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  1. Hi and welcome! Happy to have you on board Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/dean-mcdermott-cheats-on-tori-spelling-with-emily-goodhand-20132612?utm_source=dailynewsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=newsletter Sent from my iPad Mini using Tapatalk
  3. Test via full version on iPad mini Steve that's what I get via tapa on iPad. iPhone too.
  4. Thank you! I know you guys are working hard!!! I'll just add mobile improvement requests here too -Easy "subscribed threads" button -Quick jump to top/bottom of same page -Easy thread title view while at bottom of page
  5. Need help finding- How to post photos? How to multi-quote? How to change the time zone? How to tag @ someone?
  6. Totally But according to PenMarie they know it and accept it!
  7. Love it! I recently found a ferret Subreddit on Reddit. Laughs for days, but I was too lazy to come find this thread. Now that its bumped: "After reading the ferrets vs babies earlier, I was inspired to collate my observations and post them. Ferrets are cute. Sure most animals are cute, especially baby ones. But ferrets are born cute and retain that cuteness for the rest of their life. Everyone else's ferret is also cute, no matter how in love you are with your own fuzzy, there is still enough cuteness room left to consider every one else’s ferret seriously cute as well. Anything is considered possible to stash, and I mean anything. Doesn't matter If it is dangerous, three times the size of the ferret, or will go off and make a smell in 24 hours it is still possible to drag it under the sofa. If a nuclear reactor was free floating, a ferret would try and stash it. You may be inclined to think ferrets are miniature preppers, and are hoarding resources in the event of catastrophe. Nope, the items stashed by a ferret are in no way representative of the usefulness of them, to the ferret or to anyone else.I have dabbled with the theory that ferrets can predict the future, and my jill knows that a large pile of plastic pots, tubs and lids will be essential for survival in years to come. I am not convinced though. If a ferret knows it is not allowed to go somewhere, or do something, they will make it their life goal to do it. Hours of time will be dedicated to figuring out how to achieve this goal. OCD is a way of life for ferrets, and it is the only way of life. If they do achieve it, it is usually marked with a celebratory poop there. My jill has learnt the sound of the doorbell, and the sound of me taking my keys off the rack to go out, and makes a dash for the front door every time because she knows she isn't allowed to go out there. On the topic of poops, ferrets will poop in a litter tray, if they feel like it. Maybe. Just because they have done it 100% of the time before, does not mean they will do it the next time, or the time after. There is of course no rhyme or reason for this that humans can understand. Also they poop in weird places, places you wouldn’t even think they can get into, that strange smell you cannot trace? It is a fossilised ferret poop. Ferret play. The weasel war dance is possibly the funniest thing on the planet, and what’s more not matter how much your fuzzy does this, the novelty never wears off. It is still hilarious. Any time is play time, middle of the night, meal times, when you are getting dressed in the morning, the ends of trousers legs are a flag of play to a ferret and must be grabbed. Digging is also ferret play, I thought ferrets dug tunnels but apparently not. Soil snorkelling seems to be the in thing for fuzzies. Unless of course it is a flat surface within something, like a bag or a sofa. In that case furious on the spot digging needs to commence, until they reach the centre of the earth. Everything requires sniffing, not once or twice or ten times, but a gazillion times. Even if it is has been previously sniffed before, within the last 60 seconds it will need sniffing again. There is no level of height a ferret thinks it cannot jump from. Book cases, cages, human arms are all of jumping height to a ferret. The jump down itself is more of a slide off and hope to land, rather than anything pre-planned. You may think that a ferret has no fear or is extremely brave because of this. However, if anything truly scary comes along, like an unknown site, smell, or a new watering can in the garden, all that is needed to deal with it is a bog brush tail. All wars could be solved if only soldiers had a tail they could fluff up to twice its size. Climbing is a different matter though; I am of the opinion that mountaineers can learn a lot from ferrets. Unless a surface is dead smooth, and completely vertical, it is game on to a ferret. Despite only having shortish legs, they do not appear to get tired when attempting to climb up a curtain. -note on legs, if you observe your ferret running across the floor, their legs look like a blur. I have come to the conclusion that ferrets are either clockwork, with an invisible key in the back, or they can hover 1 inch above the ground and that is how they move. And lastly,sleeping. Ferrets do not have spines, in contrary to every x-ray taken and animal care book written, ferrets are invertebrates. There is no other possible explanation for the twisted contortions they manage to get into while sleeping, and still find it comfortable. Yoga teachers have nothing on ferrets."
  8. Well, our 5 year anni is this week so I got another band, I'm loving black diamonds and I wanted something completely different than my wedding band, but also something that didn't look too out of place. Love what I ended up with!
  9. Hi to any Riu Santa Fe brides out there! In 2 weeks I'll be there celebrating my 5 year anniversary there, if anyone has any questions or wants pictures of something specific, let me know! I'll be happy to help.
  10. I think I emailed mine... Wait no that was on the 21st. I guess I forgot! I know I weighed. It was the same.
  11. Right on Jenny!! Car I'm so proud of you, I've known you a long time now and this is the first thing you've done that stuck, good job sister!
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