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  1. Bride And Groom A First Sight Story

    | Zasil in Planning
    For many brides the question whether or not to allow their fiancé to take a look at her before the ceremony is a difficult decision. My experience is that you might loose the tradition and magic of the first glance down the aisle, but a previous encounter allows a more spontaneous and affectionate expression of your feelings which are running wild at the precious moment! Having the possibility to shoot a Bridal Session before the ceremony also suits particularly Winter Weddings because oft
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  2. Live Wedding Webcast

    | ericzwa in Planning
    A wedcast is a webcast of a wedding that allows family and friends of the couple to watch the wedding in real time on the internet. It is sometimes used for weddings in exotic locations, such as in Cancun or the Riviera Maya. This is very beneficial for persons for which it is very expensive or difficult to travel to see the wedding in person. This way they can be present and enjoy the wedding real time. Wedding Webcasting in Cancun and the Riviera Maya is offered by Cancun Live Wedding
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  3. Destination Wedding Countdown Checklist

    | TammyWright in Planning
    Below is a timeline to help your wedding planning go smoothly. You can adjust it to suit your needs. 12 Months or more Cut out pictures and articles that inspire you. Keep them organized in a binder. Martha Stewart has a great binder that has pockets to keep photos, cards of vendors, swatches, etc. Start looking at bridal magazines and look for local bridal faire to attend. This is a great way to meet wedding vendors and see their work first hand This is the hard part. Set a realist
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  4. A Destination Wedding Versus A Traditional Wedding

    | TammyWright in Planning
    Flipping the Proverbial Bird to Tradition by Miranda Lightstone When he finally gets down on one knee and pulls out that diamond-encrusted engagement ring you’ve been fantasizing about since you were a little girl and knew the significance of a diamond ring, it’s time to make a decision equally large as answering yes or no. Do you want a traditional, at-home wedding or do you want something a bit more unique, a bit more “out there”? It seems that choosing the “out there” opt
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  5. How Do I Get My Wedding Dress To My Destination Safely 1 2

    | TammyWright in Planning
    If you are flying, you can usually make arrangements with your airline in advance. First-class cabins have large "coat closets" that can be used for bridal gown storage. If they do not allow you to make these arrangements in advance, let the check-in attendant know you are carrying on your wedding dress and they can make special arrangements for you (like put your dress in the flight stewards closet). � If your plane does not have a first-class area (on airlines such as Southwest), it is hig
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