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Bride And Groom A First Sight Story



For many brides the question whether or not to allow their fiancé to take a look at her before the ceremony is a difficult decision.
My experience is that you might loose the tradition and magic of the first glance down the aisle, but a previous encounter allows a more spontaneous and affectionate expression of  your feelings which are running wild at the precious moment!
Having the possibility to shoot a Bridal Session before the ceremony also suits particularly Winter Weddings because often the ceremony is planned just before sunset (especially at Xcaret), and if the couple decides not to see each other before the ceremony, there is no other possibility for daylight pictures than to preview a bridal or TTD session the next day.
For Jewish couples planning a session the next day could be a solution since they might not be allowed to have the ceremony before sunset. 
Examples of nice pre-ceremony meetings and pictures:
Lindsay + Josh
   April + Adam
Trash the Dress sessions are becoming very popular, but some brides just don’t feel like ruining their bridal gown, (rather keep it and secretly put it on again from time to time to feel like a princess once again!). Therefore
Zasil Studio also offers the possibility to have a photo shoot during the days following the wedding, in a relaxed atmosphere. Because, even if everything is organized to make the day run smooth and perfect, some times things get behind on schedule and the bridal session has to be, unfortunately, skipped.
Sometimes you can even hardly notice the pictures weren’t taken the same day and they fuse perfectly into your wedding storytelling.
Ashley + Scott
   Lindsey + Eric



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