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  1. With a baby on the way I REALLY need to get rid of some extras from my wedding. I have 30 brand new organza sashes, They are a really pretty tiffany blue/aqua color. Asking $25 shipped to the US. $35 shipped to Canada. Also, a brand new never worn VS Bride hoodie in a size Large. I completely forgot I had this on my wedding day and never got to wear it. I paid around $50, looking for $35 OBO. Shipping additional. I borrowed the pics from eBay but it is the exact same sweatshirt. I accept PayPal only.
  2. As far as color sashes, they literally have every color. If you'd like you can provide your own sashes as well. The flowers, cake and any decorations are chosen when you arrive. If you tell them you want something before hand, they really don't make a note of it since you will go through a binder of options when you arrive. When you go to the spa, just have a picture of what you'd like and they will do it- there are no preset options for hair styles. As long as you have an email confirmation of the date and time, you will be fine. Don't stress about anything too much.
  3. Nayeli used to be the EPM WC before and covered when Ramon was out, she always sent me wrong info. Make sure you girls keep your emails with you! Just in case! I also wanted to let you girls know- I had FOUR WC's while booking my wedding, and got so stressed because of the changes. Don't worry! Everything will fall into place once you get there. Just work on getting your price set- your guests there and your spa appointment, and everything else is handled once you arrive!
  4. Also, I forgot to mention, Ramone doesn't take numbers before hand for guests dinner options. The waiter will ask the guests which option they would like when the reception begins.
  5. Don't even stress about the menu! When we got there we decided between the two packages, even though ours only included the silver package for dinner. You can customize your menu as well, don't feel like you're set one one thing. We had two options (one being something off the room service menu we loved!) and mixed and matched the rest. They do not have a buffet though, it is all sit down, and trust me, it is worth it. The food is great!
  6. This was my dress, LOVE it! I don't know how you could possibly part with yours, lol
  7. I finally got the rest of my sashes back from my mother, these have never been used. I bought 60, sold 30, and ended up using the resorts anyway. They are a really pretty tiffany blue/aqua color. I have 30 of them. Asking $30 shipped to the US. $40 shipped to Canada.
  8. Hey Ladies, my review is finally up along with picture links, over at http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/excellence-riviera-cancun-luxury-adults-only-all-inclusive
  9. This was The Grill, so if you're going to do the Lobster house, it's the same just on the other side. While we were there a reception was in the LH and they took the tables to make one long table, and removed the others. The private area up the stairs isn't on the side of the LH, only the Grill. I think the reception there had maybe 20 people. They had enough room for dancing, the DJ, and the table. Â
  10. I'm currently uploading some photos to Flickr, so once those are done I will be posting my review and a link for pictures
  11. If you're having a smaller wedding, be careful with the foyer it's very noisy. It's right near a room with some machines in it so you hear the humming a lot. If you're going to have music it will cover it up a bit. Â
  12. These are two pictures I have of the Grill, which is the other half of the lobster house, so it's exactly the same. Â Â Â
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