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  1. I have a friend planning a wedding. This is her dream dress. However, we can't find a designer name or how to locate it. Anyone have ideas or similar dresses? Thanks girls!!
  2. Carly! I know what you mean at being at peace. I have come to that point also. Though I have reached it and DH has become even more persistant than ever. I hope you are doing ok and I am thinking of you!!
  3. TTC stands for Trying To Conceive. Thanks for the blessing!
  4. Those are beautiful. I would love a tree! That's one of my "wants"!
  5. Try Steve Berry's books. You might like those!
  6. I am still here as well. Hit our 4 year mark of TTC this last month. Saw another specialist this past month as well. He gave us options that we can't afford right now so trying to see how we can fit that in. Frustrating!!
  7. You can do it! Seriously, my wrists barely hurt. It was over like that!!
  8. Not a lot of posts here lately. But I just got my second and third tattoo on my wrists and I thought I would share.
  9. OH girls. I feel bad for the last two books. I had a death in the family and a lot of stress. I forgot about the book totally. So two days ago I got it and rushed through. CSandCK THANK YOU SO MUCH for this book recommendation. I have seen it tons of times in the book store but thought it would be horrible. I'm addicted! I read the first 2 in less than 2 days and I just started number three. When you said Harry Potter meets Twilight I had serious doubts. But that's exactly what this is. I love these more than I loved Twilight. Book two made me sob like a child!! I definitely recommend this book! Now let's discuss! Did anyone else enjoy this as much as me????
  10. Ok girls. My computer is back!! So the next book is CSandCK's book suggestion. "Marked" by PC Cast Kristen Cast I have never never read this and don't know much about it. Since we are off schedule a little. Today is our new start date. We will discuss on March 25th. Happy Reading girls!!
  11. Sorry for the short absence girls. My computer got a virus and I've been home sick! But we are open to discuss the Kite Runner!! I also need to give the book for this month so I will get that asap!! Sorry again!
  12. No worries. But I definitely recommend it. It's well worth it!
  13. Congrats!!! Welcome to the Nookhood. If you have questions let me know. And don't forget the book club thread!!!
  14. Yay! Welcome back Erin. The new format throws me too!!!
  15. I am a little late. Went out of town but we can discuss Hunger Games now and start the new book for the month. So how did everyone enjoy Hunger Games? I hear a lot that people are surprised they liked it. It's usually a different genre than people are use too. I love the series and can't wait for the movie!!!!
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