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  1. I am trying to help my little brother plan a wedding and came across Azul Five. This place looks great...What is the average cost for this venue
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by blitz98 HI! I'm a newbie and I just saw pictures of the Sunset da Mona Lisa in Cabo. I'm waiting to hear back from their event coordinator. Does anyone have additional information on site fee, buyout minimums, etc? Is this place reasonably priced? Do you mind sharing the information once you get it...Thanks in advance. I am still up in the air with my location so any information is helpful.
  3. Can't say that I have seen it or tried it on, but it is very lovely
  4. I'm not sure where to post this, so I hope I found the right place. Does anyone know where one can purchase tall peacock feathers? Thanks in advance!
  5. Since my guest count is up in the air, no one has pressured me about a minimum number of rooms. When the number did come up, I believe it was between 10 to 20 tops. But the issue I have found is that not many are willing to talk about a discount over 10%. Has anyone found a place offering nice discounts for booking multiple rooms. It would seem if you have a large enough party this would be seen as an incentive to the hotel. Just curious.
  6. Has anyone purchase a knock off wedding dress from overseas? The price are very tempted but I question the quality. Please share stories or any experience...good or bad. Thanks
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by adias.angel Have you thought about getting a knock off from china? There are a couple threads on here of other brides who did it. I am because of the huge cost savings. If you have a picture they can make it. Here is where I am getting mine made: Cheap Wedding Gowns, Wedding Dresses, Bridesmaid Dresses, Discount Bridal Gowns-Lilywedding.com Hello, I have seriously been thinking of getting a knock. I am having problems trying to narrow down a company, since everything is overseas. How did you select the Chinese company making you dress?
  8. I just saw Le Blanc in a bridal mag...It is absolutely breath taking...All I can say is WOW! I have not decided 100% on a location, so please keep me informed on your progress. Congrats & Good Luck
  9. Ok, I cannot get a good picture of my ring, but here is one from the catalog. I hope I did this right.
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