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  1. UPDATE!! http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...reduced-53484/
  2. After many unsuccessful attempts to sell this wedding dress, I have decided to reduce the price to $250, free shipping. The dress cost $499 plus taxes from the bridal shop. It is a size 4. It has had no alterations. Brand new with tags in place. Here is the link to the previous thread with the pictures attached. http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...ng-gown-45607/
  3. Thanks!! and we will see what happens. I replied to their e-mails but as always I have not had a response from them. It would be nice to know either way if they were going to buy it or not. Oh well, I'm perfectly fine using it for the TTD session.
  4. I give up!!! I cannot for the life of my sell my "first" wedding dress. I lowered the price and was accepting best offers! oh well! I have decided to use it for my TTD session and I might even use it as my reception dress. Of course I am going to have it altered a little bit. Hey, might as well make the best of it since I already spent so much money on it and haven't had any "serious" buyers. (If you want to see pictures it is Alfred Angelo Style 1619 and I have already posted pictures in other threads)
  5. Very pretty. Cathedral veil would look great with it. Ask the bridal shop to show you different ways to wear the veil.
  6. Try a different travel agent. Price around. Anything you find online like at expedia.com or even on Riu's site will be cost a lot more than what the travel agent will quote you. Travel agents get contracted rates. It also depends on what time of year you are going there. But those prices are extremely higher than what I was quoted. You should definitely call around or go to other travel agents. Maybe even get quotes for 5 nights or less. I have a lot of guests staying 5 nights.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by pyxystyx It looks so pretty on the model, but I can't see the pics of it on you (?) ... I wonder why it won't work on my comp? not sure i can see the pics..if u want to see my pics pm me
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Scubadiva I wish you ALL the luck on selling it! thanks i need it
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Dmitri_Markine Ebay doesn't usually do it by itself. Someone has to report it to them first. I guess Alfred Angelo has nothing better to do these days:) yeah they don't have anything else better to do...i had one day to go and the listing would have ended with no troubles
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Debbi803 why are you selling your dress if your wedding isn't until 2010? I found a better dress. This one didn't feel like a "wedding dress" to me. My new one screams wedding dress! haha
  11. Yeah it was all Alfred Angelo. I am trying one last time on eBay. I reworded my description and took pictures of the dress myself. I'm surprised they haven't reported anyone on this site for posting pictures from the websites. There are so many other listings on eBay that use the pictures and they are still listed. It is a bunch of bull. haha Maybe if Alfred Angelo would take refunds, returns, exchanges, or whatever they wouldn't have this problem!!
  12. So I listed my wedding dress on eBay and the listing was going to end on Sunday. eBay ended my listing because I was violating the copyright of Alfred Angelo because I used the pictures from the website to show my dress. There are so many listing on eBay that use these pictures!!! Someone who is actually from Alfred Angelo reported me to eBay. This was my first time listing on eBay and I didn't realize what I was doing was wrong especially since so many other sellers were using those pictures. Ugh! Well I relisted it again but used my own pictures. Hopefully I don't have any problems.
  13. I love the dress. It is gorgeous and you definitely did that dress justice. You rocked it! (good luck selling your dress, I am trying to sell the first wedding dress I purchased, no luck so far)
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