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  1. I spoke with Melani and she was extremely helpful. I asked several questions and she answered them right away. In case there are other brides out there who are wondering the same things - here's a list of the questions I asked and Melani's responses:  1. How is the beach wedding set up? I understand there is an additional fee to set it up. What does that include? The set up includes chairs with white covers and white table linen. 2. Can we bring our own decortions? Chair sashes, etc. yes, you can bring your own decoration. You provide linens - do you have a color choice? We currently have yellow, turquoise, beige and white.  Can we bring table overlays or do you supply those and if so, what colors and cost.You can bring your own. Also we can make a quote for special colors.  I see flower petals along the aisle to the beach; are they provided, if not what is the additional cost?The petals have an additional cost. Around USD$20 dollars each bag..  I didn't see costs for centerpieces on the tables. Do you provide those? No, it has an additional costs.  Anything with lanterns?no, but we can make a quote subject to request.  How much are floral arrangements?Around USD$60 to USD$90 dollars but the prices are depends of your choices.  3. Is the cocktail hour held at the Beachside Grill? How is that set up? Tables? We currently used different beach spot in order to performed a ceremony. the set is with cocktail tables (tall)  4. If she has a reception on the beach, will we be able to have music? yes, there is a restrictions with the volume.  Can we bring our own i-Pod and speakers? Yes  5. Is a reception by the pool a possibility? Yes, it is . Is it near the beach?a little close. 6. Can a private or semi-private rehearsal dinner be set up? What locations are available? please note that you can have a private one, it has a cost. For the rehearsal we currently have the main restaurant we can settled an space. 7. Based on the time of year of the wedding; what is the best time to schedule the ceremony to take advantage of the sunset and still have some light for the reception? Starting at 2:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m.  Is there any sort of lighting provided by the beach for the reception?yes. spot light. Â
  2. My niece is looking at DPB for an October, 2011 wedding. Her sister got married at Dreams Puerto Aventuras and it was spectacular. She has to find a different location though, because her sister said Mexico is "her" country I helped plan her sister's wedding, so we're trying to come up with an alternative that is beautiful, reasonable for both guests and the bride and pretty much has everything already set up prior to the wedding. Dreams seems to fit that bill. If you have your wedding on the beach, is there any sort of pergola or anything that is set up or is it just the table that I see in all the pictures? The gazebo looks nice, but the guests are facing the hotel rooms. I read somewhere that you can have the cocktail hour at the restaurant located near the beach. Is that the case for the reception, as well? Other than the banquet rooms; what other choices for a reception are there? My niece had hers set up in a nice private area of the resort in Mexico. We had about 5 tables and it was really nice. We just danced in the sand to her i-Pod. Also, does anyone know what is the best time to visit the Dominican Republic? Would late October still put us in hurricane season? How do the prices for travel go up and down according to off and in seasons? Thanks for all your help!!
  3. I think Cape May is a wonderful location. You could have some beautiful pictures taken by the Lighthouse or at the Point. Also, there are things for your guests to do before and after the wedding. There are several venues in the area. One of the hotels (Union Park) I believe allows you to bring your own liquor (a huge savings). You might also look into Cold Springs, which is a historic village. There is a restaurant there and the food is quite good. Not sure how large your wedding will be, but I'm sure some of the many restaurants in the area could accommodate you. Good luck!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Sheree10 Kate: Congrats to such a beautiful couple! Your pictures are stunning and you selected a talented photographer. We also will be having our reception( + ceremony) at the Rennaissace. I'm always excited to meet Aruba brides especially those who chose the Renn. Thanks for sharing!! I've been missing from this forum for awhile. I helped plan my niece's wedding for Puerto Aventuras in Mexico. It was almost a year in the planning stages, and it was an absolutely fabulous wedding. Well, now her sister, my other niece is getting married and asked me to help her plan her wedding, as well. Obviously, she doesn't want to get married in Mexico because her sister did and there is a bit of sibling rivalry there, so don't want to make anyone unhappy... My niece and I have travelled quite a bit together over the years and I actually booked a trip to Aruba 3 weeks before Natalee Holloway went missing. I was nervous, as my niece as the same age at that time, but we had an absolutely wonderful time and never felt unsafe. My niece is thinking of having her wedding in Aruba. It'll probably be in June, 2011. She wants a small wedding - probably around 30 guests - and also wants it to be all-inclusive. That seemed to work well for everyone at my other niece's wedding. Can anyone tell me approximately what the cost would be for a wedding at the Renaissance, with a dinner for 30 guests? I like the idea of the private island and the adults only side of the hotel. TIA
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by kimmaranto I hope this goes through!! I wrote an in depth wedding review when I got home and it did not post!!! So let me see if this posts and I will write another tonight when I get home from work. In short, the wedding and week was absolutely fantastic!! Sandra was our wedding coordinator, we couldn't have asked for anything better!! Hi Kim, How did everything go for you? I am anxiously awaiting your review. Were there any problems with the decorations? I think I told Jacy and Sandra about 20 times to be sure to put everything aside for you. I think they thought I was crazy, but I was worried.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Rhiannonbs Hi Everyone! I am a newbie to this post I had originally started planning our wedding in the DR at the Majestic Elegance but am now looking to switch to the DR Aventuras Resort and Spa. I think it will be more affordable for our guests and photog who we will be paying to travel. So here are my questions I hope you can all help me with (feel free to PM, I promise I will get back to you!!) 1) For those of you who got married here, was it worth it?! YES Absolutely!! Everyone, from older adults to young kids had a great time! The resort is small enough that you don't feel like you're running all over the place to meet people. I can't tell you how many times I needed to run back to my room or my niece's room or the other guests rooms to get something or deliver something, and I didn't need a golf cart to do it. 2) What are the reception and ceremony locations? The ceremony was in the Gazebo and it was great! We wanted the reception at the Adult Pool, but because we had kids, and Oceana was open that night. We had the reception on the beach by Lagoon, which was really lovely.3) Can anyone send pictures to me? rhiannon_bs@hotmail.com 4) What is the average price for 5 nights at the resort plus airfare? We paid $1100 total from Newark. 5) If there is anything else I should know please do share!! Any questions please feel free to contact me I can't wait to hear back from all you gorgeous brides and brides to be Thanks guys!! xo Rhiannon I answered your questions
  7. Hi Kristie, When I saw your sister's pictures - I honestly thought she was a professional photographer. She should definitely think about it!!
  8. Your attitude is good! We must learn that we can't have control over other people's thoughts and actions. Good for you! My niece's father didn't come to her wedding. He had one excuse after another - too sick, too expensive, who's going to watch the dogs/fish/birds (fill in the blank). She was devestated at first, but we talked and she came to realize that you can't let someone else control your happiness. She finally accepted it and said "whatever" - it's his loss. I know it still hurt, but what can you do? We had a great wedding and she was so happy. You will too! Could you maybe have your Mom as your MOH?
  9. You said you're not fond of your BIL (ok, don't really like him). I'm sure he knows this and he probably feels that he doesn't want you guys to pay for them because then he'll "owe" you. I have a feeling there is some hostility there and your sister is stuck in the middle of going to your wedding or abiding by her husband's wishes (otherwise, she wouldn't have been crying her eyes out). I would try to talk to your BIL. Be honest and put it on the line. Tell him how important it is that your sister be there and you know she wouldn't go without him. Play up the fact that they'll both be getting a "second honeymoon" without the kids and they'll be able to have a lot of alone time together with just each other.
  10. Erika sent me her pro pictures from her June 12th wedding. There are some other non-pro pics mixed in. The package came with 50, but they bought all the pictures the photographer took. All in all, I think they came out pretty good. Pictures by babeegirl26 - Photobucket
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by badrianne Ginalyn, Oh I see. They sound very organized.... maybe I won't worry about a rehearsal. Jacy had originally scheduled our rehearsal at 5 p.m. the night before, but when we got to the gazebo, there was a maitre'd there telling us we couldn't have the rehearsal there because a couple was having their private dinner in the gazebo. We all just hung around for a while trying to figure out what to do. When Jacy arrived; she said she wasn't aware that there was a private dinner, but we could do the rehearsal on the beach, which we did. It was fine. The only thing that should have been done, was to have Blake & Erika stand on the opposite side of the table - facing the guests. The officiant stood in front of the table and blocked the view of the bridal party from the whole left side. This probably wouldn't have happened if we'd been able to rehearse in the actual gazebo, where the table is already set up.
  12. Just got this email from my niece. Can anyone help? Ok... so this wedding can be an ongoing project if you want... I am looking for a photo album that holds 6 x 8 pictures. At the resort, I had about 100 photos printed and I think they printed them in a weird metric size, so now I'm stuck with 100 6x 8 photos. Its almost impossible to find albums for this size, and I don't want to use one of the scrapbooking albums because they just seem too big and would be too much work. Can you help me find an album that would fit these photos? All I found was one on a UK site, but it's black and not very pretty
  13. Regarding the centerpieces, Flowers are supplied for the table during the ceremony (with the Ultimate Package). We had 4 tables; and the centerpieces were $45/piece. They were nice in square glass containers. I think they put the flowers from the gazebo on the table with the cake.
  14. You've done a fabulous job, Kristie!! You will have a wonderful wedding! I know you will love the resort. Don't be afraid to ask for exactly what you want. They are a bit laid back, but are extremely willing to do what you want, if you ask... I did alot of running around the day of the wedding, so if you have someone who can handle things for you with Jacy - put them in charge! My niece was just chilling with her bridesmaids in her room, while I was pulling my hair out (at times), but it was all worth it and she didn't know about any of the "little" and I mean little glitches that we had. The resort is beautiful and the setting is gorgeous. It was the best wedding I think I've ever been to... You will make a beautiful bride!
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