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  1. OMG I miss you ladies too. I haven't been on here in ages!! Life for me has been INSANE these past 2 months, I don't even know where to begin. I'm hoping to get back on here soon to chat it up! *hugs*
  2. Actually I don't think that I do. They were paper bags with handles and pink hibiscus flowers all over them. I found them in the craft section (2 summers ago however).
  3. bumping this because it's a great thread! (and no, not because I started it! lol)
  4. Thanks so much. You'll be a beautiful bride too!! Make sure to post all your pics!
  5. thanks Amy and i did remember you telling me this before! good job on only gaining 4 lbs. I honestly think I gained 10 on my two week vacay! oopps! lol Â
  6. I just finished reading the first book of the Confessions of a Shopaholic - omg I so loved it! Looking forward to reading the rest of them, starting tonight! Â
  7. Thanks for the ideas Pam. We do scrabbled eggs on the days that i'm off where we have more time in the morning. Unfortunately, I can't eat cottage cheese, the texture is way too nasty for me even though I love chesse!!
  8. work problems suck. I work with about 30 women and trust me, it's not easy! lol
  9. BAH!!!!! I was up 0.6 this week but honestly, it's not that huge. That time of the month, plus a few parties explains the whole thing. Hoping for a loss this week! Â K and I are getting tired of the same ol' food so we need to change it up. What are you guys having for breakfast? We do hard boiled eggs, with cheese and either a no carb food or low carb. I need quick, easy ideas!!
  10. That's awesome Kelly to have your brother help you out! I so need to get more into the exercise thing, but man, I don't love it! lol I do a bit of walking and sometimes bike around. I could be doing more, but frankly, I work from 7am-5pm and by the time I get home, make/have dinner, do dishes, make lunches it's 8pm and I'm freakin' exausted. I know, excuses, excuses! lol
  11. just making sure my lovely ladies are still around!!!!  The fam and I started our own "biggest loser" competition and it's going great so far! K and I are following the Cheat your Way Thin diet and so far, so good. After 6 weeks, we've both lost just under 17lbs! Everyone threw in $20/person so the winner will get the whole lot - $200! I'm so freakin' excited! We're going by % of weight loss. I don't think I'll win, but K def. has a good chance! Oh the things that I'll do with his money! lol  Anyone else doing something fun like this?
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