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  1. The weather was decent while escaping the Canadian Winters! I did find some days were a little cool in the pool but it was low-mid 80's all week. I thought it was perfect but might be little cool for some.
  2. Welcome to the forum !
  3. My wedding is all over and done with. I've been back from Cabo for 2 weeks now. But I was just sitting here thinking, and it sure makes me annoyed... All through my middle years and high school years I had a real close group of girlfriends. We stuck through anything and everything! But, as I've gotten to the point I'm at right now, things have sure changed. Of the 7 of us girls, 4 of us are now married. I was the last of the 4, so previously when the other girls were married I was there for them through everything. I attended all their weddings ( with a $100 gift), all their showers (of
  4. We were married at the Riu Palace in Cabo on February 18, 2010! CHECK IN Once we made it through the airport and onto our charter bus they drove us to our resort (took about 30 minutes). At the resort we were directed to leave our luggage at the front and head to the lobby bar to check in. We were greeted there with Margaritas. The check in process went quickly, but our rooms were not ready yet which was understandable because our flight was early. We hung out at the lobby bar terrace for the short wait and got our drink on! With our wedding package we were told we’ve receive a room
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by gettingmarried Mrs.Hocky, congrats on your big day. Mind if I ask you a couple of questions. I'm getting married there in July. How was the WC to work with? Where did you get your hair done? Did you just use the decorations that they provided our did you take some down? Also, did you have to pay extra for flowers? Daniella was so good to work with! I had read a lot of bad things about her on here that made me nervous, but she really is good at what she does. She works very long hours can do up to 2 weddings per day, and almost everyday atleast 1. I just tri
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by ichimiyuki Hi! We're from Alberta too, going to be married next year at the Palace. Did you rent the terrace? Hi ichimiyuki, I'm a Sask girl! I just got back from the Riu Palace (married on February 18th!). I had the most beautiful wedding day I could ask for. I rented out the Mexican Terrace and totally recommend it. It was so beautiul and private and we got a lot of compliments on everything!
  7. Sorry I couldn't upload them for some reason. If you have a facebook account you should be able to view them through the above link. Thanks!
  8. Hi Ladies, I'm having a hard time choosing a hairstyle. My wedding is in Cabo two weeks from today, so I'm running out of time! I'll be getting my hair done an Suzanne Morels salon in Cabo. I'm looking for more of a romantic look and trying to steer clear of the barbie doll image. Below are some pictures..will you let me know which one you like. Also, I'll be wearing a veil so that makes a big difference as well. Jannel Johnstone's Photos - Hairstyles | Facebook
  9. Hi girls, I'm leaving for Cabo on February 15th. I had a trial done a week ago but I didn't really like it, so I wasted $60 on that. I'll be getting my hair done at Suzanne Morels salon in Cabo. Would you please help me choose a style. I'm going for more of a romantic look, as opposed to the barbie doll look. Thanks!
  10. Hi Girls, My wedding is two weeks from today so I'm really running out of time. I had a hair trial done back home here but didn't really like it, so it basically was a waste of $60. Will you pleae vote and let me know what style you like best. The look I'm going for is more romantic and not so barbie-dollish. Thanks!
  11. 1. How old are you? 25 2. At what age did you/will you get married? 25 3. Do you have children? No 4. Did you think you would marry the person you are with now? You bet! That's a story in itself 5. Were you ever engaged or married to someone other than the person you are with now? no 6. Do you want a garden wedding, beach wedding, or the traditional church wedding? Beach gazebo 7. Where did you/will you get married? Cabo San Lucas 8. First dance - classic waltz, slow and sexy, or fast and spicy? slow and sexy 9. How many
  12. I can visualize it and I think it would all flow so nicely together. You should go for it!
  13. I'm a Cabo bride... February 18th 2010!!!! One month away!!!!
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