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  1. I have a friend planning a wedding. This is her dream dress. However, we can't find a designer name or how to locate it. Anyone have ideas or similar dresses? Thanks girls!!
  2. Carly! I know what you mean at being at peace. I have come to that point also. Though I have reached it and DH has become even more persistant than ever. I hope you are doing ok and I am thinking of you!!
  3. TTC stands for Trying To Conceive. Thanks for the blessing!
  4. Those are beautiful. I would love a tree! That's one of my "wants"!
  5. Try Steve Berry's books. You might like those!
  6. I am still here as well. Hit our 4 year mark of TTC this last month. Saw another specialist this past month as well. He gave us options that we can't afford right now so trying to see how we can fit that in. Frustrating!!
  7. You can do it! Seriously, my wrists barely hurt. It was over like that!!
  8. Not a lot of posts here lately. But I just got my second and third tattoo on my wrists and I thought I would share.
  9. OH girls. I feel bad for the last two books. I had a death in the family and a lot of stress. I forgot about the book totally. So two days ago I got it and rushed through. CSandCK THANK YOU SO MUCH for this book recommendation. I have seen it tons of times in the book store but thought it would be horrible. I'm addicted! I read the first 2 in less than 2 days and I just started number three. When you said Harry Potter meets Twilight I had serious doubts. But that's exactly what this is. I love these more than I loved Twilight. Book two made me sob like a child!! I definitely recommend this book! Now let's discuss! Did anyone else enjoy this as much as me????
  10. Ok girls. My computer is back!! So the next book is CSandCK's book suggestion. "Marked" by PC Cast Kristen Cast I have never never read this and don't know much about it. Since we are off schedule a little. Today is our new start date. We will discuss on March 25th. Happy Reading girls!!
  11. Sorry for the short absence girls. My computer got a virus and I've been home sick! But we are open to discuss the Kite Runner!! I also need to give the book for this month so I will get that asap!! Sorry again!
  12. No worries. But I definitely recommend it. It's well worth it!
  13. Congrats!!! Welcome to the Nookhood. If you have questions let me know. And don't forget the book club thread!!!
  14. Yay! Welcome back Erin. The new format throws me too!!!
  15. I am a little late. Went out of town but we can discuss Hunger Games now and start the new book for the month. So how did everyone enjoy Hunger Games? I hear a lot that people are surprised they liked it. It's usually a different genre than people are use too. I love the series and can't wait for the movie!!!!
  16. Random Number Generator gave me 19 which is TonyandTricia. She chose....... "The Kite Runner" We will start discussion on February 12th for this book. Here is a brief synopsis: Hosseini's stunning debut novel starts as an eloquent Afghan version of the American immigrant experience in the late 20th century, but betrayal and redemption come to the forefront when the narrator, a writer, returns to his ravaged homeland to rescue the son of his childhood friend after the boy's parents are shot during the Taliban takeover in the mid '90s. Amir, the son of a well-to-do Kabul merchant, is the first-person narrator, who marries, moves to California and becomes a successful novelist. But he remains haunted by a childhood incident in which he betrayed the trust of his best friend, a Hazara boy named Hassan, who receives a brutal beating from some local bullies. After establishing himself in America, Amir learns that the Taliban have murdered Hassan and his wife, raising questions about the fate of his son, Sohrab. Spurred on by childhood guilt, Amir makes the difficult journey to Kabul, only to learn the boy has been enslaved by a former childhood bully who has become a prominent Taliban official. The price Amir must pay to recover the boy is just one of several brilliant, startling plot twists that make this book memorable both as a political chronicle and a deeply personal tale about how childhood choices affect our adult lives. The character studies alone would make this a noteworthy debut, from the portrait of the sensitive, insecure Amir to the multilayered development of his father, Baba, whose sacrifices and scandalous behavior are fully revealed only when Amir returns to Afghanistan and learns the true nature of his relationship to Hassan. Add an incisive, perceptive examination of recent Afghan history and its ramifications in both America and the Middle East, and the result is a complete work of literature that succeeds in exploring the culture of a previously obscure nation that has become a pivot point in the global politics of the new millennium. I have to say I loved the movie but can't remember if I read the book. Looking forward to it. And I know this ones in paperback!!
  17. We haven't chosen the new book yet. I will see how many suggestions I've recieved when I get off work and will go from there. Def. not too late. Send me a PM with a book suggestion for next time. It will go in the pool and one will be chosen.
  18. Come over to the Book Club thread. We are reading the whole Hunger Game Trilogy. We finish January 12 and will discuss after that!
  19. I use to be the same way until I got a nook and it's electronic. I like my books to match. But I can't wait that long for it to come in paperback!!
  20. Ooh. Have fun in Mexico! I'm so glad everyone loves the books! Can't wait to discuss! Have a safe trip!
  21. We are doing all 3 for this month and last month. We will discuss on January 12. Glad you liked it. I think the ending is abrupt b/c it's a series and picks up in book 2.
  22. Tampons are a paper product. They absorb ALL moisture. Which is why it can hurt removing a dryer tampon when you pee. A diva cup or instead cup is a cup that only catches menstrual blood. It leaves all other body moisture alone so you don't dry out. It is also better for the environment b/c you reuse the product or recycle it. Tampons go straight through to the landfill. EW.
  23. I'm not sure. I have a B&N account that has my CC infor for when I buy books. I get free books all the time and it never charges me. Maybe it's setting up your account?
  24. Yay! So glad you loved them. People are scared sometimes to branch out but its so great when you find such a good book!!
  25. You don't have to pay for books. The Sony and Nook are able to check out library books!!!
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