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  1. Thank you so much btn1091! All of your answers were very helpful! I really appreciate it! love your wedding siggy picture! Congrats on being a newlywed!
  2. Hi ladies! I sent an email to my WC, but i leave Wednesday morning. So, I figured I would ask my last minute questions on here incase i don't hear back from her by then. The wedding is at the RIU in montego bay, so some of these questions refer to montego bay. I would appreciate any help on these questions! Thanks so much in advance!!!!!! 1. I will be packing my dress in a carry on piece of luggage. If i need to get my dress pressed because of all of the wrinkles from traveling, is there somewhere in montego bay that I would be able to get that done? Do you know how much it would cost approximately? 2. Are there any hidden fees in the wedding package charges? We would like to take mostly cash. We were told that we can use our check/debit card, but is this completely secure? 3. Since, we sent notarized copies of our birth certificates to Sherika in advance, do we need to bring any copies or an original birth certificate with us. Or, do we not need to bring it at all, since you already have notarized copies? 4. Do you have a cake cutting knife and server? Or do we have to bring one with us. I wasn't sure what airline policies were on carrying this sort of thing with us. 5. We will be having the steel drum band play at our ceremony. The cost on the papers sent to me previously was $350.00 for an hour. Also we have the royal package. We may be upgrading our flowers at the ceremony site....are there any other charges I'm missing? 6. I heard/read it may take up to 4 months to get the marriage certificate. Is there some sort of paper we can have signed stating we are married at the time of the wedding. So, we can take care of some paper work, name changing, etc back in the United States? Do we have to prepare any paperwork to have signed in order to have that? Thanks ladies!
  3. Thanks everyone for the great information! I think they are definitely worth it!
  4. my dress has to be my carry on as well.... i'm on us airways
  5. Thanks for the offer, that was really sweet of you! Glad ROR has a playlist to pick from! I guess i'll find out when i get there, i don't want to get set on any songs and then find out the band at RMB can't play them!
  6. O wow, that is news to me. I heard Chandlyn is an excellent WC, so i'm sure her assistant would be wonderful if they did get her assistant as the wedding coordinator. I didn't hear that Sherika left, but it is strange that both you ladies received an email from Nekeisha instead of sherika. I guess just print out all of your emails from Sherika, and i'm sure your requests will be honored! Everything will be okay!
  7. here was my question to sherika: 10.) Aaron and I definitely want to have a steel drum band play for the ceremony. Will we look at the song list when we get there, or do you have a list we could pick from now? Here is her answer: 10. The steel band does not have a song list to go through. they are usually just booked play a list from what they know according.
  8. We are getting married at the RIU in montego bay. My photographer (Brian Nejedly who lives in Jamaica) recommended the RIU. He said they have beautiful weddings and it's all inclusive. I believe ocho rios is the riu that he typically photographs at and i've heard a lot of wonderful things about the RIU at ocho rios. Chantelle is supposedly an amazing coordinator. We are getting married in montego bay because its right beside the airport (so it's close), and it's a new resort. Sherika is the wedding coordinator there and she is been helpful so far. If you want to check out the riu resorts wedding packages and what is included go to: Wedding Packages by Destination. Honeymoon Holidays. Weddings by Riu and make sure you click on what year (2010 and 2011) you need in the different package options. You can also have a private beach reception and steel drum band for an extra cost. There is a ton of great info on this forum so research the different options and i'm sure everything will be fine. Definitely take the time to look at other options and information before deciding..... I would recommend the RIU because i've read a lot of info on it, but definitely check out the other resorts on this forum! Good luck!
  9. I remember seeing a picture of it in pictures of one of the girls review posts for RMB. I think i'm just going to go with the free cake now because you also get a dessert buffet (so i've heard) at the RIU with the steakhouse dinner. So, the cake will just be for pictures mostly for me anyway. Sherika never responded back to me about using a different vendor other than delicate desserts (with the overpriced cake). So, i'm not worrying about it anymore and am just going to go with the free cake. it can't be so bad.
  10. I am not having a wedding there, but I stayed there last year and saw a wedding beside the gazebo. ....... There is a really big packet you can print out that has a lot of options...
  11. Glad you got everything Jenjbug! Happy wedding planning
  12. hey ladies! how is planning coming along? Hope you have a beautiful wedding perplexy! My wedding is the 15th of May, so unfortunately I doubt you will be there when I arrive . I'm sure everything will be just perfect...and much less stressful with letting the planning for when you arrive! I was hoping some fellow RMB brides would post more info too, I feel like there hasn't been anything added in a while either..... I will try to post some more info (at least a review) after my wedding! There is definitely a lot of info on past threads, though, that has made my planning go very smooth (at least I hope)!
  13. Glad you got them and like everything! Thanks hun!
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