included on the second package of 2 1/2 minutes). Sparkles: they are 20 inches long and they last about 2 1/2 minutes each. The price is U$D 2 each. Chinese lanterns: the string of 10 is U$D 900 and they have light in it. Instalation cost: to be confirmed.
  13. OMG!!!! I am so excited! I cannot believe it is finally here! I leave on the first flight out tomorrow! My mom decided to drive the last minute and left on Sunday so she is already there with a car full of stuff (2nd trip with 0 issues at the border....they even opened the truck and saw all the stuff when she crossed and said nothing, didn't even ask for passports). I cannot believe this is my last day in our house as a Brown! Thank you to everyone for your guidance/advice/support on this forum! Congratulations to all the other April brides....IT'S OUR TURN FINALLY!
  14. I am getting married elsewhere in Cabo but it is our legal ceremony. It must be preformed by a judge in spanish. You need to have a translator. I have been told it takes anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes. You must have 4 witnesses. You need your bloodwork done prior. Once the ceremony is finished, you will be fingerprinted and sign along with your witnesses. You can add to the ceremony if you want after the judge.
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