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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by LynnieS sugaredviolets Your wedding is so soon. . . what did you decide? that dress is so beautiful and perfect for Hawaii!! ps- where are you in nebraska? Hi! I'm in Lincoln. Yes, the wedding is very soon!! I did buy the dress (was able to exchange my other David's one) and it looks great now that I ordered my size. I wish David's Bridal could stock all the sizes, it is such a risk to try on one size and buy another! I shipped it already and it is ready and waiting in Hawaii! ;-) David's Bridal can ship dresses so inexpensively, and it really was a great stress reducer to know it was already taken care of. I'll post a wedding review sometime in May. For anyone considering this dress, the fabric is just awsome and I adore the pockets! I just know I'm going to cry so I'll have klennex ready!
  2. It's a great dress, and looks comfortable for hot weather. But I understand all about changing your mind. I've changed my mind about my dress multiple times. The good thing about David's Bridal is that you can exchange a dress if it is unaltered and has it's tags. I know from experience! Hope you can make a decision without too much heartache. I know it is hard!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by L&A2010 the sales lady said to roll the dress up with towels and put it in your carry on. I was planning on doing this too, with a small dress, but when I changed my mind and exchanged my dress for a larger, poofy-ier one, I don't think there is any way to roll it. If your dress can roll into a carry-on, I say do it! Here is the bag I bought when that was my plan. Antler Size Zero 'Roll Up' Garment Carrier - CLOSEOUT > Garment Bags > Luggage - eBags
  4. What about this box: Destination Wedding Kit - $52.95 : Zen Cart!, Wedding Gown Preservation I've decided to ship my dress. I'm just too worried about being forced to check it before the flight.
  5. what a lovely dress! Glad ordering it online was a good experience for you. Thanks for the discount code!
  6. I haven't been able to find anything...so I bought these as "back-up" to calm my nerves. Womens - American Eagle - Brit Peep-toe Flat - Payless Shoes
  7. Has anyone used those carry-on sized boxes? I'm too scared to just use a garment bag. or anyone use a folding garment bag from the uk like this: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.d...tchlink:top:en
  8. Well, I tried it on. Size 6. Here is a photo. What kind of beach shoes would you wear with it?
  9. I already bought a dress last summer, and made the mistake of looking at the new spring dresses at David's Bridal website today. Anyone tried on the Oleg Cassini CT326? I'm curious how it fits on real women. It is slimming at all at the waist? or does it give a preggy look? Anyone have photos of their try-on session? I'm thinking of buying a used one in a 4 or 6. thanks!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Jacilynda Does it have the beading? Or did you ask for it w/out the beading? I asked for it without the beading, in fact, I changed a lot of things about the dress, but I just thought I would include the other dress as a kind of reference point. Sorry, it is not supposed to be an exact match.
  11. My duosheng dress came today (I ordered it May 11), and I have nothing but good things to say about the whole experience. Sabrina Zhang was fantastic with answering my many, many emails throughout and the quality of the dress is very nice. I ordered it with a lace up back, and I really can't do it myself, so sorry the dress is saggy at the top in the photo. I asked for a replica Maggie dress from 2005, but all white and a ruffle at the top. It did come in a hanging bag, but is extremely wrinkled. I think the dry cleaners can easily fix this. Again, I think the quality is equal to anything else I have seen (note, I have not tried on dresses above $1000). I asked for "best quality", which cost extra, and including the $30 shipping, this dress was $287. Please ask me any questions about Dousheng and I will answer if I can. I sure hope the top fits better when someone else can lace me up, that is my only complaint about the dress.
  12. I saw this cute handbag on ebay, and have emailed the seller several times asking if it comes in white, but no reply. Anyone recognize the brand? I've also searched on etsy, but no one has this type of frame with a center wrist strap. Thanks!
  13. yes, I would like to know how much a wedge will work in the sand myself. Former brides, please help!
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