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    Rockhouse Wedding

    My absolutely gorgeous wedding at Rockhouse on April 30, 2011 in Negril, Jamaica!
  2. No- Rockhouse doesn't allow outside WCs. Originally I was looking for an outside WC when I was thinking about Tensing Pen because the WC made me so nervous (they don't allow an outside WC either). But, I just felt so at ease with Inise. What vendors would you need?
  3. Sorry for responding so late, but thanks for the compliments ladies. No hidden fees whatsoever & Inise the WC is awesome!! If anyone has any questions, ask away! I'm trying to check in here a little more to give back.
  4. I too cannot sing enough praises about Sungold. Paula & Damian are the greatest! My slideshow is here.
  5. Oh wow Mrsrrobinson, we must have similar tastes. Rockhouse is truly the most amazing place to get married at... the pictures don't do it any justice! There is nothing less than amazing about that place for a wedding!!
  6. I also posted this in the wedding & engagement picture forum... Paula & Damian of Sun Gold were amazing!! They managed to capture every moment without me even being conscious of them there. If you're still looking for a wedding photog for Jamaica, I suggest you really look into booking Paula & Damian! http://www.sungoldphoto.com/blog/index.php/2011/08/30/a-story-about-the-storeys/
  7. I am sooooo blown away by Paula & Damian of Sun Gold Photography that there are no words~ I'm totally speechless (which rarely happens to me, lol)!! They are the nicest photogs, super talented & super hardworking- even my guests commented on there undying attention of me & my hubby! I would HIGHLY suggest them to anyone...photos were so important to me, so the best choice I made was hiring them (and marrying DH So... here's the slideshow!! http://www.sungoldphoto.com/blog/index.php/2011/08/30/a-story-about-the-storeys/
  8. I know this is a little late as I have not been on here in FOREVER! Since my wedding in April (2011) I have been bogged down with work. But I have the greatest company for you. We used Clive's Transport for- I think 52 people? He is the past president of the Negril Chapter of JUTA (Jamaica Union of Travelers Association). We had a coach bus & a van. The bus carried 45 or 48 & the van carried the rest. The price we paid was unbelievable- my guests thanked me. PM me for more info.
  9. Thanks ladies for all the compliments! I loved each and every wedding photo that you April ladies shared on here. Congrats to all those moving into the phase of making babies!!
  10. Hey ladies- so I'm reeaaally back now, lol! We got back from our wedding late night on Thursday May 5th, then left back out for Reno on May 11th- jeez I'm tired!! Unlike you ladies, I won't have my pro pics back probably until some time next month, but I know they'll be awesome! EVERYTHING was amazing- 100 times better than I could even imagine . I have a few of the guests pics, but I'm sure they're in no way compare to the pro pics, just wish I had some pro pics to show you ladies. I'm posting a few here and will hopefully get to a review this week & planning thread next week.
  11. I just returned from my wedding there and there were absolutely no hidden fees. Once you email Inise the WC, she will send you the costs per person for the different dinner packages, and the cost for the dj and/or steel drum band if you want that. There are no set up fees at all- they set up all your decor for free! They don't have a per person open bar but you can set a total amount that you want to pay for your guests to drink, then it'll be a cash bar after that or you can just have a cash bar. You pick your floral package with the florist- floral fantasies, or you can choose to bring your
  12. OMG!! Everything was beyond phenomenal. I knew it would be amazing, but there are actually no words to describe it. Having my wedding at Rockhouse was the best decision I ever made, besides choosing an amazing man to marry. All my guests are still gushing and plan to go back to Rockhouse next year already lol. After a brief rest, I'll put up my review & some guest pics (there are literally thousands!!). My photogs were Paula & Damian from Sungold (the nicest people EVER). All the guests commented on the photogs attention to us, so I'm sure the pics will be GORGEOUS, but they won't be b
  13. Greetings from Jamaica!!! My cousin & I got here yesterday & everyone will be here tomorrow. I didn't have enough time to do a planning thread before I left so will be doing so after the fact. Well gotta go, but will try to pop in ever so often!
  14. Love the dress Lesee- you look soooo happy! Thanks! I can't wait to see your pictures either!! Have fun Tris, I know everything will be amazing!!
  15. Have an amazing time Lisa & Erin!! Today is my last day at work too THANK GOD!!!
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