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  1. Hey Ladies, Here is my review I posted on Trip Advisor. It was just easier for me to copy and paste it. Let me know if anyone has any more questions.  We stayed at the Valentin from June 13-20th and enjoyed it for the most part. We used a travel agent that used Funjet -I do not recommend them. We had our wedding ceremony there on June 15th and had some bumps along the way as well. BEGINNING: We arrived around 11am on the 13th. From reading the reviews on here I learned that they had a changing room that we could change in. We had a few hours that we could go and find something to do so we went to eat and lounged by the pool until it was 3pm. We arrived at the front desk and our room wasn't ready and wouldn't be for another 30 min. :-( CHECK IN: When we checked in we did NOT get an upgraded room. I was disappointed because we were getting married there in 2 days and resort was only 76% full. But we still had a swim up suite, so no biggie. There was a problem with our Spa Credit from Funjet, which is why I wouldn't recommend them. The travel agent told us that we would have $400 of Spa Credit with the reservation and only turned out that we had a $100 to use and could only use it on massages. This was not good because I planned on using it for a couples massage and getting mani/pedi for the wedding. Massages were no biggie when it came down to it. FOOD and Drinks: The food was GREAT and loved almost every meal. We ate at Le Marché for Breakfast and Lunch almost everyday. We tried all restaurants except the Indonesian and liked all of them. I really loved the Lobster Pot but that was before I heard of them charging a 20 dollar surcharge for lobster. I really didn't care for the sushi bar but again could be my taste. I thought the rice was really dry. But we LOVED the hibachi grill but you have to go ahead of time to get a reservation for it. We liked most of our drinks and noticed they put a good amount of liquor in there. SHOWS: I think some of the shows were cheesy but the shows not to miss are the Michael Jackson and the fire shows. I don't even like MJ but I loved the show. SPA: The Spa workers were really nice although they moved my appointment around twice. Since they kept moving me around they allowed me to use the Spa Credit for my mani/pedi. The lady that does hair and the mani/pedi's is awesome and so sweet. WEDDING COORDINATOR: Lupita was our wedding coordinator and was below average. She was very sweet in person but had to remind her of all of the things scheduled and what they were again. If I didn't remind her, she would have forgotten. But, she got my bouquet right and it was completely gorgeous! The flowers and the arch that were set up on the beach was COMPLETELY WRONG and I didn't know it until I was walking down the aisle. But what could I do at that point? I couldn't fix it so I just tried to enjoy the moment. SERVICE: Bring dollars for tips because the workers work hard. We usually left 1-2 dollars. Also, tip the maid that cleans your room. They appreciate it. We stayed at the swim up pool the whole time so we could have quietness. The only complaint is the waitresses rarely come by there. This was a bother. CHECK OUT: Check out was horrible! The wedding coordinator didn't communicate with staff and they tried to charge us double for the wedding. I had to go to the business center and find the email from where I already paid and print it out for them because they weren't organized. The resort is large and this means a lot of walking. Overall, it was a nice place to vacation and experience. A few bumps but it was still well worth it.
  2. We also used Lincoln and Lori for our wedding last month! We highly recommend them! They are so nice and made the time fun! Plus all their pictures are amazing!
  3. Hey fellow Destination Brides- My Husband and I were married at the Valentin Imperial Maya on June 15, 2010 and Moments that Matter Photography photographed it. I HIGHLY recommend them! They did a fantastic job!The photographers are hosting a contest and giving away $100 in prints. Here is how you can vote for us! -Go to Facebook and find Moments that Matter Photography out of Cancun and "Like" their page. -Go to the contest section of the photographs and find "Randell and Dayla" and click "like" The most "likes" gets the prize! :-) Thanks everyone!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by anacj13 Does anyone have Aridna's contact info? Email/phone etc? Thanks, Ana weddings.vim@valentinmaya.com This is what I use to get a hold of her.
  5. Thanks for the review! Do you have pictures?
  6. Erin, Do you have any pictures that you can post?
  7. Wow . pics are amazing! I am getting married there and I wish I could ask the bride some questions!!!
  8. Dayla911

    Secrets Maroma Beach Review - 7-11-2009

    Quote: Originally Posted by newyork6156 just bumping this for some upcoming SBM brides that may want to read... Also, I'm having a hard time getting in touch with Cecilia about our free anniversary nights. We never received the certificate when we were there and when I emailed her back in aug. she said they were out of them and as soon as they came in she would send them to me. Well, that never happened so I emailed her twice now in the past 2 weeks with no response yet. I'm remembering why I thought she was a bit annoying, I started to forget. New York, You had the spa do your makeup right??
  9. Dayla911

    Secrets Maroma Beach Review - 7-11-2009

    New York, Thank you so very much. We are getting married there June 15th and using MTM Photography!!! You have really helped!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by LisaM&JimmyG I am getting married at Secrets Maroma June 10, 2010. We are doing our site visit Feb 3rd-5th. We are really unsure about where to do the reception because of the heat and humidity during the summer. Any suggestions would be helpful. We currently have 33 people booked. We want someplace that feels intimate so everyone feels comfortable and dances all night long! ALL suggestions are much appreciated! Hey Lisa! We are getting married 5 days after you there! Can't wait!
  11. Cait, no one has replied yet. I think I am about to send another email. :-(
  12. Hey ladies! Has anyone had any problems with the beach chairs being gone or having to reserve them at 6am?
  13. Thank you so much for you post! You looked beautiful and even a year later your post is helping brides like me decide where to have it.
  14. cait, thank you! Did it take the WC awhile to get back to you?