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  1. Hello all, I've not been here in a while (got married May 2009 in Playa del Carmen) but today I came upon a facebook post about a lost wedding ring on the s Riviera Maya... it's from Octobber and not sure the ring has found its owner so I thought I would just repost here. Ok, so while scuba diving around Playa Reef, Playa Del Carmen last week, I happened to find this ring... I'm quite certain it is a wedding band, because engraved inside is "JESSICA 16 02 13 TYYJCEM". Unfortunately there is no way for me to know whether it was lost, or intentionally thrown into the ocean... Assuming it
  2. Well if that can bring good luck to all you ladies... after my miscarriage in Mar 2010 I went to see a specialist and started all kinds of tests. I did not go through all of them though as I ended up pregnant again in July 2010. My first trimester was difficult and complicated - with no right to travel, gym, intercourse, nothing... also had some kind of scary news at the 2nd trimester ultrasound (the anatomy one), but in the end my baby stayed in and - although delivery was a bit difficult - I had a beautiful, healthy baby girl on April 29 . I'm 38 so you see, hang on in there !! It ca
  3. Hey Mrs j, there is no such thing as vitamin overload, except in thec ase of vitamin A. The body will naturally get rid of the excess of vitamins you absorbed. As regards prenatal, if youhave a hard time with vitamins, I suggest going for one that is only one a day. I also strongly suggets one that is "food-based" because absorption by your system will be better, which means technicallly a food-based vitamin does not have to contain as much vitamins as a non-food based one because your body will get more out of it. A good "once a day" one is Rainbow light "once a day" (be car
  4. This couple went to Maldives to renew their vows and the officiant just insulted them all along in a language they could not understand ! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1324275/Western-couple-mocked-infidel-wedding-minister-luxury-Maldive-resort.html
  5. Hello, I hope everybody is doing well and that their projects are moving forward !  I wanted to share some good news as this week marks an important milestone for me as I reach 13 weeks on Thursday. Yes it's the end of my first trimester and now the risks of miscarriage are in majority behind me !! So happy Today I went for my first trimester screening and the baby was moving so much it was hard to measure the nuchal translucency ! We saw all his hands and feet and fingers it was awesome  Next big step is the results of the screening... and maybe the amniocentesis... and then open
  6. Usually first urine of the day means that you have ot have not peed in like 5 hours in order to allow for the hormones to concentrate in your urine. So if at 4am you did not pee since 11pm it's good. If you get up at 3am try to wait until 8am... Â
  7. Thank you for asking seaprincess ! Well actually, you're right on time : today was a big day for me as I'm just our from my doctor's appointment and saw my baby's heartbeat for the first time !!! I'm 7.5 weeks so he's no bigger than a peanut but the peanut is alive  I did two blood works and one ultrasound during my vacation - to confirm everything was on track and that the pregnancy was in utero. Just back yesterday and first thing today was doctor's appointment. HCG levels keep rising steadily (I was at 89,000 today) and should cap now. My progesterone levels are low though, actually
  8. Now it just went from hilarious to whack and cheesy !!!!
  9. So - update ! Level 160 this morning, so it's looking good ! Going back Thursday morning. Dr said I could fly but it was a risk I was taking. Hellz yeah I'm taking it, I still believe 2 weeks vacation is better than 2 weeks stressing at work, even with the flight ! He says if I'm starting to bleed over there, I need to take care of it over there. Hey, France is not an under-developped country I also offered to do the blood work in France and fax the results over (in France we get a copy of all labs we do - one copy for the doc, one copy for you). So, it's easy !! We'll see what he says
  10. So - update. My hcg came back at 28 which is low - but in the range. I cancelled my business trip to Brazil (my boss was GREAT !), am getting started today on progesterone suppositories and will be back in Dr's office first thing Monday morning for Ultra sound and more blood work - and from there we can confirm if this is a healthy pregnancy, or a doomed one. From what I understand, there are many reasons why HCG could be low - one of them being that date of conception could be later than we think. But if HCG increases properly, it means it's fine. So final diagnostic Monday. I cannot he
  11. I actually have another Dr already - because this guy is not a delivery Dr, just a fertility one. You know, thinking about it, I just talked to the nurse, so maybe she gave me the stuff that is standard for all the patients he has - in majority ladies that REALLY have fertility issues - you know, IVF and IUI and multiple miscarriages... I went there to check I was OK - because I'm older and don't have that much time to lose trying and trying with no success. I did not hear anything to the contrary so far so... I cross my fingers that this morning I still don't hear anything to the contrary and
  12. For now, I'm waiting for the results of my blood work, tomorrow at 10am. After the exhilarating feeling of this morning I feel very down right now, because the nurse told me I could not work out, not even yoga, not have intercourse before week 13, and above all not travel, when I have my annual trip to return to France and see my parents and friends planned for next week. I've been depressed all afternoon. I know the baby is a good news but should I really be almost on bed rest ? I mean, if this is a bad apple, it will fall... even if I do nothing. I really need this trip, this is my on
  13. It's a bit early for congrats - remember last time I miscarried at 6 weeks... so, hold your congrats I don't want to jinx it
  14. Well, temperature did not go down this month so took a test and it's positive... I'm making an appointment with the doctor asap... they should take me in today or tomorrow ! Definitely, I don't know what it is to "feel" pregnant because I surely did not feel anything different this month Good we have those little pee sticks lol. I keep you posted !
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