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Pinned  Wedding Finds: The Bridesmaid Convertible Dress

Jun 29 2015 10:52 PM | MarieSamSanchezPhoto in Style & Fashion

Gorgeous bridesmaids' dresses that look good on everyone.

Pinned  Genuine Ways to Say Thank You to Your Wedding G...

Jun 16 2015 12:56 PM | MarieSamSanchezPhoto in Planning

You can show your guests just how much you appreciate their presence in many different ways.

Pinned  Wedding Finds: Everything 'Rustic' Wedding

Jun 11 2015 12:19 PM | MarieSamSanchezPhoto in Planning

Want to give your wedding a rustic feel? Look no more Etsy has it all in just one click.

Pinned  5 Tips for Achieving Beautiful "Getting Rea...

Jun 06 2015 01:43 AM | MarieSamSanchezPhoto in Planning

Take heed of these tips and your photographer will thank you!

Pinned  Part 1: Wedding Bouquet Inspiration

May 28 2015 12:11 PM | MarieSamSanchezPhoto in Decor & Details

Bouquets for every type of bride.

Pinned  Beautiful Quotes to Inspire Your Wedding Day Vows

May 24 2015 08:36 AM | MarieSamSanchezPhoto in Planning

Need a little inspiration to write those Wedding vows?

Pinned  Wedding Finds: Custom Signs for Your Celebration

May 19 2015 11:48 PM | MarieSamSanchezPhoto in Planning

If he's going to put a ring on it, go ahead and put on a sign on it!

Pinned  Free People to Launch Boho-Inspired Bridal Line

May 16 2015 11:38 PM | MarieSamSanchezPhoto in Style & Fashion

Bohemian brides, listen up, this ones for you.

Pinned  7 Websites to Help You Plan the Wedding of Your...

May 13 2015 11:28 AM | MarieSamSanchezPhoto in Planning

Ease the destination wedding planning process with the help of these websites.

Pinned  New Trend: The Parents' First Look

May 06 2015 11:23 PM | MarieSamSanchezPhoto in Planning

First Looks aren't just for the couple anymore.

Pinned  A Simple Way to Remember Those Who Can't Be...

May 03 2015 11:27 PM | MarieSamSanchezPhoto in Decor & Details

A beautiful way to recognize those who can only be with you in spirit on your Big Day.

Pinned  Why 'Getting Ready' Wedding Day Photos...

Apr 30 2015 12:13 AM | MarieSamSanchezPhoto in Planning

Document your day as a whole -- from beginning to end.

Pinned  The Surprise First Wedding Dance: Just Do It

Apr 24 2015 10:29 PM | MarieSamSanchezPhoto in Planning

Do you have the moves to surprise your guests on the Wedding Day?

Pinned  Wedding Finds: Wedding Vow Books

Apr 21 2015 12:54 AM | MarieSamSanchezPhoto in Decor & Details

Preserve your wedding vows in a book meant to last.

Pinned  Part 2: Ways to Save When Planning Your Destina...

Apr 15 2015 01:21 AM | MarieSamSanchezPhoto in Planning

A few more ideas on how to cut back on your wedding expenses.

Pinned  Part 1: Ways to Save When Planning Your Destina...

Apr 09 2015 02:17 PM | MarieSamSanchezPhoto in Planning

Budget saving tips for the destination wedding bride.

Pinned  5 Ideas for Something Blue on Your Wedding Day

Apr 06 2015 07:34 PM | MarieSamSanchezPhoto in Planning

Does that "something blue," got you stuck in the wedding blues? Here are a few ideas to make your decision...

Pinned  To Money Dance or Not? Does It Even Matter?

Mar 25 2015 12:50 AM | MarieSamSanchezPhoto in Planning

It's considered a tradition in some cultures, but is it appropriate to do a money dance at your destination...

Pinned  5 Wedding Cake Alternatives You & Your Gues...

Mar 16 2015 10:06 PM | MarieSamSanchezPhoto in Planning

Check out these other dessert ideas that will make your guests forget all about the cake.

Pinned  Tips for Taking Your Engagement Photos

Mar 15 2015 12:03 AM | MarieSamSanchezPhoto in Planning

Stumped on what to wear or bring to your engagement session? Here are a few tips that will help prepare you...

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