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  1. Flowers- A- We wanted to use Grande Gardens but basically were bullied by the RIU to use Tai flowers. The RIU WC said we would have to pay $200 dollars if we didn’t use their florist. This happens after the WC said I could use Grande Gardens and had worded out the details we Grande Gardens, then had to cancel. So, I used Tai flowers and they did an okay. Basically, I just had to pay more for the same flowers I had designed and worked on with Grande Gardens—it was all the same stuff but Tai just charged more…I actually think I would of saved money if I had paid the $200 RIU charge for not using Tai flowers. My bouquet was beautiful but I had asked for Stargazer lilies and I had pink lilies in the bouquet but they were not Stargazers. And, the florist did not spread the petals down the aisle; we realized this when the flowers were dropped off at our room. Because, we had a big bay of petals, so my Mom ran out and spread them, right as the guest were sitting down! Again I can not recommend this florist, she did as little as possible. Music: B- The steel band was great. We had them for the ceremony and cocktail hour. The DJ was awful. We want to play our Ipod but the WC talked us out of it. She said the DJ could be our MC, that he would announce us, and help coordinate the first dances and cake cutting. Well, he couldn’t get any music to play without it stopping randomly. He didn’t understand that we wanted to be announced. So we had no entrance. And, he could get out first dance song to play. It was pretty bad. Just us your Ipod the DJ was a waste of money. Food: A- The food was fine. The cake was fine. The only problem was one bartender accosted my husband demanding more tip money. Which was so ridiculous. First off, the who resort is supposed to be tip-free because they already charge you a gratuity fee. Second, the bartender had a plate out and was getting tipped by the guests all day—from before the ceremony, and then the cocktail hour and then the reception. Then we also gave him a good tip. So, really what is this guy’s problem. After all was said and done, I really feel this resort was not helpful and could of done better. I would not recommend it to a future Bride. I do recommend my photographer and will post on him soon.
  2. I overall had a great time but if i could do it again, it would NOT be at the RMB. Let me explain why, and these are just my experiences and opinions. Check in: C- We booked an ocean front suite. We were given an ocean view, regular room. Which means, we could look over a bunch of roofs and sort of see the ocean. It was a small room and smelled kind of funny, it was not a suite. I had my booking numbers and everything, it clearly states that an ocean front suite was paid for....after some back and forth will the front desk person, she admitted she couldn't do anything about it until the manager came and he wasn't around for an hour or so. So we had to go back to room and hang out. Finally my Fiancé, got it sorted out and we were moved to the room we had paid for. This was just the first few hours and already RMB is stressing me out. Wedding Coordinator(s): C- At arrival, we were given an envelope with an appointment to meet Sherika the next day at 1pm. We show up for our appointment and she is not there. We ask at the desk, they call around....a women shows up. She is not Sherika and has no record of the appointment. I show her the letter from Sherika that clearly states, our meeting. This lady is a WC but from a different RIU and is covering for Sherika (who is pregnant and only works sometimes). So, this other WC, tells us we can have a meeting with her on Friday the day before our wedding. I say no, we have events planned all day Friday for our guests, and I say it makes me uncomfortable to be cutting it so close. I have 80 people attending the wedding so, it's a bit more to manage. So she says she can talk to us now, but it has to be quick. Another, layer of stress, I really feel that I should get a proper appointment and that it should not be too much to ask for, I am bringing a lot of business to this resort and should be treated as a good customer. So, I cannot recommend this resort to another bride. So, we have the quick meeting and I give her my cake, flower, and music details, so the bill can get finalized. WC day of wedding—she is late getting the flowers to me, she doesn’t give the boutonnières to the groomsmen (I have to have a BM run them over), she doesn’t help when one is missing, so my Dad has none, which I only notice as we start walking down the aisle . She also disappears after she sends me down the aisle. So, there is not coordination of the cocktail hour and reception.
  3. Well, at least you have more time then me. My wedding has become huge, 85 people. It's totally out of control. And, it's in two weeks.
  4. Hi- Anyone know if Sharika Dare has left RMB, a person named Nekiesha returned my last email. I have not dealt with her before. And, my wedding is in two weeks and I am afraid all the details I worked out with Sherika will not be honored.
  5. It's pretty small, I stayed as a guest. How big is your wedding?
  6. Hi- I tried to arrange a deep sea fisging trip too, but when I investigated further, the fishing is not very good in the area. So, the boys are oing golfing instead.
  7. I got hair flowers from my florist they were only $2, pink orchids....
  8. What advice for tipping do past brides have? Do officiants expect tips? It seems weird to tip a priest or a judge, but if it's the norm let me know. I figure $100-200 bucks for the WC and a more personal gift (I have been a little needy with my WC). Should I tip her to start off with then give her more after the wedding if all goes well? 20% for the photographer $20-25 per waitstaff at reception maybe a little more if they are really outstanding Any other ideas? I am going to be tipping all the other staff during my stay to help grease the wheels for my wedding. Last time I was in Jamaica, tipping seemed to improve service. Thanks for your ideas. Emily
  9. I also think it's not Sherika, she always responds promptly, but the resorts policies changed. She has to work within the rules of her employer, she doesn't make up the rules. And, a lot of brides really loved their weddings that Sherika coordinated. I am really exited for mine, just a few weeks to go!
  10. Sherika is letting me use my original baker and I will pay for a day pass. RMB is a nice resort Tennyt1. Don't worry, I have just been having problems because when I originally booked my wedding the resort did not have fees for outside vendors, which was what I wanted becuase I wanted to beable to research and book my own vendors if I was not satisfied with the resort vendors. But, halfway thru RMB changed their rules so I had to change all my plans. Plus, my guestlist doubled in size, so I had to readjust all my budgets, etc. But, Sherika has been really great, it's not her fault the resort changed their rules.
  11. Hi all. Sherika is investigating why Delicate Desserts is unable to give a detailed bill or work with me to find a reasonable priced cake option. Will post when I have more details.
  12. Hi, Ladies- So, I asked Keisha (from Delicate Desserts) for a detailed bill to figure out why the cake is so expensive and she refused. She did not respond to my suggestion that we work together to figure out a nice cake that was reasonable priced. I forwarded all our emails to Sherika the WC at RMB, and Sherika promised to find out why Keisha is so unwilling to work this out. Then, Sherika promised to find another vendor if Keisha is still being unreasonable. I suggested that I be allowed to use the original baker I had before the new RIU vendor penalty fees. My original baker said she could do a real cake with no dummy layers for half the price of Delicate Desserts. Plus, she was so sweet, helpful and professional when planning the details of the cake. She gave me a detailed bill, without me even asking. I hope I don't have to work with Keisha, she was honestly a bit rude and did not seem concerned with customer service. Doesn't she want the business? Oh, well, will post when Sherika gets back to me.
  13. Hi- I am looking for sea shell hair accessories. PM if you have any you are willing to sell and include pictures. -emily
  14. Well, she got back to me with just a price, $696! No break down of the gold she uses instead of flour. Seriously, it's not even a real cake, it's a dummy cake they put icing on, then they serve sheet cake. I am even bringing my own chocolate sea shells to decorate the cake with, the other baker quoted me $350 for the exact same design with a real cake. But, because of the vendor fee RIU is now imposing, I was going to use the RIU baker. The non RIU baker's cake would still be cheaper with the vendor fee. I just feel like the RIU vendors are just taking advantage of us because they have an monopoly.
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