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  1. Well, those may be the new 'it' colors according to Martha - but I don't know if she is referring to DW's. IMO, I think that it's a super chic color combination and if you are truly in love with it; you can make it work for a DW, I would just make it a more elegant DW. Maybe sunny yellow dresses with white flowers and black accents... Personally, I am not a bright color gal... we are doing light blue, chocolate brown and touches of gold. I like the more natural palette as it lets the beauty of the setting be showcased without distraction.
  2. Well, my first instinct is to say if they have agreed to come to the wedding, booked their rooms, flights, etc... then it's not up to you to plan their transport to and from the airport. All of my guests are planning their own... That being said, given the weather situation and the fact that you are working out travel arrangements for some of the family; I would lean towards saying that you should get involved in helping them or it could cause some problems. I would try to help find a reliable driver and vehicle to get them there. Perhaps there is someone else's car in the family that ca
  3. I am not sure where you could find a photo album that would fit those pictures... personally I am not a huge fan of albums that you physically insert a picture into for something formal like a wedding (just my personal taste though, not trying to offend anyone). I would find a high res scanner; scan them onto my computer and make a nice custom album on Shutterfly or a like site.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by JulieG I agree with him, you have had a lot of celebrations already and having a party in France means you have to spend money again on the food, drinks, location, etc... when you have already done all that. Maybe you could just go out for drinks with your friends to celebrate, but not throw a cocktail party, does that make sense. But this is coming from someone who didn't have an AHR because I didn't see the point in spending all that money when we already spent a lot of money on our DW. I 100% agree with Julie!!!
  5. Well, if you are doing these literally for hangovers (LOL) then the Gatoraid or Poweraid drink mixes for the water bottles would be best. Maybe do one of those and a Crystal Light mix for those that don't like sports drinks?
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by YoursTruly wow that is a tough one. good luck with it. I dont have the best advise as I would have cut her off eons ago. I had a similar situation, friend for over 19 years and just like that--cut it off. Friends dont hurt you like that I have to agree with YoursTruly here.. I had a friend of 10 years plus that was supposed to be a BM; to make a very long story short - after trying to talk it out with her, I realized it wasn't worth the effort. We are no longer friends and she is absolutely not in or coming to the wedding. No one should have to ask a friend
  7. Hmmm... I am a bit torn on this one. While I love the idea of 'getting the best of both worlds'; I also love the romance of using the same colors for your AHR as your wedding as it incorporates the same feel as your DW. Is there any way you could use the pink and green as accents; and incorporate some darker greens and/or browns as your primary colors to give it a more fall type look for Canada in the fall?
  8. Hi Lali!! Congratulations on your engagement and welcome to the forum. You are in good hands with the gals on here; we all help to keep eachothers stress level down!
  9. Yippy!!! How exciting... I considered that resort as well when trying to decide but went with Dreams PC instead. It is supposed to be gorgeous!!!!
  10. I agree with Jess on the B2B !!! Megashay has my nomination she is so sweet and always so helpful. For the Mrs- Amarillis =)
  11. OMG!!! Congrats Katy... everything looks absolutely perfect!! Congrats on being a MRS!!! Can't wait to see more and hear all about it. =)
  12. Hi Ladies, I was perusing the Dreams PC forum and I found this amazingly detailed photo album that one of the users posted. I enjoyed it so much; the pics are great and made me more excited to get married there! Slideshow of pictures, photos, and videos, from webshots Enjoy!
  13. Have you looked on Etsy yet? If you find something similar (even if its not in the right color) that you like; most of the sellers will custom make it in any color, slight style amendments that you want.
  14. I voted for #2 because it matches the earrings best. Especially if you are wearing a necklace, earrings and bracelet; if you go for anything larger (although I love statement jewelry) IMO, the other two would be too much.
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